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Research Progress Report

Recently, KPMG received a meticulous achievement award for employee training and development. The company received this award as the recognition of its commitment to excellence in training, development, creative strategies to identify development requirements, and ensuring a top-notch development program. At KPMG, the range of available training and development solutions ensures the people, who work for the corporation, continue to show their full potential. KPMG is regarded a leading company that provides auditing services as well as tax and advisory solutions to a wide array of clients. It can be noted that the quality of employee training at this firm has been fundamental to their continued success in their respective industry (McNamara, 2008). Additionally, training and development play a major role in supporting the companys processes and operations. Therefore, this paper seeks to report the progress of the preparation for conducting research about the employee satisfaction concerning training and education at KPMG.

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Ethical concerns when conducting research are critical. Notably, ethics are the standards of behavior that help people to determine the difference between unacceptable and acceptable demeanor. Ethical considerations are essential in any research because they prevent against falsifying or fabrication of the data obtained and, therefore, promote the pursuit of truth and knowledge, which is the main objective of the research (Gregory, 2003). When preparing to conduct this research, the researcher had to ensure adherence to ethical behavior because it was critical for collaborative work since it encouraged an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect, and accountability. In addition, the researcher had to adhere to ethical codes in order to get the public to believe and support the research. Usually, the public needs assurance that researchers have followed the proper guidelines for issues such as compliance with the law, safety, conflicts of interest, human rights, and so on.

Since ethical concerns are quite relevant to research, many associations and professional agencies have adopted policies and codes that guide researchers. Moreover, they provide basic guidelines, but researchers will still encounter additional issues that are not particularly addressed, which always need decision-making on the part of researcher. One of the most significant ethical concern in carrying out this research was the use of human subjects when conducting the survey (Gregory, 2003). A good instance of this concern is that the researcher has had to seek voluntary participation and informed consent of the subjects. Additionally, before conducting the survey, the researcher had to obtain approval from the relevant regulatory authorities in order to carry out this research.

Various similar researches have been conducted in the products and services industry, which provides an excellent foundation for this particular one. This, a recent research conducted about KPMGs success in employee training and development reveals that the companys success in the training area is due to the substantial contribution by the firm to training and development (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009). According to the study, KPMGs directors, partners, and all managers contribute their time and energy to the creation of development solutions that ensure the company remains relevant to both the current and future business needs (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009). The study has also found out that the firms training and steering committees are made up of directors, partners, and managers from a broad range of technical fields, and this plays a major role in evaluating development requirements as well as finding appropriate solutions (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009).

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In any survey, a researcher can only utilize a questionnaire or an interview to obtain the relevant data needed. In preparing for this particular survey, the researcher chose a questionnaire as the best method for data collection. A questionnaire is usually a paper and pencil instrument that is administered to the selected respondents (Donley, 2012). The questions on the questionnaire are close-ended without an option for more response. The method of administration for questionnaires included self-administration, group administration, and household drop-offs. The self-administration method was more preferred due to its advantage of obtaining high response rates, unlike other methods. Additionally, this method of conducting a survey was chosen since it is the ideal and most efficient one for market and consumer research.

A pilot survey was also chosen to ensure that the actual survey would be devoid of errors. The intended audience for the pilot survey includes all the employees working for KPMG on contractual basis. This audience has been selected for the pilot survey, as they are the ones who have to undergo training and education before being placed in the organization. Moreover, this audience is a good sample since the findings of the pilot survey could be generalized to the other employees of the firm. Conducting a pilot survey is usually significant since it gives the researcher ample time to make appropriate adjustments to the initial methodologies used to ensure that the actual survey runs smoothly (Donley, 2012). The costs associated with conducting a pilot survey were not high since it only covered a small percentage of employees, and the questionnaires were self-administered. To make sure that the study obtains a high rate of responses, the researcher plans to hire two people to distribute the surveys at the cost of $100 each.

In conclusion, the survey intends to establish whether the employees are happy with the current training and education programs at KPMG or not. The study seeks to determine the best training and development programs that satisfy the employees. Using simple satisfaction measures in the questionnaires, obtaining the satisfaction rates of the employees would be helpful in the evaluation of how satisfied the firms employees are with the current program that aims to ensure employees professional growth and development.

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