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The Journal of Business & Hotel Management

The journal under analysis is the Journal of Business & Hotel Management. It is an online research journal, published by SciTechnol. This successful online publisher runs more than 50 international journals in a great variety of fields. The main aim of the publisher is to provide exchange of information and scientific ideas all around the world. It brings quality research, publishes articles, ensures peer review process, and makes a significant contribution in the field of science and technology.

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The JBHM also promotes research related to the development of hospitality, business and hotel management.

The intended readers of the journal are people, who are interested in the subject, students, researchers, and educators. Journal articles can be used by experts working in the sphere of hotel management in order to improve their service. The results of researches can also be used during the studies in universities and other educational establishments. Besides, the findings can be helpful for conducting similar researches and writing articles. The JBHM provides monthly publication of articles, which are eventually accessible to everyone who is eager to get acquainted with them.

The first audience of the articles is a group of peer review experts in the field of hotel management. All the articles are evaluated by the board members, and, as a result, articles published have high quality and give only accurate and reliable information. Among the Board Members are the representatives of respected the US universities such as the Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, University of South Carolina and others.

This journal includes all possible themes, which are related to business and hotel management. Among the discussed issues are the ones, which are really urgent across the field. For instance, the current issue of the journal includes the article with the title Social Medias Influence on Hospitality and Tourism Management. The data that the article contains are really urgent since the social media plays an important role in the development of hotels and their work. Among other covered topics are the ones concerning union-management relations and problems regarding the relations with employees. The topics are mostly generalized, but the authors are specific in their claims, and give many statistics, figures and other evidence.

The main purpose of the journal is to make a contribution in knowledge about business and hotel management. At the same time, the JBHM is oriented more on the authors than on the audience, so one of the primary purposes is to give an opportunity to authors to publish their researches. In order to make the process of publication easier, the publisher described it in details, paying attention to the content of the articles and their formatting.

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The publisher accepts original articles, abstracts, reviews, announcements, letters to editors, conference proceedings, discussions, news, hypotheses, analyses, etc. In fact, there are definite requirements to articles, and all of them are presented on the site of SciTechnol. Therefore, it is stated that the article should contain a title, information about the author, an abstract, text, acknowledgement and references. The text, in its turn, must include the sections Introduction, Materials and Methods and Results.

The tone of the articles is formal, though there are some elements of informal tone (for instance, in titles). At the same time, the requirements to titles and abstracts are strict. They are limited to a certain number of words, do not contain short forms and abbreviations, and present and describe the content of the paper. The Abstract should be as informative as possible, present the topic of research and state the general results of experiments, findings and main conclusions. Analysis of the articles shows that all of these requirements have been followed by the authors.

The introductions in the journal articles set the general tone of the paper, provide a statement of a particular study, literature and approach to the solution. The section related to the materials and methods provide an overview of the study and description of materials. In this section, the authors usually discuss the previously published studies, and the way they can be used for the given research. The Results section provides details of research and the conclusion. The results are presented in the past tense. The requirements are outlined in a very accurate way on the website of the journal. There are definite ways of formatting, presenting tables and figures. Accordingly, the articles in general do not differ in style and tone. Their purposes also seem to be alike.

To sum up, the Journal of Business & Hotel Management deserves the attention of educators and researchers, who are interested in the field. The information in its articles is accurate and well-written, because there are certain requirements to their texts. All the submitted articles are examined by experts, who control the quality of the information and data presented. The formal tone, understandable language, well-grounded research articles, and reasonable conclusions are the characteristic features of the journals content.

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