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On the Go: SWOT Analysis

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I plan to start a business named On the Go. It will comprise of freestanding vending machines that will be placed in strategic areas including high traffic areas, military bases, universities and colleges, airports, train stations, and shopping malls. The machines will be powered by solar energy. Vending machines will be offering a variety of fast food ranging from healthy and non-healthy snacks, hot and cold pastries, hot and cold beverages, hot meals, and candies.

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SWOT Analysis

Following is a SWOT analysis table that highlights strengths and weaknesses of the company and provides details about threats and opportunities within the industry.


Develop a high quality brand with a good reputation.

Competitive advantage over rivals because of the high quality brand, affordable prices, and use of an environmental friendly approach.

Solar energy is not expensive, thus saves money.

On the Go is environmentally friendly.

Companys vending machines are strategically placed, thus attracting more customers.


Companys brand is not recognized as On the Go is a startup company.

The desire to get financial support, for example, from banks to stabilize the business.

Lack of product visibility in the market.



Participation in a growing market where the target market lacks understanding of companys product.

Though the market faces economic issues, food products are a basic necessity.

Move to mainly healthy meals in the future.

Expanding the business across the globe.


Big starting capital.

Potential competition from companies that are already in the market.

Forces and Trends Considerations

Legal and Regulatory

On the Go will be regulated by individual regulations and operations. Businesses dealing with fast foods have a number of areas of concern including health and environment. All these components are seen in controls by the Government on licensing of these businesses. The company complies with governmental regulations by having its vending machines licensed as required by law.


Businesses must not overlook economic factors such as currency exchange rates, economic growth rate, inflation rates, and interest rates (Henry, 2008). Economic growth rate indicates the measure of government performance. A positive performance favors a business. On the Go will experience hardships in cases if the respective states it is situated in experience inflation. Customers also have a hard time restructuring their budgets and contemplating on whether to use the vending machines or not. This poses a threat to the business because their sales depend on the response of the consumer.


Contemporary business world is characterized by rapid technological growth. This, as a result, has changed how business operations are conducted and ensured efficiency owing to automation (Henry, 2008). To start with, the company is selling its products electronically. Secondly, On the Go will use various media, including television, to advertise its products. The social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker will also be used in order to reach the target market.


On the Go is dedicated to using solar energy and ensuring environmental sustainability. This forms part of the values and principles, which are important in the contemporary worl society owing to the fact that environmental problems are turning out to be increasingly severe. Using solar power and ensuring environmental care is an exceptional feature that differentiates On the Go from its rivals. Compared to the non-renewable energy, such as fossil fuels, solar power is more advantageous in that it is clean and non-toxic, thus, reduces environmental pollution (Live Strong, 2010).

Competitive Analysis

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According to the studies, it is important for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors (Henry, 2008). Although On the Go sells similar foods as its competitors, it can differentiate its production process. The fact that solar energy is used to power vending machines is an important differentiation strategy. Besides, the company focuses on meeting the needs of its customers, a major factor that can help in attaining a competitive edge. Research indicates that customers are the most important asset of a business and they contribute considerably to companys profitability (Henry, 2008). Due to many rivals in the market, On the Go needs to serve its customers and satisfy them better. The objective of offering only healthy foods is also a major feature that can assist in achieving competitive advantage.


One of the principles of On the Go is culture. The company will promote modern and essential cultural principle amongst its clients, which is ecological culture. This can be attained through establishing ecological projects as well as advertising.


On the Go has a number of goals that it aims to achieve. One of the major goals encompasses providing good food to clients and ensuring environmental sustainability. Other goals include offering healthy foods in the future, and developing high quality and reputable brand.

Critique How Well the Organization Adapts to Change

Companies become shape-shifters continually by rearranging themselves to acclimatize to modifying situations and novel opportunities (Henry, 2008). On the Gos management will have the responsibility of promoting and introducing change. This will be achieved by being conversant with operational and technical means that should be implemented with an aim of enabling change. Some of the aspects of change encompass new technologies, enhanced production processes, quality concepts, and consumer oriented services, which all must be tested, assimilated, adjusted, and documented. To be able to adapt to change, On the Go needs to bestructurally consistent. This means that it has to be adaptive. Analyze the Supply Chain Operations of the Organization

Managing a supply chain is an important function of a business as it enhances the value of the ultimate product (Henry, 2008). The main goal of companys supply chain management is competitive pricing, timely delivery, flexibility, and mobility. Operation of the “On the Go” vending machine supply chains implies a decision making issue related to item allocation to storage compartments of vending machines and inventory replenishment all of which have a major influence on the supply chain profit. Companys supply chain management entails managing demand and supply, inventory tracking, sourcing raw materials, distribution across all channels, order management and order entry. The Major Issues and Opportunities that the Company Faces Based on the Analysis

From the above analysis, “On the Go” faces a number of issues (threats and weaknesses) and opportunities, which are discussed further:


Participation in a growing market, where the target market lacks understanding of companys product;

Though the market faces economic difficulties, food products are a basic necessity;

Mainly focus on healthy meals in the future;

Expanding the business across the globe.


High starting capital;

Potential competition from companies already in the market;

Companys brand is not recognized as “On the Go” is a startup company;

The desire to get financial support, for example, from banks to stabilize the business;

Lack of product visibility in the market.

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