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Application of Business Concepts to Case Study

In evaluation and comparison of an effective business model, customers are the only relevant judges. However, knowledge in business model analysis will assist one in determining which business model is better than the other. This happens because one has an insight on the important factors to consider when deciding what type of model to apply in a business. A proper business model analysis examines products, markets, as well as business operations. Such an analysis can assist in determining the best 24 hour gym in Australia. The current paper compares two gyms: Anytime Fitness and Jetts. These are among the largest fitness chains in Australia. They are competing and capitalizing in the Australian market, which has fast-growing trends.

Case Study Overview

Anytime Fitness and Jetts are the companies controlling 24-hour gyms in Australia. They are the fitness clubs with the biggest chains in the country. Anytime controls more than 260 gyms in Australia while Jetts Fitness controls more than 195 gyms in Australia and New Zealand. The demand for gyms, which operate for 24 hours in Australia, has increased in recent years. This has left gym owners in tight competition for the market. A critical analysis of these businesses brings out their differences in terms of operations and market control. The McDonnell family owns the Anytime Franchise. Their competing owners of Jetts Fitness are Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Levenson. The key objective for starting such businesses is profit making. Thus, the best business between the two is one that brings in more revenue and operates on low costs for maximum profits.

Critical Analysis using Business Concepts

Both Anytime Fitness and Jetts have demonstrated creativity in business operations in the country. This is because they have managed to attract a large portion of the market despite competition from other fitness companies. Thus, the two companies have applied proper business models to ensure stability in the changing market. The two companies have come up with innovative methods to run their franchises all over the country and beyond. The two gyms have placed a customer as the key focus during any decision change. The two franchises have a great role in the society. With changes in peoples lifestyles, keeping fit has become common for the Australian society. Thus, fitness companies are attempting to provide special services and create a brand to attract as many customers as possible, especially in urban areas.

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There are different factors that bring out the difference between Anytime Fitness and Jetts. The Jetts Franchise has focussed more on the value for money to attract customers. It has lower entry costs as compared to Anytime. Jetts also has lower capex assets. After starting up an Anytime Franchise, the franchisee spends a lot of time in the business. This is different in Jetts where the renchisee can spend less time in the business with a manager acting on his behalf. Anytime gives members an access card, which allows going to the gym any time even in their trainers absentia. This is different in Jetts whereby all customers get into the gym at specified time with trainers in at all times. Thus, Jetts is better as far as value for money is concerned.

The other factor to consider is accessibility. This is in terms of time as well as the location. The Anytime franchise more gyms in the country than Jetts hence it is more accessible. It has also set up flexibility in its schedule, which makes it more accessible in terms of time. On the other hand, Jetts has better facilities and equipment according to customer feedback. There are also more gym instructors. Jetts also applies flexible membership programs with open contracts. Moreover, Jetts also tops on special offers such as trial passes and bringing a friend. It is also better as far as customer relations are concerned. Thus, Jetts is better than Anytime Fitness. This makes it remain among the most competitive franchises in the country.

Comparison of the two business enterprises assists to determine their application of different business concepts. The two franchises have applied different tactics to attract and maintain customers. They are keen in ensuring that they provide special services to their customers in order to have a large share in the market. According to the abovementioned factors, Jetts Fitness is better than Anytime Fitness. Jetts applies concepts, which attract more customers as well as receiving positive customer feedback. This is despite the fact that Anytime Fitness has more franchises. Anytime also invests more in starting as well as running its business. Thus, it is evident that Jetts applies effective business concepts such as critical thinking and innovation to maintain, as well as expand, their market domination.

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