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Chilean Mine Collapse

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Mining is an important economic activity that is exploited in many countries. Despite a number of benefits associated with mining, certain challenges exist. This paper presents a response to various aspects related to the collapse of a mine in Chile. Mining is practiced widely in Chile. It is a source of revenue to the Government of Chile and thousands of workers. The San Jose mine, owned by Minera San Esteban, is a small copper business located in the northern part of the country. In 2010, this mine caved in trapping 33 workers. The mine is also said to have been closed down sometimes during the year 2007 following the fatal accident. However, the mine was reopened a year later. The rescue operations for the trapped workers suffered a blow following another cave-in, which forced the rescuers to suspend the exercise for several hours. Responses to the handling of the matter based on the reports of workers, authorities, family members, and friends of the victims are presented below.

There are various considerations given the different roles and people involved. The composition of the audience is important. In the event that the audience is composed of fellow employees or workers, those considered close to the trapped victims, then a wise and moral consideration should be held to ensure appropriate communication. This is necessary to avoid cases of disturbing other employees. In other cases, the audience may be comprised of family members, government authorities, or investigators. The foregoing indicates that a balance should be struck to ensure effective communication.

The age of the audience is also critical in determining the form and manner of communicating messages. A composition of adults would signal the adoption of a different strategy. On the contrary, a composition of underage persons would direct towards embracing a different strategy to suit the audience. The aim is to avoid inappropriate communication that may have harmful effects to victims.

There are several potential needs that the families of the miners may have upon receiving the bad news. It is expected that once the news reaches the families of the affected, they would be in shock and trauma. To address such problems, counselors would be required. Appropriate and effective counseling should console the families. Such a move encourages those affected to accept what has taken place and devise means of moving on.

Financial assistance would also be a need. During the times of calamity, there is always a need for financial assistance. Needs for medical attention, treatment, and food require money. The government, local authorities, and well-wishers would be required to respond to such needs. In cases where the affected families are given adequate financial assistance, they would be in a position to afford basic commodities. Such assistance would be critical in their recovery from the loss in the mine.

The families would need help in rescuing the trapped miners. In the event that the exercise becomes successful, another area requiring assistance would be in accessing medical care. The relevant state agencies would be required to assist in rescuing victims and transport them to various health centers for advanced care (William, 2012). In the worst-case scenario involving death, families of the trapped miners would still need help. Retrieving bodies and transporting them to morgues for storage as they await burial may cause some extra expenses. It is expected that the mentioned issues may require the attention of the authorities and other relevant stakeholders.

Employees of the company would also require assistance. For instance, counseling is necessary in advising them on what has transpired and how to overcome associated challenges. Employees would be in shock and face trauma. The main reason for that would be the occurrence of events that threaten lives of colleagues. Consequently, they would be affected emotionally. An appropriate program aimed at consoling them and counseling them to avoid any mental torture would be desirable.

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Workers would also need to be trained on life saving skills and first aid techniques. Such would entail practices that are intended to help victims to fight for their lives. Alternatively, such a training session prepares workers to handle any eventualities. Other programs should include skills to use in detecting mines facing the risk of caving-in. All employees would require such skills since that would help them cope with similar cases whenever they arise. However, employees must be guaranteed on their safety and compensation in the event that any harm or loss happens to them. Insurance policies should be designed to favor workers so that there is adequate care when such events occur.

Deliberate efforts and actions should be taken before and after emergency events to ensure appropriate dissemination of information. An analysis and understanding of the composition of the audience would be important as earlier discussed. The audience must be prepared well to ensure there is adequate attention towards messages that are delivered. Every party or person interested in the information should be directed to assemble at a central place. An allowance of extra time would also be given to ensure all the concerned parties attend the event. A medium that allows for a clear and audible passage of information must be used.

After the message is delivered, preparations for programs on counseling and assistance to victims are prepared in readiness for the envisaged work. As already pointed, various people would require assistance. While others would seek more information regarding the accident, others would also be searching for assistance on where they can see their loved ones or the affected people. Therefore, after relaying the message, the main objective would shift towards addressing the needs of victims. The essence is to help those in need due to the caving-in of the mine. Appropriate and effective plans and undertakings of the program should guarantee an effective handling of the issue.

Mining is considered an important economic activity in Chile. It is a source of copper and income to a substantial number of middle-income people in the country. However, there have been safety concerns associated with working in mines. In the current case, the mine is said to have been closed sometimes back due to a fatal accident. It was re-opened just one year after the closure. The relevant state agencies should take precautionary measures to ensure that the safety and health of the workers are guaranteed. No person should lose life because of lapses in systems. It is the duty of the authorities to safeguard lives of the citizens. Companies that engage in mining too have a duty to protect lives in the workplace. In the event that such accidents take place, the same agencies should prepare to assist victims. Communication about the accident and handling of the whole issue should take into consideration ethical principles that account the need for respect and dignity to all people.

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