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Code of Ethics of Killeen Nursing Home


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Killeen Nursing Home is a health organization that strives to offer excellent services to its clients. The activities of this organization are available at the companys code of ethics, which will highlight several areas of practice. This paper will analyze the guiding principles and purpose of the code, the core values, the training and education required in the familiarization of the code, definitions, the employees covered by the code, how it will be implemented, how it will be enforced and reported, and its mission statement. In addition, the code will reflect on the mentioned areas in order to exhibit philosophy and serve as a guide of conduct to the members of the organization. Killeen nursing home is also dedicated to providing quality health care, and wishes and opinions of clients are highly regarded. All these issues help to lead the company to brighter future as a result of the specialized therapy services offered in the calm relaxing environment. The company encompasses a skilled rehab facility that enhances the services that are provided.

Guiding Principles

In order to prevail in the field of health, the company has formulated a code of ethics that is believed to improve the normal activities leading to growth and development of the entire company. The code of ethics will define acceptable behavior for the employees of the company, as well as the managing personnel. This is thought to be the area that has really affected the performance of the company. The employees are not conversant with their roles in addition to the rise of conflicts, which have slowed service effectiveness, leading to unsubstantial outcomes. The intended code of ethics is based on principles that enable it to be followed to the letter. The principles recognize each of the companys personnel to act in the publics interest, be honest and straightforward, exhibit personal uprightness, and revere confidential information. All the companys employees will sustain the standards of the code of ethics and the principles of the policy for professional performance and responsibility. Every individual, be it a student or a new worker, is required to adhere to the companys code of ethics to the fullest. This is expressed in the following code of conducts as found in the American Nurses Association, (2010).

Confidentiality is an aspect that is expected of every employee in order to safeguard the companys information about its tactics. It is affirmed that leakage of information will lead to conflicts with clients, a condition that may lead to the companys shutdown. Again, records kept for the company should contain no unnecessary reference to conduct and social condition. This will aid to uphold confidentiality to the companys books of records, as well as its confidential information. Individuals partnering with the company should be noted without their relevant behavior since this could bring out complications when the documents are disclosed. Another principle of the code of ethics is to be reflected on the professional conduct. It is noted that high standards of professional behavior will be maintained in order to ensure that the board of directors, the managers, and the supervisors do not violate the rules of the company. Studies have indicated that the top staff goes against the rules set by various companies, and when the companys goals are not achieved, they put the blame on the junior staff (Johnstone, 2012). This has led to calamities arising from the conduct of the professionals, hence degrading the companys performance. In the new code of ethics, each worker will be required to take responsibility in assuring the continuity of the companys public services provided by the contact between the company, other agencies, and individuals.

Purpose of the Code

The new code of ethics will encompass respect among the top heads of the company. Good communication will help in the decision-making with respect being the chief element. Every person in the entire institution will be entitled to exhibit respect of the highest standard. The companys principle of quality service will depend on the level of education of the employees and managing body. The directors should have the capability to come up with a managing body that will be conversant with modern techniques of improving the quality of work in the health industry. This will lead to excellence in the services provided, as well as contentment by the clients. Controversial issues will be discussed by both the employees and management. This will help to formulate ideas that are workable instead of building castles in the air. Sometimes, companies create plans that are unreachable, either due to lack of finances or as a result of the untrained workforce. The professionals will also be required to seek for advice on problematic issues from the companys qualified directors.

Core Values

Each company has its own core values developed in the code of ethics. For instance, Killeens core values require no external justification. They will target those within the organization; the employees and professionals, on top of involving an intrinsic value. The company is focusing on implementing a code of ethics that will encompass the values of responsibility, efficiency and respect for others. As mentioned earlier, the companys code of ethics will be keen on respect for every individual in order to create a friendly working environment. Efficiency is an aspect that cannot be left behind. Every work or service provided will be of quality on top of reverence to those receiving it.

Killeens code of ethics will offer training to its workforce. Education and training are very essential to the workers since it will enable them to acquire advanced skills of operating on top of performing the work to the desired level. The Companys code of ethics is targeting to provide training programs to the workers in order to attract numerous clients to the institution.

Training and Education

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The training will specifically target the new workers and those with a record of poor performance. This training will also highlight good behavior since it is the root of improved activities. All employees will be required to follow the new code of ethics in order to improve the performance of the entire company. In addition, the companys code of ethics will involve enforcement tactics in order to increase the codes impact on employee conduct and decision-making roles of the professionals. This will make it easy for the companys owners to be certain that the work will be carried out to perfection. For instance, it is noted that the managers and directors have been performing the work of the company to their interests. Sometimes, they are depicted not to report to work while some of the junior employees are requested to work on their behalf leading to ineffective outputs (Johnstone, 2012).


Killeens code of ethics is to reinforce moral principles such as respect and spell out the acceptable and responsible conduct required from the employees and professionals. The code of ethics will guide all managerial decisions and create a common framework upon all decisions founded. This will help to create a cohesive understanding of the boundaries within the company and the standards set for interacting with clients (American Nurses Association, 2010). A formal communicated code of ethics will also aid in protecting the companys reputation and legal stance in the event of a breach of ethics by the employees or the subordinate staff.

The Employees Covered by the Code

The proposed code of ethics will target the employees of the company. This means that all workers, managers, directors, and supervisors are required to adhere to the rules and means of behavior that will be highlighted. It will focus entirely on the behavior of the mentioned employees, as well as focusing on the principles and the rules depicted in the code of ethics. All employees will be required to follow the principles and ethical standards and acquire means of how to achieve them. This will be done through the numerous training programs that will be offered in order to implement the code of ethics.

How It Will be Implemented

The code of ethics will be implemented through communication of the guidelines and policies of the company to the entire staff. This will enable them to understand the code clearly and be able to work in accordance with it. Again, training will also help them to understand each word that will be mentioned in the code.

How It Will be Enforced

The code will also be practiced by the management in a way that will help the other employees to learn on its adherence. In order to ensure that the code reaches every individual in the workplace, some methods of delivery will have to be instituted. First, induction training will be necessitated for each employee to review and understand the expectations and requirements of the code of ethics. The induction method of delivery will also include a training manual and any other information that could be pertinent to the employees. Apart from training of the employees, a handbook for the employees is also used to deliver the message in the code of ethics to the employees. The handbook will be presented to every employee, hence enable every person to adhere to its guidelines. The handbook will contain the code of conduct approved by the company in order to ensure that all work is carried out to the required standard.

Mission Statement

The code of ethics will also highlight the companys mission statement. The company opts to provide excellent compassionate care by maintaining high medical integrity, great team spirit and providing our residents with a beautiful safe environment (American Nurses Association, 2010). This will help to be one of the leading providers of quality health services in the entire world. The mission statement of the company will help to achieve the vision and other strategies formulated by the company. The statement will also help to have a common focus by all the employees. Each employee will work to their efforts in order to ensure that the objectives of the company are achieved.


A code of ethics is noted to be a very essential tool in every organization. This is the reason as to why Killeen Nursing Home has decided to have one that will cover its activities. The code of ethics for this company will bring about numerous changes to the way activities are carried out in all segments. It will also help to build trust from the guiding principles. Confidentiality is a key factor that is required in every company in order to preserve the secrecy of it tactical, as well as its records. The purpose of the code of ethics will be highlighted in notice boards and in the employee handbook enabling attainment of every detail after the intended group goes through it. The core values of the code will help to address the common issues targeted by the company, hence provide a working environment that will have integrity and unity. The training that will be offered in order to be well versed with the code of ethics will target all the employees in order to ensure that the guidelines and the information in the code are adhered to.

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