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Development and Improvement of Emirates Airlines

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This paper is about the development and improvement of Emirates Airlines. The research explores the improvement in the airline industry that its impact on passengers satisfaction. Most passengers prefer the high level of service and comfort that Emirates Airlines can provide them with. Emirates Airlines is one of the best airline companies in the world.

Customer Satisfaction in Emirates Airline


Emirates Airline is one of the largest one in the world. The main office is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The airline belongs to the governmental corporation The Emirates Group. There are more than 3000 flights per week from the airline’s hub at Dubai International Airport. Emirates fly to 150 cities in more than 70 countries at present time. The Airline has a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing. The Boeing 777 is at the center of an all-wide-body aircraft. Emirates airline has won many awards and its strong brand is known for its high quality of service. In 2013 the airline got the award as the Worlds Best Airline from the Skytrax, an independent aviation research organization.

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Best Middle East Airline and the Worlds Best In-flight Entertainment are another awards that Emirates have got for the last 9 years. It is considered that the Skytrax World Airline Awards are the most prestigious achievements in the airline industry.

Tim Clark, the President of Emirates Airline commenting this award has said that the

company is constantly improving its world-class services to their customers. The airline cares about its customers from the moment of booking to the moment they arrive home after their journey. Clark also added that the award means the confidence from global travelers, who appreciate continuous drive and high-quality service (Emirates Is Worlds Best Airline, 2013)

More than 40 performance indicators were analyzed to choose the best company. The survey included check-in, boarding, staff service, beverages, food, cabin cleanliness, in-flight entertainment and other indicators.

The baggage system of Emirates Airlines allows customers to check-in up to 66 lbs. for Economic Class passengers to 110 lbs. for First Class ones.

Emirates also won the award for the Excellent Meals Service from the Pax International Magazine Readership Awards.

The Development of Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline reported about annual increase of 13% in the first six months of the current fiscal year 2013. It has occurred due to rise of the number of passengers and new aircraft in fleet. In the first half of 2013 Emirates Airline ferried 21.5 million passengers and got a net profit of $475 million. 10 new aircrafts were added for boosting the capacity up to 60 percent.

The CEO of Dubai-based Emirates Airline Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum argues that investment in the infrastructure of the airline continues to pay off. The main problems, as he mentioned were high prices for fuel and unfavorable environment for currency exchange (Gayathri, 2013).

It should be noted that the strongest markets were Eastern Europe and Australia with increasing number of passengers up to 58.7 % and 49.4 % in this year. The other large market where the number of passengers increased to 13.4 per cent was Western Europe.

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The Customer Satisfaction in Emirates Airline

Continuous improvement of Emirates has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. The company spends millions of dollars for investment to satisfy its customers.

In 1992 Emirates introduced individual seatback video screens in their planes. From that time they have improved entertainment content using the latest technology. In 2012 the Airline decided to launch the new Graphical User Interface (GUI). Moreover, the company cooperates with Panasonic Avionics Corporation to improve their planes. The new GUI is unique to Emirates Airline. The new entertainment system with ice Digital Widescreen was implemented in the majority of Boeing 777 aircraft in all classes of service.

As part of investment in onboard technology Emirates Airline roll-out a number of additional in-flight product.

In the new Boeing 777 aircraft customers can find larger video screens regardless the classes. In-set telephone handset and new Mode Controller in First Class and Business Class have also been improved.

New entertainment system with vast library of media, Airshow, the in-flight landscape cameras are available for passengers now. Customers can send SMS and email messages or watch live news from the BBC during the flight.

90 aircraft are equipped with the AeroMobile system that allows using mobile phones in-flight. In December 2011 WiFi was introduced to the A380 and was available on 18 planes. From July 2012 the airline has delivered Wi-Fi at the rest A380s.

One more component of passengers satisfaction is high quality of meals. Emirates can pride of their hospitality and service. The passengers of Economy Class have a complete range of complimentary drinks. It is possible to order special meals accordingly to medical, dietary, and religious requirements. Methodology

The purpose of this paper was to analyze the continuous improvements of Emirates Airline and its impact on customer satisfaction.

The paper examines the main directions of the development the airline in terms of customer satisfaction. Another objective was to determine the benefits of the latest technology that are used for Emirates aircrafts. The information about recent advances was taken from the company reports and the interview of the chairman and CEO of Dubai-based Emirates Airline.


To conclude, high level of service, prestigious awards and constant innovations attract more and more customers to Emirates Airline. The customers of Emirates Airline enjoy new media technology, WiFi, cell-phones, live news translation, tasty meals and complete range of complimentary drinks on the aircraft. The evidence of continuous development and improvement of the company are international awards in aviation industry. Several years in a roll the Airline receives the award as the Worlds Best Airline from the Skytrax, an independent aviation research organization.

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