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Illegal immigration in the U.S

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Illegal Immigration in the U.S

Immigrants raise the general economic effectiveness as they decrease the level of the labor shortage in the low- and high-skilled markets. In fact, being qualified and experienced, they fill holes in the native-born labor market. Nevertheless, it is well-known fact that the immigrants share in the U.S. has seriously decreased since the peak of 1991. Thus, the excessive immigration is able to expand the American work-force and support and engage more businesss start-ups. Due to the fact that the U.S. is disaffiliating from the recession and tries to promote the general economic growth, immigration reform has to be a crucial part of the growth agenda. In fact, it is acknowledged that immigrants have been founders of numerous companies that have developed to billion dollar giants, including Google, Colgate, Kraft, Pfizer, eBay, Procter & Gamble, and Yahoo, in particular. A lot of immigrants have diametrically opposite knowledge and skills comparing to the native-born population, and complement skills of the U.S. labor force. Immigrants are able to reduce the bottlenecks, which are provoked by the labor shortages. Thus, comprehensive immigration reform and green card allowance are necessary measures for the future U.S. competitiveness.

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Due to the fact that immigrants have different skills and job preferences, they help American workers to be more productive. The economic benefits are crucial, as numerous immigrants are known to be natural entrepreneurs, establishing companies, and thus creating jobs and driving innovations (Lemay 243). Expanded work force stimulates the business flexibility, allowing companies to respond quickly to all changing requirements. Greater workforces also foster professionalism. General working effectiveness rises as companies adapt to greater labor powers and deposit in workers. Immigration reform would streamline the process for highly-skilled and highly-educated workers to come to the U.S. and run businesses which would create jobs for Americans (Lemay 36). Furthermore, it encourages companies to locate, invest and expand in the U.S. As a matter of fact, current laws have impeded some beneficial developments. H-1B visas for new skilled immigrant workers, limited at 85, 000 annually, do not meet the demand (Lemay 105). The quotum accounts for much less than one percent of the comprehensive operating power. The process of obtaining regular domicile (which is known as a green card) is considered to be a longstanding and theoretically cost-based procedure. Such restrictions are the result of serious opposition to free immigration, which is mainly grounded on fallacious suppositions (Lemay 215). Opposition to immigration is as old as the immigration itself. American anti-immigrant groups have been afraid that immigrants will reveal some aspects about their business and jobs. Nevertheless, such situation occurs in the insignificant ratio of professions where Americans and immigrant skill-sets, qualifications and experience intercross. A lot of economists have demonstrated that immigration is able to raise the Americans salaries.

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A growth-oriented immigration policy will provide immigrants with a possibility to legitimately penetrate into the U.S. territory remain and work there. It was evaluated that if there were no restrictions on green cards or H-1B visas during the period of 2003-2007, an extra 182, 000 foreign graduates in science ad technology fields would have remained in the United States (Rurchtgott-Roth n.p). Their endowment to GDP would have been $ 14 billion in 2008, including $ 2.7 to $ 3.6 billion in tax payments (Rurchtgott-Roth 2013). More than 300, 000 immigrants with the H-1B visa would also have stayed in the United States workforce making $ 23 billion in 2008 and generating $34-$47 billion (Rurchtgott-Roth 2013) in tax return over the following ten years. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the promulgation of the Senate Immigration Bill would increase real GDP respective to actual legitimate projections by 3.3 percent in 2023 and 5.4 percent in 2033 (Rurchtgott-Roth n.p). This is the increase of approximately $ 700 billion in 2023 and $ 1.4 trillion in 2033 (Rurchtgott-Roth 2013). Therefore, the reform will lower the national budget shortage by approximately $ 850 billion over the next two decades. Moreover, immigrants are also well-known in leading researches. In fact, more than one third of U.S. Nobel Prize laureates in medicine and physiology in the period between 1901 and 2012 were immigrants (Lemay 143). Thus, if it was fair and softly for immigrant students and employees to get provisional visas to remain and work in the U.S., visas could transform to green cards and the U.S, would get more significant GDP increase and job origination (Kapur 2013). For example, it was estimated that low-proficient immigrants from Mexico are more sensitive to various employment alterations, and are in the habit of changing their location when there is a high unemployment ratio phase on their habitat location (Kapur 2013). Mexican immigrants represent one-third of all the immigrants to the US. Moreover, Mexican immigrants represent 18 percent of small business tenants in the U.S. They make approximately $ 779 billion turnover annually (Kapur 2013).

In fact, the backlog in the immigration system does not stop upon entrance. If the country is able to benefit from immigration, it is better to use this possibility. The facts demonstrate that immigration foster the development of the US, benefit its companies and promote the economic growth. People immigrate to the U.S., as they are able to see the perspective for their development and the gaps that they are able to fill, thus, they can make the economy more productive.

Coming to foregone conclusion, immigration is highly beneficial and immigrants should obtain green cards easily, invest and expand their business in the U.S., which will obviously bring advantages to the U.S. itself and all American population.

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