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Racial Discrimination in New Jersey

Over the years, racial discrimination has been a war that has constantly been fought to better the lives of all individuals. Discrimination against race started between the whites and the blacks. However, it can be stated that a breakthrough was somehow realized, and now the Americans can celebrate having a black President in the White House for the very first time. However, not all that glitters is gold. Despite the fact that a major breakthrough was realized, racial discrimination still exists. It is a vice that many try to avoid talking about or hide. The truth of the matter is that it exists and must be addressed fully.

My research focuses on racial discrimination in New Jersey. This research is tended to benefit the population of New Jersey who appear to be experiencing racial discrimination. The project focuses mainly on the two communities who have experienced racial discrimination since time immemorial. These are the black community and the Hispanic community. It would be wrong to say that the whites have not experienced racial discrimination; they have indeed, too. However, not to the degree experienced by other races. Therefore, the research is to help these two groups, even though there appear to be laws and rules that state that a person may not be discriminated against because of his or her national origin, color and race. In New Jersey, racial discrimination still exists. These laws put in place appear not to be taken seriously, especially by employers in the workplace.

Chris Rock a famous entertainer living in New Jersey once stated that the black man gotta fly to get something that the white man can walk to. This point only goes to prove that the extent of racial discrimination has gone up a higher notch. There happen to be some areas that are predominantly dominated by the white people. However, an attempt to seal this fact can be seen when a small number of the black community are allowed in to settle in the white neighborhood so that it can be seen that that area is not exhibiting any racial discrimination. However, this move can be equated to a fact of realizing a tiny bit of air from a bottle so that in the end it does not explode.

Research has proven that modern racism does exist. However much the involved parties try to cover it up, it exists. For instance, a black man in New Jersey enters a supermarket, and the guard starts to follow this person indirectly. You walk into a store to get a mere tooth paste, the guard indirectly follows you until you end up getting a migraine and, instead of buying toothpaste, you end up buying painkillers. This is mere case of racial discrimination. White customers enter the store, but no one bothers to follow them because shoplifting is associated with the blacks. They try to hide the fact that blacks are allowed in the shop hence no racial discrimination should sustain, but why then are they followed?

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In New Jersey, laws have been put in place that it is illegal to discriminate against others on the basis of race. However, as I carried out my research, I soon the extent of racial discrimination that still exists in New Jersey. Even though the population of the whites has dropped by a small percentage in New Jersey, the Hispanics appear to have the least population. Is this racial discrimination? The answer to the question is yes. As much as we try to avoid admitting the fact, it is impossible to overlook it. We need to acknowledge the fact and try to figure out a way of changing the situation.

My proposal is written to address the lawmakers of the New Jersey state. For things to change, actions should be taken. We cannot just come up with laws and say that racial discrimination is illegal. What is the penalty for such crimes? The point is racial discrimination is a crime. Even though the laws are there, there should also be penalties and punishments for people found to be practicing racial discrimination. Nobody should be spared since otherwise it would be encouraging racial discrimination.

Another proposal to curb this hidden menace is to carry out a census on the various residential areas. After this, a law should be made that there should not be an area that remains exhibited by one race only. If such areas exist, there should be a penalty laid upon the home owners for allowing the existence of only one race in his or her area. The penalty should also be rather higher. This will go an extra mile in curbing the menace as landlords would be afraid to allow all the tenants to be of one race, thus allow other races in the same area. This move will also go a long way in promoting peaceful coexistence. Different races would be given a chance to learn how other races live hence mutual understanding will be promoted. In simple terms, there should be an affirmative action.

The current problem of racial discrimination can be dealt with accordingly. It only requires sacrifice and money. It cannot be easy to estimate the amount of funds that should be set aside for this work because curbing racial discrimination is not an easy task to accomplish. However, with determination, everything is possible. As it is always said, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

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