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Dear Mr. Kelly,

I would like to call your attention on the ways that Bauer College of Business would improve the services of learning to the community. The University has offered a well-organized program to provide business studies to students. However, the only programs offered in the business course involve face to face lectures between the students and the course facilitators. Though the business students benefit immensely from the tutoring and advises, the demand for business studies is on the increase. The increase in demand for the business studies necessitates the need to customize the services to meet the students needs.

As the administrator of the Bauer College of Business, it is necessary to provide the necessary resources to support the increasing demand and increase the number of courses offered online. The online learning experience would cater for the increasing demand by offering additional online courses for the undergraduate business majors. This would cater for the working students, those who live far and the ones who have families. In assessing and identifying the need for online studies, the following needs to be considered:

Bauer College of Business Online learning services

The online classes will increase the number of new enrollments in the college of business. It will benefit the part-time student who can become a full-time student. The statistics indicate that the Undergraduate part-time of the whole university is about 25%. The majority of part-time students are those with full-time jobs. One-third of the undergraduate students who are fully employed while attending college can benefit a lot from online classes. It would benefit the 37% of university students who commute long distances, and those who cannot afford living on campus, which costs a minimum of $2,252 per semester. The college loses a good number of students who are willing to enroll, but have young children who demand flexible hours. The Bauer College of Business can enroll a large number of students by considering implementing online courses.

The provision of online business classes would enable students to enroll for higher business degrees. Additionally, it would facilitate students to be double major by applying online classes. The online classes would allow students to finish undergraduate classes quicker, and allow them to complete a second major or a higher degree. The statistics of fall 2011 indicates that the undergraduate students totaled 4,430. On the other hand, low numbers enrolled for full time MBA 166, Master in Finance 71, and master in Accounting 356. The online classes would see an increase of the enrolled for MBA, Master in Finance and Accounting.

As indicated above, the business online courses would offer great advantage to both the college and the students taking business courses. The online courses will be an ideal model to promote learning to your business college. The online courses would help in the expansion of the college, and add value to the learning services offered by Bauer College of Business.

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Need for online courses in Bauer College of Business

The information below will prove the need to increase online business courses in your college:

An estimated over 44 per cent of the total number of students are not residents of Harris County. The international and out-of-state students add up to 8.5 and 2.5 % respectively of the University population. The international students are from over 130 different countries of the world.

The statistics of fall 2011 indicates that there were more than 250 undergraduate business majors in the Honors College.

Over a third of the undergraduate business students are fully employed and attend college at the same time.

The Bauer College of Business has the largest enrollment for the AACSB accredited undergraduate business programs in the country that exceeds over 4,000 students.

The information given above clearly illustrates the need for increasing online business courses to support the learning services in Bauer College of Business.

The need for increasing the number of business courses offered online would have an immense impact on the learning services of the college. The online courses would benefit a diversified population that wants to build their academic performance.

The online courses would provide the undergraduate business students with the benefits of multimedia resources. The students would be availed with electronic publications that would assist them to counter their busy schedules, and help in reducing their financial burdens.

The increase and provision of online business courses would be greatly beneficial to Bauer Business College. In using the online services, the undergraduate business majors will use services that are tailored to their needs. It is in my strongest opinion that increase of online business courses will improve academic performance. The online classes would allow students to complete undergraduate courses quicker and enroll for a second major or higher degree. Bauer College of Business would generate more tuition income, and get better ranking for quality service to humanity. The students who commute long distances, the working students, and those who cannot afford living on campus would be catered for when online business classes are available.


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