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Identifying Strengths and Areas to Improve

My personality type is ISTP. My personality strengths can benefit my team. Person with my personality type is logical, realistic and straightforward. I like to analyze how things work, as well as notice factual and concrete information. I tend to be careful with details. I can help others with understanding the task and making right conclusions. I am good in troubleshooting. This is a useful quality in team-work because some people can get disappointed in some situations. Moreover, I enjoy solving problems, particularly practical. When I have a problem to solve, I begin to be high-concentrated and build models of decisions in my head. This quality is very important for a team because the team has to find a right way to go and to take the most effective decision. As ISTP, I prefer to live in the moment, which is also good for a team. My mind can be concentrated on concrete task right in the moment, with no regrets or expectations. I am observant, noticing and remembering details. The language of ISTP is factual, logical and literal. These characteristics are good in communicating with people in business. The personality types of my team members are ESFJ and ISFP. I can improve with my team members. My main weakness in team-work is a desire to work alone. Team is always an irritation for me. This quality can hinder the work of the team. Members of the team with ESFJ and ISFP codes can help me with this problem. Team for them is good for work; they can make trustful environment for team working. This will be good for me because I need this trust and can do my best. One more weakness I have is in the fact that I prefer to do rather than talk. I can act before thinking the idea through. The person with ISFP code will be more tolerate and will provide me with gentle, unassuming support. ESFJ will build a harmonious environment that supports personal achievement and task accomplishment. Other thing is in my interest to the task. When I am interested in it, I will do everything my best. From the other side, I can put off the task if I do not like it, especially in the case when it is boring. I lose my interest. In this case, I need team members who are not as dependent from the interest and who can give me additional stimulus for acting. ISFP will encourage me. This person is good in motivating people. ESFJ will ensure projects are completed in time. I dislike long explanations and prefer to get to the point quickly. This weakness does not let me listen to others` point of view. Harmonious ISFP and ESFJ will help me to pay more attention to a common task, and they can motivate my listening of others.

Managing Conflict

My challenging communicator`s code is ENTJ. My mother has this personality type. She is too critical to other people and to me. She always wants to teach me and tell me what I have to do. The need to control everything is part of this person. It makes me crazy. I need freedom of thinking and acting. I do not like when somebody tells me what I have to do and how I have to do it. ENTJ is not always sensitive to the impact of their decisions on other people. I do not like when my mother makes decisions for me and does not think how these decisions affect me. She can arrange a meeting where I am obliged to be without any discussion. In most cases, I have my own plans for this time and hardly can go to the unplanned meeting. On this base, we always have conflicts. ENTJ is more theoretical than practical. My mother develops theories for everything. For me as ISTP, it is terrible. Moreover, she is not flexible and always wants to follow the rules. To better manage conflict with this person I have to understand how to communicate with ENTJ. I do not like to talk much. ENTJ is quite communicative. First of all, I have to talk with her more, listen to her and be more patient. I have to ask how is my mother feeling, what is she doing and be attentive to her. She prefers life voice, because of it I have to communicate not with notes and e-mails. I have to speak less hesitantly with this person. I need to be heard. As ENTJ, my mother has large vision. To explain things, I need, first of all, to ask her about them, and later present her my details, what I plan to do and what I think about. With this, I can avoid some not-in-time meetings she is arranging. In communicating, I have to ask ENTJ to explain the detail of the decision process to follow the steps in person`s thinking. This will allow me to understand the purpose of her actions. Not to be controlled in everything, I have to share with my mother my ideas about common things and ask her opinion about it. This will let her know the real state of things. She will feel that her opinion is important, and I can be open without control measures from her side. It is important to acknowledge her decisiveness, recognize her rationality and ability to control everything. I can let my mother organize and schedule the processes, in which we are both engaged. It can be family meetings, travelling, or going somewhere. Sometimes it is difficult for ENTJ to understand other people. She needs to know more about me. I have to explain her about what I am thinking, what I am feeling. It is hard, but I have to trust her. For ENTJ solution is more important than making everybody happy. I have to understand it.

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From the information booklet, I have learned many things about myself. As ISTP, I am realistic and practical. The source of energy for me is internal processes in me. I seek stimulation in the inner environment and like to be alone. It is true as to make a decision I have to be without people around. I can walk alone in the streets or sit somewhere to think about things. In this manner, I better understand what is happening. I have a small circle of close friends, but they are the people whom I trust. Another ISTP characteristic from the booklet is the curiosity how things work. Usually, I am interested in impersonal principles, cause and effect, how and why mechanical things work. In childhood, I was interested in understanding how the car is going and what is inside it. I am adaptable person. I like a flexible, spontaneous way of life better than planned, decided orderly way. I can make a quick decision where to go and what to do, for example, how to spend the evening. I always have something to do and search for more action. Otherwise I get bored. When I have a task, I put a lot of energy into this activity until I lose interest. I read only if subject interests me, usually adventure stories with lots of action or books on how things work. I do not always finish tasks I start. I am quick person. Sometimes I have problems in communication because of it. I must learn that the complexity of people and relations deserves consideration and offers no quick fix. I can get into my own projects and forget deadlines in the outside world. It is always a problem for me, especially in the studying. Usually, I am waiting for the final point and only in this point I begin to do things. I have to be more concentrated on deadlines and plan my work. I have a desire to work alone. This characteristic is not so good for my future work. Most people are working in a team. Nowadays, an ability to communicate with other team members is crucially important. The same individualism I have in sport activity. I prefer individual performance sport. I do not think about the past and future and live in this moment. I have a hunger for more freedom and action. Relations with my mother described above are evidence of this statement. As T, I do not show emotions readily. This may hurt people`s feelings because they do not know it. I do not pay enough attention to people and can reprimand them without becoming upset myself. From time to time, I have such a situation with friends and family members because I do not think about them and their feelings. I need to know this weakness of mine and be more attentive to others.

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