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Utopia Job

Utopia Job

Utopia invokes various perceptions, which differ due to the individual opinion. For instance, for some people utopia means futuristic city where technology meets the needs of human beings. On the other hand, others define utopia as life which is in support by natural resources. As a result, utopia defines own perfect world. I aim to be a racecar driver, which is an utopia job to me. I acknowledge that it is a dream job because it will utilize skills and talent effectively. Additionally, I have a passion for competition and fun-at-work. Race competition and tracks vary in the distance and time, but I have a goal, passion, skills and talent to become a winner in every competition.

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First, I will establish several non-driving commitments. I will make sure that I do not just drive, but also make appearances in order to promote racing organizations, a team and sponsors. I will attain managerial and leadership courses for personal and professional development. I would also ensure that I work in an environment that is fast-paced. Additionally, there are some key considerations that I should keep in mind. The race car industry is a competitive industry, and, as a result, I need to be up-to-date with the latest innovations (Jenkins, Pasternak & West, 2005).

The racecar business is a high risk job since it possesses hazards to drivers and members. Risk managements and assessment are the role of the managers. As a manager, I should be able to minimize hazards posed in racing activities. For instance, anyone who works in an automobile industry must be careful since it turns out to be rather dangerous, especially for those who work on the race track. The first step is to develop training programs to sensitize risks and how to manage it (Williams, 2013).

To most drivers the core objective for winning a race will be earning much money. The reason to this is that racing is a source of income. For instance, half of participants in the industry are full- time racers. There is no specific educational track for one to become a racecar driver. As a result, there will be numerous organizations that offer sports racing activities. However, some companies might require their students to have own racing car. On the other hand, professional organizations can also rent useful requirements and autos. As a leader, I will be able to harmonize sources of revenue so as to meet the needs of drivers. As a result, drivers will feel a sense of job satisfaction and security. Additionally, this will motivate them and make the racing experience competitive and interesting to watch (Jenkins, Pasternak & West, 2005).

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As a student of management, I acknowledge that a leadership position has more responsibilities than any other in an organization. For example, problem solving skills is an essential factor for efficacy in organizations, which lies with management. A good manager should be result-oriented, motivate individuals, and appreciate diversity. As a result, individuals are valuable assets. The most challenging task in organizations is to have an effective resource management and team. However, in the utopia, there are several management tools and techniques that I need to put in place so as develop my managerial skills. To begin with, I will develop sound policies to guide decision making process to ethical issues and dilemma (Williams, 2013).

Nominal group technique is one concept used in decision making. It is a brainstorming subcategory that is effective in the utopia job, which involves frequent interactions with employees. The process of brainstorming is the essential tool since its main use is to capture and stimulate creative ideas and thoughts (Williams, 2013). The method equalizes and also normalizes status or hierarchical differences between members of the same group. Establishing managerial procedure and skills is another important tool. It deals with developing job assignments, communication, project change procedure and a reporting procedure in teams. Establishment of a good relationship with customers is very significant.

In todays global marketplace, human resource management must align the needs of employees to the organization. I have learnt that globalization is a significant risk in managerial practice. As a result, completion is on a wider scale than before, since the labor market is extensive. Nonetheless, there are significant trends and issues which affect marketing management. To some extent, they influence organizational planning. Marketing managers are responsible since they influence the composition, level and timing of customers demands (Williams, 2013). The role of marketing managers varies significantly depending on the size of a business, industry context and corporate culture. For instance, in large consumer products companies, the marketing managers play the role of a general manager.

In conclusion, I strive to be a racecar driver, which is an utopia job to me. I acknowledge that it is a dream job because it will use skills and talent effectively. Additionally, I have a passion for competition and fun-at-work. Being a student of management, I understand that I will be able offer leadership, support staff, as well as develop networks to mobilize resources.

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