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My Journal of Managerial Analytics


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Managerial Analytics is a very demanding and at the same time exciting professional sphere. As a student, I learned that it requires from one to have critical and analytical skills that will be particularly useful at work and during the interactions with the team members, business leaders, and major stakeholders in the industry. Besides, I discovered that one must be familiar with spreadsheets and programs such as SPSS which are very helpful in analyzing cash flows and making projections that will determine the financial future of any company (Watson & Nelson, 2014). As for me, I have always interested in estate or international business. The lessons acquired in the class will be valuable not only in my personal but professional life as well.

Expectations from the course

At the beginning of the course, some of the objectives that we were to meet included assessing corporate spreadsheets and preparing financial reports to back mergers and acquisitions. I also learned about assisting companies to invest wisely and consider issues such as supply chains and marketing strategies. Besides, some of the lessons comprised assessing and maximizing networks of a supply chain. The objectives also included being able to create investigations that support pricing decisions, studying industries, noting current business trends, studying industry competition, and products. Moreover, among our primary aims of the course was using statistical packages such as SPSS in order to analyze operational data and sales, identify spot trends, and make financial forecasts (Sharda, 2014). Apparently, the major outcome of the lessons was the ability to facilitate and prepare client meetings.

In my estimation, most of the learning objectives were met. Students acquired information about various notable and reputable industries such as Proctor and Gamble among others. The main areas of focus were marketing strategies, future economic focus, and the ability to remain relevant in the market (Cokins, 2009). These lessons not only provided useful insight for me in managing my finances while in college, but they also helped me to make sound financial decisions even in my life after college. Therefore, the skills obtained in the course will be applicable in most areas of my personal and professional life.

Working in a multinational and multicultural company requires analytical skills and the competence to make rational decisions. In my view, most of these attributes were taught either directly or indirectly in the class. Besides, what could not be discussed in the coursework was covered in the fields: visiting nearby companies, attending financial talks, and listening to lectures from notable business icons were very useful. Owing to these activities, I learned about characteristics of the good management, the common mistakes investors make, and how to make money work for someone. I believe these insights will be advantageous in my future financial decisions (Cokins, 2009). What is more, the interactions during the course enhanced my interpersonal skills as well as the ability to start new relationships with people. As a businessman, I will have to meet business executives, some from different cultural backgrounds. Being capable to understand business cultures among the various people and their communications will further help to conduct business across borders.

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Useful for the Future Information from the Course

To be a business leader, I will have to cultivate leadership skills such as effective communication, ability to listen to others and get their perspective as well as to be friendly to my colleagues. Moreover, I will need to have the financial acumen required in order to make sound investment decisions. I realize that I must study the market regarding volatility and significant driving forces. Being able to meet and interact with investors, especially as regards international business, will be critical in by entrepreneurial pursuits. With the experience I obtained in the class, for instance good management skills and companies histories, I will be able to adapt to any business environment and contribute to the general advantage of the business in my own way (Watson & Nelson, 2014). In addition, I will have the opportunity to translate the theories learned in the class into practice. Finally, it will be beneficial to experiment with the ideas such as book auditing, reconciling inventories as well as making major financial decisions, for example downsizing or expanding businesses.

Evidently, the most beneficial part for me was the opportunity to work with data mining software such as SPSS, which makes the work easier and systematically generates data that is useful in financial reports forecasts as well as graphical representations. The fact that the information can be represented in a way that is easy to interpret and analyze simplifies business management.


Managerial Analytics is, undoubtedly, an excellent course that prepares both an individual and professional. It makes a person flexible and enables him or her to make sound investment decisions. In my dream career, that is a manager of a real estate, I will apply the skills learned in class to invest in prime spots, value the housing units appropriately, and make future financial forecasts (Sharda, 2014). Dealing with volatile markets would not be as problematic as it might be in case if I had not taken a course in Managerial Analytics. I believe the most important lessons I learned in class that I will find applicable are management skills. After the course, I am encouraged to be an inspirational leader who identifies and exploits talents, nurtures employees, and stimulates teamwork. I hope I will be the entrepreneur who reads the market and makes sound financial investments and decisions.

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