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Prostitution Today What Is Next?

Today people understand that society has passed many cycles of development and some bad sides of it, such as prostitution, might be never eliminated. Women might be either coerced to do it or voluntarily choose this path; the government might fight criminal gangs, which organize child prostitution or it would be legalized the war on it would never be won and it will always exist.

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According to Oxford Dictionary, prostitution is an occupation or practice that involves engagement in sexual activity for any kind of reward or payment (Oxford University Press 2014).

Unfortunately, the economics of prostitution really exists, as men are eager to buy what women really want to sell. The research, which was published around six years ago and known as Journal of Political Economy, included the information as to what marriage is really about and sometimes it is just a profitable investment for both parties involved. The connection between wives and prostitutes was shown as two might substitute one another. However, wife would always win in that race as she might offer not only sex but also somehow ensure success of the family, which matters the most. Still, it leaves space for prostitutes to exist. Nowadays, as far the researchers have progressed in their investigations, from a wide variety of places and time, starting from the mid-centuries to Malaysia in 1990, prostitutes get more money for their job and in some cases earn much more than normal working girl would ever do. It is truthful even in places, where this job is legalized and rather safe. Thereafter, streetwalkers get more money because of the risk to be killed, raped, and be taken to the hospital or something else. Not every woman might be a whore in the bedroom and maid in the living room and not everyone is interested in a long-life investment into a wife, so those men tend to prostitutes who can offer anything, but reproductive function to one man (Noer 2006).

Nowadays, prostitution is not only seen everywhere and became public, but even became a very important part of not only civil citizens, but politicians as well. Everyone remembers scandal that involved Berlusconi and a Moroccan dancer, the 17-year-old girl, who was helped by the Italian Prime Minister to avoid problems with police. Such periods of weakness by men in charge of the country were also found in the US, French and British histories. Eliot Spitzer (New York Governor), Senator John Ensign and many others are on the list (Freedman 2011). Unfortunately, it is only the top of the iceberg.

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However, let us look at the situation from the other perspective. In Washington, the city, where one of the wealthiest suburbs, richest mansions and most luxurious cars in the America are, an ugly form of crime, which is underage prostitution led by gangs, has spread all over the city. The authorities of Washington have prosecuted more than twenty cases related to child prostitution, which was organized by gangs. Gangs have started to operate all over the state recently and are successfully getting away with that, charging around $200 per hour from a client for sex with a minor. It is obvious that criminal gangs want to get more revenue sources and the Internet makes it much easier for them to find clients (Hess 2013). Victims of human trafficking usually end up in street prostitution and are controlled by pimps. They cannot get away from that kind of life as they are living under threat for their own lives, suffer from physical abuse and are dependent financially on their pimps. Many women all over the world are coerced and forced to become prostitutes (Lloyd 2014). These facts are true, but is this the only reason prostitution exists? It is important to answer one very serious question are most women who work as prostitutes are forced to do it or they just enjoy that? Unfortunately, no one knows the answer.

The answer to the question could be is that it is clear, that legalization of prostitution might be the best option for future. It would help to reduce the level of abuse and violence towards women. It would also prevent spread of sexually transmitted diseases and workers of that industry would be healthier. Precious law enforcement resources would be saved, as the business would come out from the shadow as well as tax revenue would go to the governments treasury. As it is not getting away any time soon, at least those women would gain labor rights (Fuchs, 2013). Whether we like it or not, it is already part of the worlds economy.

To conclude, it is necessary to mention that by following the research, it does not matter if anybody for or against prostitution or its legalization, but prostitution has been shaped and lived in that many faces in the worlds history that will probably exist until the humanity will die. Some marriages are also only about gold-digging and the proof to that is the fact that models would always prefer senescent men. It is obvious that if gangs would be eliminated and no one would be forced to engage into sexual relationship unwillingly and for money, prostitution would still exist. It will go mainstream very soon, as many researchers believe, because the mores are changing, the government is ineradicably corrupt, and people want safe sex with no string attached. Unfortunately, prostitution is now seen as a career and more and more women choose it willingly as their future occupation.

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