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Factors to Consider with Effectively Addressing the Prevention and Response Regarding the Various Terrorist Hazards


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With the rise of terrorist groups, extremists, and militants, humanity continues to face the danger of terrorist attacks that may even occur at the least expected time and in the least expected places. The technological advancements used by terrorists further magnify the problem. According to Wood, terrorism can come in various forms that differ from those regarded conventional (Wood et al., 2012). Hence, the acts of terrorism are not limited to suicide bombing, hijacking or massacres. There has been a difference in the forms terrorism can occur apart from the conventional types known in the whole world. Therefore, there is a growing need to address the rise of terrorism and hence prevent attacks as much as possible. Thus, to be able to develop preventative structures and strategies, there is a need to consider some factors that affect the process of mitigation terrorism as a global challenge (Haynes et al., 2014). This paper investigates factors for preventing terrorism and examining the response to various terrorism hazards that pose a potential challenge to humanity (Chatagner et al., 2012).

Problem Statement

The issue of terrorism has become crucial due to its immensity as terrorists seek to perpetrate mass fatalities. In most cases, terrorists are intellectuals who calculate their every move, hence making terrorist assaults more difficult to reveal and prevent. The topic on terrorism mitigation and the ways of combating is topical, since there has been a situation where terrorism has been considered to be influential in the society.

Literature Review

Background Information

From a different perspective, all nations have in some way suffered from terrorist attacks. The said effect could have been either direct or indirect. Every year, thousands of the US citizens become victims of terrorism when being affected either personally or partially, e.g. when their friends or relatives are involved. For example, the last year alone, Paris was hit by a terrorrist attack, where approximately 130 people died,. Besides, over 140 Kenyan students became victims of terrorism in the Kenyan university. The US government has hence gotten into providing annual reports on terrorism to the Congress through the Secretary of State (Barbera et al., 2014). The government tries to address the background source of the trend that has lately become difficult to control. Furthermore, with the rise of the Islamic state, there have been fears of a surge in terrorist activities, particularly in the Middle East. Therefore, extremist terrorism is no longer a preserve of a few nations that can be considered as a target for terrorists (Carlton et al., 2015).

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Apart from the aforementioned forms of terrorism, there exist bioterrorism and the other forms. In his article, Fricker proves that there is more threat to humanity through biohazards, which can be considered to be a biological terrorism. It is on this basis that he continues with providing solutions to the same. Bioterrorism has been subtly reflected through infections and poisoning that were crafted and spread as biological weapons (Fricker et al., 2006). Inglesby demonstrates an example of anthrax spread that was an area of concern to many scientists (Inglesby et al., 2002)

Supporting Evidence

Evidently, the problem of terrorism has not been a new issue, and it ranges from being of the right-wing nature to the most prevalent ones of this period of time, which is caused by religious extremism. Sufficiently, the most keenly observed terrorism activity of all times in the United States was the 9/11 attack that has attracted much attention. It is for this reason that the US government came up with the idea of the country reports on terrorism (Nacos, 2015). Thus, it can be proved that the problem of terrorism has been a reason for searching better ways to deal with it. The evidence demonstrates that is it crucial to consider the core factors in order to find an efficient solution to terror.

Furthermore, there has been attacks in the recent past. The fact of the matter is that, in the last six months, there have been more than five attacks worldwide that have demonstrated heavy casualties. There was Paris attack, the attacks on civilians in Syria, and many other regular attacks that keep hitting the headlines.


Terrorism and its impact can be mitigated by putting in place effective structures and examining ways of reducing their prevalence. Furthermore, effective modes of reaction to these overtures can be established. Doing this, there is an adequate response to terrorist attacks. Kim, in his check on the UK disaster exercise, says that effectively put policies should be able to mitigate impacts of terrorism of whichever nature (Kim, 2014). A proper study should be conducted to the proprietors of terrorism acts to know the reason for terror tendencies, and hence increase their satisfaction where possible (Davis et al., 2013). Through the implementation of active structures, terrorism and its effects can be made to become a thing of the past (Haynes et al., 2014).

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