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Kick Heart Attack out of America Organization (KHAOA) is pleased to submit this grant proposal to your organization. KHAOA is a nonprofit organization aimed at eradicating cardiac arrest in America specifically among African Americans. We look forward to collaborating with you to get funds to support CVD patients in America. African Americans are a very important ingredient in terms of economic contribution to the United States of America. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a top concern in America and affects people of all races, but this project focuses on African Americans selectively. This fact is a reflection of their lifestyle, geographic factors, socio-economic statuses, attitudes and behaviors, and health characteristics.

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KHAOA is requesting for a grant to eradicate the heart disease among African Americans. The funds will be used to buy medicines for cardiac patients, publish health magazines to educate the population about heart problems and how to control them, organize informative seminars, and build a special hospital to deal with cardiac complications among non-Hispanic blacks in America. Currently our organization is intending to support 4000 African Americans, although the number might go up with time. We are planning to finance the medical bills of up to 20000 African Americans in the next 4 years. Our organization, therefore, has estimated that $70 million would be enough to cater for the 4000 CVD patients we are going to start with this year.



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Statement of Need

KHAOA needs $70 million to fund an anti-heart disease campaign to save the lives of thousands of African Americans. This disease has killed hundreds of thousands of African Americans, as well as a large number of whites, and Hispanics.

Program Description

The health characteristics of African Americans both men and women are not that complicated. According to the Statistical Fact Sheet 2013 Update as provided by the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Stroke Association (ASA), over 40% African American aged 20 and above are CVD patients. Men comprise 44.4% and women 48.9%. In 2009 alone, CVD claimed the lives of 46, 334 African American men and 48,070 African American women; and this is a critical number. However, if KHAOA acquired adequate funds, the number of CVD patients and related deaths would reduce. Therefore, the death rate from CVD was 236.1 in 2009, meaning that the rates were 387.0 and 267.9 for black males and black females respectively.

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) among African Americans aged 20 and over was 6.8% of men and 7.1% of female and this is a worrying situation, too. Furthermore, the blacks have had the myocardial infarction in America. That is 3.9% of men and 2.3% of women all aged 20 and above taking the levels of heart related deaths high (African Americans and Cardiovascular Diseases)

The lifestyle of African Americans is mostly characterized by smoking and drinking (in moderation). We do understand that smoking can lead to lung cancer, which in turn causes cardiac arrest and dental decay. In fact, 62% of African Americans visit the dentist only when ill and did not have a regular dental visit schedule. If dental health could be ignored to this extent, we could have a huge problem. The lifestyle of African American men and women consequentially is a contributor to heart disease (Green, et al., 2003). Both oral and general hygiene are significant for determining the health of individuals. Our organization believes that journal and magazine publications will educate the target community on the importance of regular medical check-ups.

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Numerically, CHD killed 21, 051 black males and 19, 470 black females. The average death rate was 116.1 (181.1 for men and 110.3 for women). In addition, myocardial infarction (heart failure) killed 13,284 African Americans, 6,567 of which were women. The fund will help us get drugs and counseling services for the African Americans.

The socioeconomic status (SES) is a measure of income, education, and occupation. The African Americans are considered to be a minority in America, as well as the Hispanics. The individuals with low SES often have poor health and poor education. Low SES has many impacts. African American children are 3 times poorer than white children. Such minorities get mortgages at high cost of 53% compared to whites who repay their mortgages at 18% interest. The unemployment rates for blacks are twice as high as those of whites. Full time African American men in the United States earn 0.72 of what white men earn. Black women receive 0.85 of the earnings of white women. Looking at the education standards, most African Americans join poverty-oriented schools. The schools have inadequate resources, and have demoralized teachers, who constantly lament low pay. Thus, we singled out African Americans for this project (Ethnic and Racial Minorities and Socioeconomic Status). Poor education exposes African American children to negative attitudes and inappropriate behaviors towards health and life as a whole. Equipping such a society with the relevant knowledge on health issues, especially heart attack, will serve to reduce heart related diseases (The Economic and Educational State of Black Americans).

Geographical factors also affect the livelihood of African Americans. The areas populated by African Americans have poor drainage systems, poor sanitation and have a high probability of infections. This compels the black community to use the little money available for medication. Frequent hospitalization due to diseases that are easily preventable brings about financial constraints.


The socioeconomic status of African Americans is not in the best condition. The majority of the black population earns less than $5 per day. This money is not enough to purchase quality food, afford good education and proper medical care. To be precise, heart diseases are expensive to treat and control. As a result, we have sought the funds to enable us save the lives of the misfortunate African Americans. Kick Heart Attack out of America Organization (KHAOA) is dedicated to fighting heart diseases by any means necessary. Support us to help save the lives of thousands of African Americans.

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