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Kwok, H., Szeto, G., Cheng, A., Siu, H., & Chan, C. (2011). Occupational rehabilitation in

Hong Kong: Current status and future needs. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 21(1), 28-34. doi:10.1007/s10926-011-9286-4

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The article under consideration dwells upon the occupational rehabilitation in Hong Kong. The focus of the research is the service and the scientific implementation of medicine for injured workers. Additionally, the currently used Employees Compensation Ordinance concerning the work injuries has been critically assessed. The research is conducted by three occupational therapists, an occupational medicine specialist, and a physiotherapist. The main idea of the study is to consider the current state of affairs related to occupational rehabilitation in Hong Kong and to draw the conclusions about it and about the success of the policies implemented for regulating the rehabilitation, the compensation and the prevention of the injuries in the city. The main contribution of the analysis is that the assessment of the modern policies in comparison with the current state of affairs in the field is made.

The researchers managed to prove that even though the situation in the occupational rehabilitation system is on the high level, the policies aimed at linking rehabilitation, compensation and prevention do not function appropriately. Most of the issues that refer to the financial issues and compensations for rehabilitation after the occupational injury should be legally confirmed. Therefore, having contributed to the scientific development in the question of the occupational rehabilitation, Hong Kong establishments lag far behind in providing the necessary services. The investigation is useful in the current field of study as it points to the further research in the sphere of occupational rehabilitation in Hong Kong. The researchers draw attention to the fact that even though occupational rehabilitation is put on the high level in the city, the cross-discipline training program is required to improve the quality of the services and lead to the specialization in the citys occupational rehabilitation.

Pogrund, R.L., Darst, S., & Boland, T. (2013). Evaluation study of short-term programs at a

residential school for students who are blind and visually impaired. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, 107(1), 30-42.

The article under discussion presents the research results of the evaluation of the short-term program that took place in 20092010. It was aimed at increasing the opportunities for blind and visually impaired students in receiving the instructions concerning the expanded core curriculum at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The main purpose of the research is to present the results of this evaluation and to show whether the short-term programs of the current focus are effective or not. The study is based on the results of the 107 parents, 87 teachers, 26 administrators, and six students with visual impairments. All the participants have a relation to the program and contributed to its procedure on different levels.

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The research results show that most of the participants showed a positive attitude to the short-term programs indicating the necessity to use the same experience in other residential schools for students with the same problems. The study designed included the mixed-method triangulation with the application of the extended qualitative and quantitative data. Even though the evaluation showed positive results, it is hardly possible to generalize them as the number of the subjects was limited. The evaluation of one program with a limited number of the participants does not show the whole picture.

Therefore, the article study is useful in understanding the situation concerning the linkage between the education and healthcare in relation to students who are blind and visually impaired. The results of this research may be useful for further investigation in the sphere with the reference not only to the education of handicapped students, but also for dealing with health issues. The peculiarity of this study lies in the effective linkage of educational program with the disabled students.

Raanaas, R.K., Patil, G.G., & Hartiq, T. (2012). Health benefits of a view of nature through

the window: A quasi-experimental study of patients in a residential rehabilitation center. Clinical Rehabilitation, 26(1), 21-32.

The article under discussion presents the results of the quasi-experimental study of patients in a residential rehabilitation center with a panoramic view of nature. The research has been conducted among 278 patients with coronary and pulmonary diseases. The main purpose of this experiment was to show the relation between the view patients observe out of their windows and their general condition taking into consideration the speed of the recovery. The research results proved that patients who observed the nature scenery out their windows showed better general condition than those who saw blocks of buildings. Having the self-report of physical and mental condition as one of the main parameters for conclusion making, the researchers also paid attention to other measurements done during the experiment. However, the self-reporting is the main one in this research despite being considered as a limitation due to the absence of the objective consideration of the issue.

The research results are useful in the healthcare study for assessing the influence of the environment on the patients condition. The results of this experiment may be used for further research. Overall, they are informative, even though only one particular disease direction was chosen. Using this investigation in the personal study, one may generalize its results only when the particular diseases are the focus of the personal investigation. The gender differentiation of the results adds the value to the research and may be a great contribution to the further study related to the gender differences in the healthcare perception.

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