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Technology is Promoting the Art of Cheating

Technology has opened doors and, moreover, turned the world into one global village. Technology plays a role from telecommunications to turn it in in schools; as a result of this, the level of honesty has been manipulated and compromised because of the use of technology. According to an accredited Daily Sun Reporter (Clark), One study of 650 first-year students at South Bank University revealed how more than 90 percent registered on the non-originality scale after essays were scanned against a checking system.

Cheating comes in different forms and a shape-bottom line is that cheating is never good for anyone. The act cuts right through the conscious and make one guilty. It is sad that the average American can and will do just about anything to get ahead in life. With the world as competitive and harsh as it is, students find means of outdoing each other. It does not only end in the classroom, once developed, the habit is natured and cultured to the office.

The truth of the matter is that an average student can be made to look like a great student by simple copying and pasting work that has been previously done and making a few alterations to change the frontal look. The internet is a dangerous weapon that aids students to get information and even essays related to their topics.

Whether one takes their friends work and alters it or copies straight up from Wikipedia, it is all cheating and the student does not learn anything. In the majority of cases, students cheat in order to get higher marks grades; some of the possible cases of cheating could be as to present themselves as good students.

In colleges and universities, the number of modules and subjects got changed and most courses do not include ethics. This leaves most students not being guided towards the right path. It is true that ones conscious talks to them and show them the rights from the wrongs, but in the end a daily reminder can go a long way in ensuring that the conscious has a strong support system for one to do the right thing.

Most universities and colleges are moving with the time and professors give their students IT facilitated exams. These tests are usually multiple choice questions and, as a result, the students use their phones to pass answers around. There is something exciting and compelling about doing wrong just because you can and college students get the opportunity to do this during the modules. Professors hand out exams and go to sit at the back or go out and not monitor the progress of the students, consequently, these actions open room for cheating.

In page 68 of his book, (Callahan) states that: For one thing, Americas workers who are without the education or skills to prosper in the new economy have little opportunity to improve their station in life… Most of the workers who will have a hard time shifting to cheating are the ones who started from school days. A habit matures with age and that is not debatable.

Everyone wants to take the easiest way out and from time to time, one has had to battle with the inner man on what to do. The most noble thing is always to walk away from situations that promote you do what is ethically and morally wrong. This is the only possible way with a lot of self-control and discipline. The mind can be tamed and taught how to think: it takes determination, courage and patience, but these are the essential possessions for a good student and a future leader.

Where there is a will there is a way, and it is not surprising that the way is usually shady and a shortcut. A Science & Technology video clip on YouTube shows various ways that Japanese students use to cheat in their exams. Technology is the main facilitator. One student is shown with having a cast and using a camera from her chest; the other is using headsets to listen to the answers during the exam. There is no end to the means and ways of getting answers so that one gets good marks.

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The irony of the students and cheating is the fact that for students it is a solution and they do not care whether it is short-lived or about the consequences. Professors and teachers are always amazed at the level of how students cheat, but in all earnestness, technology is the main culprit: the phones, internet, cameras, binoculars, all aid students do their group works. The article Sierles and Hendrickx shows the research work conducted on medical students; however, it is not only medics that find themselves cheating their way to the top.

On the other hand, when looked at cheating in depth, it can be an essential tool for students. It is a way for getting the homework, assignments and tests done quickly and less stressful. A good student needs a relaxed environment; they do not want to be fried out and stressed because of school work. They need to be able to share answers and thoughts with other students.

In most cases, with the competitive environment, students try to find means of staying ahead of the game. Thus, cheating comes in as an answer. College students find themselves juggling both work and school at the same time and this is the main reason of why they need to catch up from their peers. In the end, students with similar assignments are said to have been cheating and this is technically wrong because the later student simple used the former students ideas.

Students have the fundamental right to discuss answers with their classmates. At times, students discover that they understand their classmates explanations and work better than they understand the professor and opt to emulate the work of other students. Group works are very common among todays students as means of covering their work as a group. When college students do their work together as a group, they point out to each other what was executed wrongly the first time around and correct each other. Renowned educators Christakis and Christakis propose that colleges and universities need to break the code of silence, while applying their own academic methods to the problem in order to better tackle the issue of cheating students. Students feel misunderstood and they need to express themselves in ways that their elders are not able to relate to them. If each learning institute focuses on the society, the stigma might be broken and group works no longer will be labeled as cheating.

To bring down the curtain on the matter of cheating and ethics, as morally and ethically wrong as this issue is, human nature has a way of coming out and pleasing itself. Cheating is as old as time and with new generations it only gets more refined and gives a new look to many different aspects. Otherwise, it is the same old concept that has been fought against over the years. Cheating is cheating and there is no scale of measuring the amount or rate of cheating, but if students are taught ethics, they might find it within themselves to do the right thing.

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