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Robert Frost is a great American poet. He was one of the most respected artists of the 20th century. Moreover, he was an honored poet during his lifetime. Frost was awarded various prizes for literature works. At first, Frost did not want to publish his poem Design. Furthermore, it was named In White. In the course of time, the poem renamed it into Design. The author had made only a few grammatical changes which did not affect the general sense of the poem. The author describes a small scene that takes place in the natural world at day break. A small white spider clambers up a white heal-all retaining a lifeless white moth. The flower is unique as it cannot be white. Possibly, the author wanted to make a contrast between white objects and darkness of night. It is not the sonnet about something quite small as it seems to be. Taking into consideration that the work asks design merely in a tiny scene, it asks whether there is some designing power in the entire world.

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Frost uses modern English language in his poem. It is not surprising as the text appeared only in 1936. It is not easy to understand the text in general since the authors diction is rather formal. There are some words which are new to peoples daily language. For instance, heal-all is a flower, and blight is also a plant. Without additional knowledge, a person is unable to understand the sense in a proper way. Already the first verse of the poem Design sets the tone of the whole poem. The poem begins simply enough. The narrator happened to come across a spider. The next two verses continue to describe the same scene. However, the tone begins to shift with the help of the word rigid in the fourth stanza. From this point, the tone begins to darken. The author tries to depict the spider as the character with terrible aims. In these lines “Mixed ready to begin the morning right, like the ingredients of a witches broth” Frost reveals the spiders work. It shows the connection between evil forces and the spider. The sextet fetches to the predictable transformation in tone. At this time, the author asks himself questions: what could the heal-all do and what did bring the kindred spider. The last question brings a note of irony with the word kindred. The choice of medical flower adds a tone of irony as well. All Frosts poem is full of irony. The irony exists even in the title. The author shows a reader the macrocosm by the microcosm. The white and guiltless spiders indentations are very ironic; it grins. The animal is not smart; design is not smart. Certainly, there is no design in any way as design requires intellect. The author uses not only irony, but pun. For example, he uses word morning which sounds as mourning or the word right which sounds as rite. However, this irony changes into metaphor in the next stanzas. Eventually, Frost inquires whether the Creator might actually be leading the dealings of the spider, a small point on the planet. If the Creator does not oversee these actions of the spider, can people be assured in Gods ability to observe all peoples deals? Personification is also used in the poem. People in the poem are represented by the moth and spider, while the heal-all represents the Earth. This thought starts to oppose every notion of God we support with the aim that God does not look over all peoples actions. Possibly public is as little part in his eyes as well as in the spiders eyes. In the poem, the author characterizes the dark appearance of the nature throughout which he shows sinfulness as an inherent part of the world. There are some similes in Frosts poem as dead wings like a paper kite and like the ingredients of a witches broth. The flower, moth and spider are symbols of death. Readers are able to notice that the spider is not innocent after eating the moth. This scene is depicted in white and black colors, which symbolize the death and life coexisting side by side of each other. Therefore, the symbols of flower, spider and moth make readers face up to the essential problem of Design. By involving them into loss and rot, people are faced to think over God’s participation in different situations. The proper word choice in the poem demonstrates the evil tone as the ingredients of witches broth, dead wings carried like a paper kite. There are some words which are unknown to people without searching their definitions, such as heal-all, dimpled, kindred, and wayside. For instance, the heal-all is a medical plant. Roberts Frost uses modern English language. The poem is an Italian sonnet. Design consists of an octave and a sestet. The octave’s rhyme is ABBAABBA, and the sestet’s rhyme is CDCCDD. A snow-drop spider is alliteration as it uses sound s more than once in one line. Frost said that there is no tune in his poem. Instead of this, the author repeats vowel and consonant sounds. However, it has iambic pentameter rhythm. The theme of the poem is the balance of nature. The subject of the poem is regarding the flower, the spider and its web that is intended on the heal-all.

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As it is known, there are only three things which can be attracted by the poem: the heart or the mind, the eye, and the ear. The author depicted the scene so professionally that the reader can have the proper image. The good rhyme and sound gives an opportunity to the poem to be heard through the ear. Moreover, to make the reader love the poem, the author has to arrange the words in the proper order. Furthermore, the author has to make the reader experience all the happenings in the poem, such as fear, evilness or anger. Therefore, it is easy to notice that Robert Frost is a genius poet who can attract the reader from the first lines.

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