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My day in california

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My Day in California

When I told my friends about my intention to visit California, the common thing I heard from them was that the streets of this Golden state are filled with movie stars and their images. Besides, they think that most Californians lead indulgent lifestyle. Preparing for my journey, I saved enough to meet my expenditures if those allegations were to go by. When I arrived in California, the first thing I noted was a beautiful weather. In this state, the weather ranges from one place to another, which gives its citizens a chance to enjoy the best variety of weather conditions. I looked forward to staying in the coastal region which like the southern region enjoys Mediterranean climate characterized by dry summers and winters that are slightly rainy. Like any other visitor of California since the Gold Rush of 1848-1855, I really had very high expectations concerning my time spent in this beautiful state (Owens 3). The main objective of this paper is to discuss my visit to California. Special attention would be paid to the Disneyland, numerous historical places and beaches.

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After having a morning jog, I was ready to go to the Disneyland Park. I remembered a fact I heard from one of my friends that the only perfect day in California is achieved by purchasing Disneyland tickets in advance. I had managed to purchase them online from Disneys official website the previous night. Thus, holding the ticket in my hands, I went to my next destination, Disneyland Park. By the time I arrived in the park, it was midmorning and I managed to try popular rides just before crowds had gathered and everyone got crazy. The best of all rides were the fantasy rides. There were fewer people to compete with and I had the fun of a lifetime. To memorize that day forever, I decided to buy souvenirs. I thought that the morning hour was the best time for shopping, so I entered several shops. There I have found the best souvenirs which I purchased. Soon, I felt really hungry and I had my lunch earlier than usual. Only after stilling my hunger, I realized that it was the best decision. There was an unusually mad lunch rush. With my filled up stomach, I decided to go on with the rides while everyone spent time in the long ques.

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My visit to Disneyland was cut short as I also had to visit Los Angeles and get acquainted with its historical museums. I realized the value of history for Los Angeles when I visited the 20-acre complex buildings comprising of Los Angeles County Museum of Art or LACMA. The appearance of the building was appealing with its combination of ancient and contemporary artistic patterns following its expertly renovation in 2008. Besides the pieces of art that are held within the museum, its entrance represents a focal point that is referred to as the Grand Entrance Pavilion. Once inside the LACMA museum, the Broad Contemporary Museum is a great place to visit. The museum holds impressive pieces created by different artists. My visit to this museum made me feel as if I was paying tributes to fallen heroes like Cindy Sherman, Richard Serra and Jenny Holzer among others. Additionally, the LAMCA complex building houses the Ahmanson building that has Greek, Rome, Latin American, and American art collections. In order to house temporary exhibitions, a 45,000-square-foot Lynda and Stewart Resnick Exhibition Pavilion was under construction with the first phase finished and the second underway. Besides visiting the museums in Los Angeles, I managed to take a stroll in the city. During my walk, I found out how rich the cultural substance of the city was. In the afternoon, I could not resist enjoying the delicious food in the Hart and the Hunter restaurant of Los Angeles.

The best way to end my day was to visit Californian beaches. It should be mentioned that the coastal region is characterized by its boardwalk beaches that are open throughout the year. The beaches coupled with the beauty of the ocean are magnificent. Staying in California, I had to visit Santa Cruz Beach. The only information that I had about Santa Cruz was that it had the best mini-fairs with all sorts of rides. Like a small child, I could not resist riding on some of the oldest roller coasters. I also enjoyed the beauty of the beach with blue water color and skies on the background and smooth blanket of thin clouds. There was also an amazing breeze at the beaches. Despite the numerous beaches along the Californian coast, Santa Cruz was crowded during the time of my visit. It may seem like in the state with over 38 million population, every day is a holiday and people spend a lot of time out of work relaxing and having fun. However, many people like me come from all over the world to visit Californian beaches and enjoy the beautiful weather and soothing breezes.

As night fell, I realized how much time I spent working under strict deadlines. I understood that despite spending only one day in California, I had explored beyond my expectations. The day was really great, but I kept in mind that the next morning I had to return to my everyday duties. Therefore, I caught the evening train to take me back home.

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