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The member of the wedding

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The Member of the Wedding

The Member of the Wedding written by Carson McCullers is a sensible story with a deep meaning. The story reveals the complicated inner world of the main character, whose name is Frankie. Besides, one can see both internal and external conflicts that Frankie is facing. In fact, it can be claimed that the internal one is the cause of all the external conflicts. Therefore, Frankie is the most interesting and the most vivid character of the McCullers book and is extremely interesting as an object for analysis. Analyzing Frankie, one could not but mention the most noticeable metamorphoses that occur to her changes of her name. Indeed, it may seem to be such a trivia. However, it is the most important detail in the book since the main characters inner world and ideology change along with her name. To some extent, changing the name is not just a whim of a little fretful girl; it is a new stage of her life. In other words, the name changes reflect and illustrate all the metamorphoses that Frankie goes through.

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Being just Frankie, the main character of The Member of the Wedding was only a little girl, who got confused in her inner world and in the world around her as well. The girl was frustrated and disappointed because of the feeling that she was disconnected from the surrounding world and belonged to no group of people. The main feelings of Frankie were confusion, anxiety and fear. In the first part of the book, the author lets readers know a lot of details from Frankies life. Reading this part, one can get to know about the girls numerous attempts, which were made in order to become more experienced. This is where one can discover how completely unaware of sexual experience and the facts of human being Frankie really is.

Interestingly, when the narrator goes back to Saturday evening, one can see that the girl changed her name from Frankie to F. Jasmine (McCullers, 2006). She thought that such a name would help her to sound more serious, more like a grown-up. Moreover, such choice of the name can also be explained with her desire to have the name that also starts with the letter J, as well as the names of Jarvis and Janice. By touring around the town and telling everyone that she is planning to run away with Janice and Jarvis, the main character is trying to help other people notice all the changes that happened to her, and that she is no longer a child. When her father tells F. Jasmine that her uncle died, the little girl tries to react in a mature way since she still hopes that her father will notice the metamorphoses in her world view, character and behavior (McCullers, 2006). Besides, trying to be older, F. Jasmine makes an arrangement with a soldier at a local bar. In addition, she is planning to have a grown-up date with him. Summing up the behavior and the way of thinking of the main character, one can claim that she really becomes more mature at this stage of her life. For instance, when the girl imagines that girls could change into boys by their own will and vice versa, the author lets readers see that F. Jasmine realizes the societal difficulties of race dissimilarities. The next stage of the little girl, who tries to find her place in the world, is the period when she takes another name Frances. A lot of things change to the main character since she has altered her name. While F. Jasmine personality is supposed to be more complicated and adult-like, Frances is more pragmatic and world weary.

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Taking all the above mentioned information into consideration, one can see that changes of the name really play an important role in the analyzed novella. However, this importance is not created for Frankie, but for the readers in order to show the verges of each stage of the girls life within the days that are described in the book written by Carson McCullers. Therefore, for readers, each name of the girl represents and symbolizes the particular period of her life and is appropriate at various stages. F. Jasmine and Frances are, in fact, the mirrors of all the attempts and efforts made by Frankie for altering her personality from a little unaware girl to a mature experienced and deeply thinking person. A lot of people usually read books skin-deep and do not notice some significant hints and symbols that help to understand the book, its sense and message better. Reading The Member of the Wedding, many people, probably, do not notice the prompts that were made by the author of the book. However, analyzing Frankies life stage by stage, it becomes easier to see what veiled impetus lies beneath the girls actions and thoughts that the author revealed for his readers. The good example here is the main characters response to her sexual experience. This shows readers that Frankie is, indeed, instinctively conscious of what has happened, although she does not let herself recognize this.

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