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Benchmark Senior Living

Benchmark Senior Living is the biggest assisted living community in the New England region which is situated in Wellesley, MA. Thomas H. Grape is a founder of this facility. Benchmark is a great company which provides world class senior living services and works hard in order to improve the experience of aging.

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Benchmark Senior Living has received two awards for the high quality care and services (2013 Best of the Best and 2013 Program to Spotlight Awards of Assisted Living Federation of America) (About us, n. d.).

Assisted living is a type of senior care that helps residents with the activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, cleaning, etc. Benchmark Senior Living offers its clients a variety of senior living options in different states. Mostly, the community does not support invasive treatment that requires twenty four hours a day monitoring. This company cares about its residents socialization; people are expected to live their lives to the full and socialize in their communities.

When speaking about Senior Living Community, there are several questions that should be covered because for people, who want to place their loved ones in this type of institution, the planning of such decision is a difficult process. The given paper covers this topic from all angles; it includes questions like the difference between assisted living and nursing homes, financial planning, adjustment to an assisted living community, etc.

Benchmark Senior Living offers individual approach to each person who needs care and a nurse on call day and night. However, the package of services can vary in terms of planned activities, medication management, transportation and accommodation, etc.

Today, Benchmark Senior Living provides aged people with traditional care along with maintaining their independence and dignity in the assisted living communities. While thinking about assisted living, several facts should be considered. Firstly, this type of facility is not for everyone. Therefore, it should be estimated what level of care your loved one requires. It is especially important to senior people suffering from dementia. Some of the assisted living communities may have a limited medical staff. It means that some facilities may have no nurses and no doctors making some people refrain from nursing home option. At the same time, there are people whom suits this type of living (Assisted Living Questions and Answers, n. d.).

It is difficult to plan financing for the assisted living ahead. However, there are several ways to pay for the service: private funds, long term insurance and veterans benefits. Long term insurance is really a good choice when it comes to assisted living or other senior care. The price of assisted living varies depending on area.

Benchmark Senior Living is a great community with a variety of services. If an elderly couple where both, a man and a woman, require the similar amount of care wants to live in the community, it makes the adjustment process even easier, because both parents can move to the same apartment.

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However, it becomes more complicated when one parent requires more assistance than the other. The patients are placed depending on the level of required help. For example, if a person requires memory help, then he or she will be placed in a memory care section. However, if one person took care of the other person for a long time, then the reaction is normal. Senior may become defensive, because it had been a normal practice for him or her.

The adjustment to assisted living community usually takes from 30 to 60 days. People need to get acquainted with a newcomer. This is a long process because it requires a person to change the environment he or she used to live in. It is important for family to keep in touch with the assisted living community and monitor the whole adjustment process. If the required needs have been met and the senior person is fully satisfied, it means the chosen facility is a safe place that ensures comfortable living. This is the most important criteria for the relatives and the assisted living community.

Assisted living community needs to evaluate a senior newcomer. This process is similar to a nursing assessment. However, in this case the assessment is done by the staff members of the assisted living community and not by the health care personnel. The staff members of the community will determine physical capabilities of the person and estimate the proper level of care that is needed.

There are several reasons why people turn to assisted living community. And the first one is maintaining the safety of the aged one. The community is ready to ensure its clients a safety environment. The staff and assistance are available if needed. Besides, the community guarantees that elderly people receive nutritious meals and have a place where they can live with the maximum level of independence.

The abovementioned facts and peculiarities make it hard to decide whether or not to place a loved one to an assisted living community. However, Benchmark Senior Living is a large community where the process of adjustment is carried out step by step in accordance with the above mentioned plan. The main goals of the community are providing the high quality care services and ensuring aged people the maximum level of independence.

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