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It is complicated and not professional to talk about some issue and problem without giving background information what concept it is built upon. In the following essay I would choose a complex problem that I find interesting and discuss it with the help of complexity principle. However, I would start with the general overview of what complexity science is and its main area of impact.

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Complexity Science

This subject is multi-disciplinary and broad. In the wide systems range, which is the subject of biological study, in industrial applications and in the science of sociology, computational modeling is taken upon to the behavior studies of these systems. Modeling approaches and mathematical developments are used for better understanding of these systems, while deep expertise in domains from system biology to software engineering is used to apply new results and imbue new approaches.

Complexity science addresses some important concerns that were developed from varied intellectual ancestry investigations. For instance, some roots are from cybernetics, general systems theories, catastrophe and chaos theory, and others (Complexity Science Focus). It is actually a field of interdisciplinary research that tries to provide an answer to how large numbers of rather uncomplicated entities are organized, how they create their own patters, which are done by collective whole that leans, evolves and uses all important information.

Basic Concepts

Complexity science has a classification according to the basic concepts, which include emergency and self-organization, connectivity, basic concepts, evolution and other.

Problem Description

The situation I would like to discuss is related to the human recourses management in a big company, especially the case when every employee once per year needs to pass personal assessment program with his/her manager and later submit data to personnel department. Let us imagine the situation where a certain manager (with many subordinates) has many newcomers to the company because of the high turnover, and he needs to set objectives to everyone personally. Moreover, employees must first get some training from HR department on that topic. Because of some meetings and longer timing needed for explanations to some employees, many already wasted their time for waiting for the trainings from HR and also need to come back to appoint another time for meeting with the manager. The problem is interesting to me, as modern business is not standing on one place and constant programs of improvement must be implemented that would help get more effective performance from employees. The most simple and easy-managed approach to preventing of a similar situation occurrence is an attempt to standardize the protocol for the timing, the explanations of the program, and the subsequent visit for a next session if needed. Employees are more often provided with complicated instructions attempting to consider all examples of the potential development in the company, contingencies and their expected challenges. However, such an approximation may not be effective if to consider the unique special requirements and abilities of an employee (for example, educated or not educated, lives out of town) or the impact of a cancelled session as time passes and the objectives are not set. The complexity approach that makes an assumption that interdependence among many systemsin this case HR manager, employee, training specialist, IT department, company and employees managers, reporting of result to the CEO, etccan provide minimal specifications or rules, which formulate deeper understanding of the system relationships and give space for individualization. The proper method to understand and investigate how coordination improvement can be done is to look into the relationships functioning management. First step that must be taken is to look into the HR department relationships and the manager and how their interests can be more aligned. How are they cooperating together as s separate departments? Do they see themselves as one team? Can the coordination be improved between those departments? For example, if the HR department and manager saw their work as aligned, then they could have made a decision to link the booking systems. This could be a very simple solution on the level of informational technologies that involves administrative secretary (in our case, a worker in HR department) to have an electronic system of bookings connected to the mangers calendars and, when booking the appointment, it would automatically book for the other time needed. The process should also be individualized: some employees may already have some background knowledge of that topic or even have good experience in working with the same systems in other areas of business, so they can be joined in bigger group trainings, where more specific information is included and less general processes are explained. In such case, we should analyze the relationship between the booking agent (made by administrative assistant) and the employees previous workplace also needs to be understood. If the booking agents knew enough background information on the employees knowledge, he or she could make suitable appointment with training specialist first to have an introductory or specifically-oriented training, so the worker can attend it and after that see when the timing for the meetings is to set the objectives with the direct line manager. These are principles of proper self-organization and interdependence in the structure.

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I am also inclined to say, that if one looks deeper into this issue, principles of complexity such as feedback (as HR department needs to get and provide feedback to newcomers and also to direct line manager) and creation of a new order are also used. In order for these solutions to emerge and to happen in this case, the frontline staff, which are the administrative assistantsneed to be understood in situ. Why are things organized like that? Are there constant barriers to coordination that could be addressed if proper management would be involved and new processes are created?


Complexity science provides some key principles that could help in coordination of HR processes related to this case. Other innovative approaches can help enable the application of complexity science. Incorporation of generic electronic employees records that are followed by one standard and can be shred within all global companies which have certification of that program, can be implemented in order to facilitate the process of personnels trainings in different areas. Other approaches can also be used.

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