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The Network Solutions Inc. is a computer-based center. The company was formed several years ago and has grown in the current days. This is a major industry that is concerned with hardware and software. The company also gives essential services that are related to the computer networking. The company uses different systems in order to clearly come up with performance standards within the company. The company may, however, be required to measure these standards in order to create a better portfolio. Thus, the company is much interested in the facts and requirements that boost its image towards the general public.

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As a company, The Network Solutions Inc. is faced with many problems within the organization. These problems, however, vary depending on the economic situation. The main problem is the ineffective performance measure system. This makes it hard to measure the performance of each individual in the company. Another problem is that the company lost a lot of employees performance data. This leads to major losses in the long run.


The causes for the above problems in The Network Solution Inc. are developed by the factors within the organization. The main factor is that there are more than 50 different performance measure systems in this company. In addition to this, many employees have not received the reviews. Lastly, most employees are unhappy; hence, lose their trust into the ineffective appraisal result that exists in the company.


The solutions that should be used to solve these problems are many. They are likely to solve each problem with a view of accessing the whole system in order to improve the general performance.

The first solution is to design and implement the new system by global cross-divisional HR team. This is likely to create a major solution that will solve the existing problem in The Network Inclusive Inc. The problems may be addressed properly, since the new system will ensure that that HR team is well-administered and controlled in the long run. This will involve identifying, as well as improving the performance level of each employee in the company. This is a major factor, as the resources are gathered and clearly showed to each person. This will bring more trust, since the employees goal will be equated to the organizational goals. This will ensure that the goals of each employee are not underestimated. The goals of the company will be easily attained, since the employees will be working to fulfill their goals as well. This is a major solution that will help in solving these problems. The organization will address the matter in a better dimension and create an understanding of every problem in the organization.

The second solution is building up a good working environment and ensuring there is a fair performance measure system within the organization. This can only be achieved by building up the networking, connections, and trust. These three factors should be built among the employees and managers of the company. The managers should come up with a better way of creating a good environment for the employees, so as to encourage them to work towards attaining the goals of the organization. This proper working environment will bring much more growth in the company, since all the employees will work towards attaining the goals of the organization. The good working environment wills also motivate employees, as they will gain respect from the managers and the fellow workmates. This will be achieved by using the various approaches, such as team building, among the workers. Motivation campaigns can also be used to ensure that there is massive progress within the company. The managers should be on the forefront at ensuring massive progress is made towards the overall organizational goal. This will accelerate growth in the company, as there will be cooperation among the employees. The managers will accelerate this growth by ensuring that each employee is respected and that there is no discrimination. Motivation should also be carried out on the equality basis. Motivation makes individuals work hard, since their efforts are recognized and rewarded accordingly.

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The third solution is proper data storage. In Network Solution Inc., there is valuable data content that should be properly maintained. The data storage must be computerized in order to safely keep the employees performance records. The records should be updated by all the departmental managers on a yearly basis in order to keep them updated. The updating process should be done with much accuracy in order to prevent any possible frauds or errors. The process of updating these files should be done in presence of the work union representatives, whose main focus is to protect the rights and interests of the shareholders. The Human Resource department should also keep a good back of the records. This will prevent the loss of data.

The final solution to the problems is standardization of the performance systems. The performance system should actually be standardized, so as to ensure the equality, while measuring each level of performance for the employees. This can be attained by goals cascading, whereby all goals are properly addressed in the long run. Most people are actually advised to create a better and direct attribute to help to manage all the diverse problems. Performance planning can also help in standardization of the performance systems. Annual performance summary can help the employees to assess their performance details in a better way. This can create a diverse, as well as automated, range criterion that will be developed by the managers efforts in the long run.


The process of implementation is quite necessary, as it ensures that the solutions are put in place. The first implementation is selecting the best performance measure system from the 50 systems available. This implementation should be carried out by the HR team and done once per year. This implementation should touch the HR department at large. Another factor is the motivation programs, such as talks, team building, and company trips. This should be carried out by the HR team as well. This activity should be carried out once per year and should engage the entire organization. The third implementation tactics is to request the IT professionals to perform maintenance for accurate and reliable data storage system. The data stored will ensure that accurate reports are easily located in future. This should be done by the IT manager twice per year.


This is the final stage that is very crucial in the long run. It consists of the two parts. The first one is concerned with interviewing all the employees and managers of the organization. This will create a better connection within the organization. The process of interviewing the staff should actually help managers to understand all the problems that are inherent in the long run. Another method of evaluation concerns the department and HR managers coming into a discussion with the top management. The main reason for the discussion is to talk about the matters regarding the appraisal report produced. The appraisal report will be discussed in order to create a better touch with the various departmental heads. The process will lead to motivation of the employees, who will work towards attaining more productivity in the long run. The managers will also support the employees by creating teamwork.

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