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In the modern world, professions in the sphere of management continue to grow. With the course of time, it will become easier to meet business needs of the modern world. Modern managers have to cope and respond to various serious problems. While discussing the current situation at my organization, one should mention the problem of gender discrimination. The thing is that women are paid less than man for the equal amount of work. Women are treated differently that men are. The main reason for gender disparities is womens departure for maternity leave. The situation is paradoxical as a woman takes maternity leave on average once in a lifetime, and employers discriminate her during all her life. Our organization also tends to discriminate women with children, because they are getting sick and thus do not allow their mothers to work properly. There exists a general consideration that pregnant women should not be hired because of expensive health insurance and future leave. As a result of discrimination in the workplace suffer not only women, but also their children. They experience the lack of mothers care and love. In order to earn enough money to support the family, women work harder and longer than men do. After work, they cannot give enough attention to their children because of fatigue. It should be emphasized that female workers have equal amount of work with males; however, their salaries differ, because male workers get higher salaries. It should be noted that gender discrimination is a really serious problem, and, unfortunately, it occurs nearly in every organization. Employers admit that they are willing to take a male worker. A woman is accepted only in that case when there is no nice male candidate for the position. This problem has a number of serious consequences. The thing is that the fatal confrontation between male and female employees causes disharmony in the social order. Another negative consequence to be mentioned is the decreased desire to work. The thing is that discrimination results in negative personal feelings and has a detrimental effect on the quality and speed of work. One should take into account that emotional inspiration means much for an employee, especially for a female employee. The situation is rather difficult, but BART principles might turn out to be helpful tools in its resolving.


To start with, it should be noted that the concept of BART is derived from the open systems theory, which focuses on group boundaries, which are observable and subjective measures used to distinguish group members from outsiders.

Boundaries. While discussing the boundaries which occur in this organization, one should mention psychological boundaries. In order to stop gender discrimination at the workplace, psychological boundaries should be eliminated. A worker should know the scope of his/her job, his/her responsibilities and financial remuneration. Researchers Green and Molenkamp in their article The BART System of Group and Organizational Analysis (2005) discuss the issue of boundaries and state the following: During a specific time, in a specific location we will work on this particular task (p.4). Thus, the first stem to eliminate the problem of gender discrimination at work is setting right boundaries, which would show the clear specification of time, task and territory.

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Authority. Competitive discrimination creates the illusion of meritocracy, which undermines womens workplace authority, because it creates extended opportunities for culturally subjective comparisons of male and female employees. Thus, in order to solve the problem of gender discrimination, the next step should be made. This step is aimed at changing an employees personal authority. Personal authority is the way an individual perceives formal authority.

Responsibility. Responsibilities are duties which have to be performed and which mark success of the work. An employee should know for sure his/her responsibilities; this is the third step to be mentioned. In order to avoid gender discrimination, this person has to stick to the content of the work to be done, should know the amount of work which should be made and things to be accomplished. This person should know all the things which should be performed during a particular period of time. This knowledge might be rather helpful as it strengthens personal authority and provides an opportunity to oppose to workplace discrimination.

Task. While discussing the issue of task, one should take into account that it is rather important that all parties of the working process had clarity about the task and understood that different factors affect the persons perception of the task. In order to avoid gender discrimination, an employee should have direct understanding of his/her task and main responsibilities. This might help to plan the steps to accomplish the task successfully and omit discrimination from the authorities.


The history confirms that for a long time women were considered to be weak, unintelligible and discriminated by the male part of the society. Even today women still suffer from gender discrimination, and our organization is not an exception. However, the BART principles have turned out to be effective tools which help to avoid it. The thing is that they assist an employee to conduct clear and understandable plan which helps to oppose to gender discrimination at work. This plan contains certain steps which show boundaries of the working process, assist to form the personal authority, and clarify the responsibilities and tasks.

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