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Entrepreneurial Leadership

1. Five Guys is an all-American burger restaurant chain that does not require much advertising. Through personal experience, one may think that these restaurants do not have anything unique to offer. This is because there are hardly any advertisements; however, the Five Guys restaurant walls are covered with various articles describing the wide range of burger delicacies. At first glance, the simple and clean decor may not reflect the restaurants popularity. The menu listing the various delicacies includes cheese burger, hamburger, fries; bacon burger and bacon cheeseburger. Hotdogs and grilled cheese may not impress the visitors; however, a single bite is enough for one to appreciate the hype.

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Five Guys mission statement we are in the business of selling burgers denotes simplicity (Byrne, 2013). On the other hand, the companys goals are selling the best burgers; focus on quality, service and cleanliness (Byrne, 2013). Five Guys restaurants offer quality products in contrast to competitors such as McDonalds. According to Consumer Reports Magazine (2010), Five Guys provide quality both in taste and content; hence their burgers are priced higher than those of McDonalds as the latter cannot rival Five Guys in terms of product quality.

Meanwhile, McDonalds focuses on a business model premised on product, people, price, place and promotion (McDonalds, 2013). They have various advertisements on value; their placement indicates that place, price and promotion are among their top priorities. Furthermore, the range of products in their menu is constantly evolving to factor in their consumer diversity (McDonalds, 2013). Therefore, the emerging primary difference in philosophies of Five Guys and McDonalds is specialization versus a wide range appeal. McDonalds various products are premised on giving the consumers what they want. On the other hand, Five Guys have identified and developed a market niche where they deliver top standard products, services and support to their consumers.

2. Fundamental core values in any company are critical in the establishment of business in modern competitive market environments. As such, an organizations core values are the basis in which the business is identified; therefore, they entail specific standards that the company sets defining its functions, decision making, consumer services and approaches towards problem solving. The primary objective of any business is gaining profit; this is achievable through satisfaction and subsequent attraction of customers. Significantly, a businesss core values are set primarily to inform clients on issues regarding quality and authenticity of the business. Therefore, core values notify current and potential future consumers of the companys purpose while clarifying the uniqueness of the business.

Core values of Five Guys are identified as selling exceptionally good, juicy burger on a fresh bun; make perfect French fries and dont cut corners (Melnick, 2011). Jerry Murrell, the founder of Five Guys, in conjunction with his five sons realized what aspects of the restaurant business need enhancement. Consequently, their guiding maxim keep it simple has led to their exemplary performance as evidenced by the various awards as the best burger restaurant, which proves that their values are accurate (Melnick, 2011).

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3. Five Guys success is attributable to a number of various factors such as constant product improvement, valuing employees, and providing quality services to their consumers (Joiner, 2012). They believe that their products are best sold and advertised by their existing customers. Though Five Guys attempted to sell chicken sandwiches and coffee, they found that their performance was optimal when they provided their original products. As a consequence, they reverted to delivering their best products.

Five Guys value their employees and treat them with respect; additionally, they reward employees efforts to keep the store clean and maintaining integrity of food. The preparation of dishes is based on defined systematic methods that ensure the integrity of each ingredient is preserved (Joiner, 2012). This is made possible through meticulous attention to food preparation with the aim of preserving and improving products quality.

Furthermore, Five Guys engage auditors who present themselves as secret shoppers who visit restaurants in order to guarantee that quality standards are upheld. As such, the winning restaurant or store is awarded a bonus which is split equally among the employees. While Five Guys believe in simplicity, they invested heavily in quality control in order to preserve the products integrity. Five Guys strategically use the same vendors and partner with ten bakeries across the United States to ascertain that fresh bread is delivered to all stores every morning.

4. Since its inception, Five Guys have upheld rigorous ethical standards and have maintained the trend without deviation. Jerry Murrell and his five sons have been at the forefront of ensuring that ethics is observed in every aspect of business. Consistency of their ethical practices has played a crucial role in their accomplishments. They have an unwavering belief that fresh ingredients of their products are what makes them exemplary and distinguish them from others in the industry.

The belief that delivery services render a product cheap and making fresh burgers on order have made Five Guys a preferred choice of consumers seeking fresh, tasty and quality products (Melnick, 2011). Therefore, when customers want to purchase one of their products, they walk into a store, make an order, and wait while it is made for them. Though their policy of not making deliveries was predicted to cause their downfall, Five Guys have stuck to it without fear or deviation (Melnick, 2011). As a result, the business has become a large and successful enterprise. It is evident that adhering to their principles, ethical standards, and quality consciousness has made Five Guys a leader in the industry.

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