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Human Resources in the Red Cross and Microsoft Corporation

Human resource management is a process that entails the management of human resources or the organizational workforce. Moreover, human resources is responsible for myriad responsibilities such as rewarding, selection, assessment, and the training of employees. This is done besides the overseeing of an organizational culture and leadership that should reflect the compliance of labour and employment laws by an organization. HR also plays the role of liaising when employees need to seek for a collective bargaining agreement. Two global corporations, including the Red Cross International and Microsoft Corporation, have observed this. Microsoft Corporation abounds as an American entity in the corporate world that deals with multinational software. The headquarters of this corporation are situated in Redmond, Washington. This corporation has focussed its activities on the manufacturing, licensing, and supporting of myriad product and service that are regard computing. Bill Gates is attributed as the founder of the Corporation. On the other hand, the Red Cross abounds as a volunteer corporation that seeks to save human lives and improve health. The international humanitarian body is charged with the duty of ensuring the respect of all humans and alleviating of human suffering. Research indicates that this international body has over 90 million workers and volunteers around the world. Red Cross International and Microsoft Corporation abound as the best entities to be explored concerning their human resources (Gunnigle, Heraty & Morley 2011). This is because they are the bodies operated internationally, and they will offer a great insight in regards to the way human resources works on a large scale. This essay explores the operations of the Red Cross International and the Microsoft Corporation in terms of their structure and culture.

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Microsoft Human Resource entails working in a corporation that is considered the best among IT companies. Additionally, Microsoft Corporation consider their human resources as comprising of people that are passionate regarding the job. The corporation avails various benefits to its human resources and these include training courses, stock options, and free healthcare services (Armstrong 2008). On the other hand, the International Committee of the Red Cross human resource stands as the one that is very Swiss or very Genevoise. This abounds from the fact that people behind its foundation and its home base cultivate the values of humanism, neutrality, discretion, and independence (Beardwell, Holden & Claydon 2004). In reference to human resource management theory, a significant difference arises in the definition of the International Committee of the Red Cross human resource and the Microsoft Corporation human resource. A difference abounds from the fact that the two international bodies have an added definition to what forms their human resource (Reynolds 1994). However, it can be noted that both entities try to make their human resources exist as unique since they have strived to incorporate additional factors that will make their human resources appear more attractive to people aspiring to work with the organizations (Gunnigle, Heraty & Morley 2011).

The International Committee of the Red Cross human resource employs a strategy of sending its new workforce to the ground. This was intended to be as training and working project that could facilitate managers to be experienced in working in challenging environments. Research indicates that ICRC did not factor much on management development as it employed people for two to three years on a contractual basis. However, this changed with the adoption of a new management practice that to into account three priorities, including increased efficiency, multidisciplinary action, and improved accountability. ICRC also adopted the standardization of their policies with an aim of ensuring efficiency, and coherency is achieved in their operations to guarantee flexibility for swift and appropriate response (Price 2007). The MCHR matches in terms of strategy with that of ICRC as they both practice the recruitment, selection, employee training, and the development of their new workforce. However, a principal difference abounds from the fact that Microsoft Corporation aim at retaining their employees through their development. The policy of MCHR is training of their employees in order to ensure that they have skills, which match their corporate entity (Sparrow & Marchington 1998).

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MCHR culture was achieved through the incorporation of six core values. These values include personal excellence and self-improvement, integrity and honesty, technology, openness and respect, partners, and the willingness to undertake big challenges. On the other hand, ICRC corporate culture was based on its mission of upholding a neutral, independent humanitarian action (Macrae 2002).

The barriers in relation to the structure of ICRC are that it has a shortage of expatriates. This abounded from the fact that the organization did not have enough personnel. Thus, it focussed its existing personnel in undertaking its planned operations instead of sending them to other countries, which affects its organizational structure (Torrington & Hall 2008). On the other hand, the barrier to the structure of MCRC abounds from the fact that it had to forego the project of installing new managers as this was overtaken by the need to fill field positions. Additionally, the requirement of a person to be immediately operational abounds as a barrier to the culture of ICRC HR (Levy 2005). This appeared as an impact to the organizations culture as the HR of the organization is focused on the development of peoples competences. It is also reported that despite the fact that delegates can be given much responsibility, their missions can fail because of the lack of support.

Intrinsic reward in ICRC HR abounds from the fact that promotions from within exist. Promotions usually occur at the headquarter whereby the management positions are contractual for 2-6 years, which means that there is a likely hood of a person to get a position at the headquarters. On the other hand, the intrinsic benefits associated with MCHR include full health insurance coverage, flexible working hours, savings and investment plan, and bonuses. Additionally, the corporation is focussed with ensuring that people are recognized with the work they provide and a good compensation accompanies the hard work.

Recommendations regarding what should be changed in the human resources of the International Committee of the Red Cross concern the years that managers are allowed to work for the organization. It is critical managers to be allowed enough time to acclimatize with the work and be able to rate their performance. Thus, it is essential for them to be allowed more time to work in the organization in order for them to establish their skills in regards to their jobs. On the other hand, Microsoft Corporation Human Resource should change their employment terms and conditions to fit many people in across the globe. This abounds from the fact that many in the industry cannot match their requirements for potential candidates.

In conclusion, ICRC and MC are the organizations that operate on a global scale. They have different definitions regarding human resource that depicts a slight deviation from the original definition. Various similarities and differences abound between the human resource operations of ICRC and MC. Some of these include their culture, reward system, and structure.

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