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International Branding

The aim of the paper is to research the essence of branding on the example of Nivea brand with further development of recommendations to promote the brand. The object of the study is Nivea brand. The subject of the study is branding policy of Beiersdorf. Currently, Nivea brand has a huge variety of products. A series of skin care Nivea Visage includes lotions and creams for mature skin (DNA – cream) and a special line for young problem skin. Nivea Bath Care is tender, flavorful funds for the shower and bath, able to turn swimming in the real bliss. Nivea Sun Care is a line of tanning, after-sun care to protect childrens skin from the sun. With the means of sunless tanning, the skin becomes golden brown in just a few minutes. Nivea Body is a body lotion with vitamins, with almond oil and Shea butter. Series Nivea For Men is not just cosmetic shaving gained immense popularity in the world, but also the program of cleansing and moisturizing designed specifically for mens skin. Nivea Intimate is one of the last areas of Nivea brand. With all of this variety, Nivea brand won the love and trust of customers around the world. More than 100 years of success, 11 billion tin cans Nivea Creme are sold (Nivea, n.d.).

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Brand Nivea on the world market ensures that the buyer chooses that product and not the other. Brand increases its awareness, promotes positive emotions, trust, and creates attachment – the basis of loyalty. Ageless Nivea brand rose by 219 million euros primarily due to its ability to offer innovative new products and expand its range (Cruz, 2013). Nivea brand has earned the maximum consumer confidence in Europe. According to an annual study conducted by a popular Readers Digest publication, consumers from 16 European countries believe that among all cosmetic brands of skin care, Nivea deserves utmost trust (Readers Digest, 2013). Criteria such as the quality of the product, the brand image and value input- output were evaluated. The Swiss trust Nivea more than others do. In all three categories – cosmetics, skin care and hair care – Nivea is on top. In the category of Cosmetics, 31% of the respondents expressed a preference of Beiersdorf brand. Mostly, it is the consumers from countries such as Belgium, Switzerland and Poland (Readers Digest, 2013). Nivea brand was again named as the most trusted brand. Neither brand participating in the survey did reach such a result: for the ninth consecutive year – according to a survey of 23,000 consumers in 16 countries, Nivea was elected as the most trusted brand among the means for skin care. In some countries, such as Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Romania and the Czech Republic, Nivea brand has earned recognition in several categories being the number one in categories such as cosmetics and skin- care products. Nivea has a slogan for each product. However, the slogan Nivea – become a superstar was the most memorable for consumers.

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The two competitors of Nivea, who was on a brief description, will be analyzed in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses. L’Oreal is one of the strongest competitors of Nivea products. L’Oreal is the French company, the global market leader of perfumes and cosmetics, was founded in 1909 by French chemist Eugene Schueller (L’Oreal, n.d.). The company conducts significant research in the field of dermatology, pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology, but has been criticized by greens due to the use of animal tests. Today, the term face of the brand has become almost phraseology. One of the companies that contributed to the advancement of the phrase in the nation is L’Oreal. The most beautiful women have always been faces of the French cosmetic company. Now, L’Oreal is one of the most widely purchased cosmetic brands in the world. L’Oreal is a vivid example of using celebrities for the promotion of their brands. Another competitor is the Avon Company. Despite the fact that its products are not on the shelves in the stores, the company holds a higher position than Nivea does. The ways of selling of the companies are different. Avon Company is ranked among the top 100 most powerful brands (according to the research publication of Financial Times). According to the Business Ethics magazine, Avon is in the top 100 best companies who are aware of their civic responsibilities. For several years, the magazine Forbes classifies Andrea Jung, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Avon, to the list of the most influential women in the world (Silcox & Seale, 2012). For ten years, Avon is a well-known rating honorary of the business magazine Fortune Companies admired. For several years, Avon is among the 100 most valuable brands in the world (according to the Business Week magazine). Avon products for skin are thoroughly investigated and subjected to rigorous testing. They reflect the latest scientific knowledge in order to provide customers state of the art products. Men are also not forgotten in the Avon world. Avon developed a wide range of beautiful packaged products with distinctive flavors and other great cosmetics for them. Avon is committed to developing the most advanced products in the world of skin care. Unlike other companies that rent equipment for research in a variety of cosmetic laboratories, Avon actually owns the most sophisticated equipment for research. No other cosmetic company has unique equipment that the company uses to measure blood flow in the skin. To assess the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors ??a table was created:

Characteristics of L’Oreal, Avon, and Nivea

Range 5 5 4

Price 4 5 5

Quality 5 5 5

Innovation 5 5 5

Ads effectiveness 5 5 5

The level of service 5 5 5 image1.jpg

Chart Assess the Strengths and Weaknesses of Competitors

From the diagram, we see that Nivea inferior to its competitors only on the range of products, (L’Oreal and Avon range of products includes cosmetics).

To summarize evaluation, we can draw the following conclusions, in order to promote a brand better than the Nivea brand, a company should include cosmetics in the range of products. There is a need to open the market with modernized cosmetic products and improve consumer properties. According to the opinion poll conducted by me in Walmart, I found out that 85% of consumers would be interested in cosmetics by Nivea, 5% categorically said no, explaining that they do not see Nivea as a cosmetics company, and the rest were careless. I propose a framework to develop a new product:

1. Formation of ideas, sources of which are customers, competitors, research institutes, members of organizations. The main objective of this stage is to generate the largest possible number of ideas;

2. Initial inspection and selection of ideas; the task of this stage is to identify compliance of each idea capabilities of the enterprise;

3. Commercial analysis. The objective of this stage is to determine the degree of commercial risk in the production and sale of goods under each remaining idea;

4. Development of goods is carried out on a chain: design ? ? ? creation of a prototype test batch release.

5 . Testing the market in the form of test sales. The task is to identify the characteristics of the goods that do not meet the requirements of consumers, and evaluate them;

6. Mass production and sales.

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