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Kit’S Social Performance

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Kits Social Performance

Kits Company is one of the largest direct sales companies. This company is an international private enterprise owned by partners who started it in the year 2000. This company deals with manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of consumable products. Some of the products, which this company distributes, include color cosmetics and skin care, wellness and nutrition such as drinks, food, and food supplements. Kits Company has over 20000 employees in the offices, manufacturing centers, call centers, and warehouses of its various outlets worldwide. Kits company has enabled people worldwide to access various products and thus, it deals with various communities across the world. This company has built up regional structures which are strong regional affiliates such as a branch in India. Company’s operations are by regional structures while the affiliated companies are tasked to contact customers and manage customer services, forecast product requirement, promote products and ensure there is efficient distribution of products.

Kits Company is a business company, which recognizes its responsibility and strives to be a good corporate citizen by supporting what is important to a community it operates in. The company aims to promote the living standards of people and to support children from families with low income to access education and health care facilities. Kits company works with various groups of people such as the company stakeholders. The companys stakeholders are groups of people or individuals who are most likely to affect the results of a project or be affected by the proposed project of a company. The internal stakeholders are the management and the employees while the external stakeholders are shareholders, public or community, suppliers and customers.

The company considers that all the stakeholders play an important role in its performance. The contribution of all the stakeholders is equally important for the firm to succeed, to create profit and build competitive advantage. Shareholders of the company play an important role raising capital for Kits and the suppliers offer the company credit services in order to boost its services to its customers. Customers promote the company through purchasing its products and services while the community or society provides the company with a conducive environment to operate well. Finally, the management of the company plans and implements business policies to broaden its operation and to earn more profit to the company while employees support the implemented policies of the company by cooperating with the management (Stern & Hicks, 2000). Such structure connects all the stakeholders; without one of them the company would not operate well for instance, the company gets raw materials from the creditors on credit and produces products which customers buy while the government regulates the companys operation within the authorized limit.

Kits sells its product directly to the customers through its chain of supply delivering its finished product to the end customer. Such chain of supply enables Kits to focus on each individual customer and identify his/her needs. The company’s supply chain is more advanced than the conventional supply chain where goods reach the customer through the retail outlets hence, its operation is based on building a lasting connection with the final consumer. The Kits business owners and customers feedback help the company to make all the necessary changes in services provided and the products sold. The Kits confidence should be maintained through supplies producing quality goods to offer value for money and provide assurance that it will maintain the company has set standards thus creditors may be involved in designing and branding the companys product. Customers can affect the way Kit promotes and develops its product indicating their requirements and preferences in their feedback. This enables the company to increase sales of a particular product or make the necessary changes in the product. Thus, the companys stock is regulated by the customers demand. Consumers enables the company to improve its business indicating the issues that are to be addressed.

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Listed below are the ways to encourage the company stakeholders to form a coalition enabling the company to achieve its set goals:

1. It is appropriate to explore the coalition options with the established conservative organizations that have the same vision. This encourages Kits stakeholders to join the coalition without fear of failure due to strong established organizations.

2. The vision of the coalition developed is for the ecoregion and the threat and pressure should be identified since the primary stakeholders associate with such pressure hence needs to be involved in dialogue and action to be taken (Weber, John & Patty 2000).

3. The company should share with the stakeholders the information gathered during the survey conducted to get a broader understanding of the opportunities in the region.

4. The educational tools, communication, process, and information should be used to promote interaction with stakeholders who have not joined the coalition.

The coalition of stakeholders avoids the identification process to make the premature decisions. Coalition could boost the participation and open dialogue in order to encourage stakeholders from diverse background and perspective to participate in identification and setting collaboration objectives and goals. If the stake holders do not actively participate in the process, this can cause domination by loudest, strongest or good resource groups who tend to modify the process for their own benefit. Coalition promotes understanding among its members ensuring the dialogue in case of additional interest on overtime.

The challenges encountered in encouraging stakeholders to form a coalition include the following:

1. The stakeholders may have a negative as well as a positive impact on natural resources. Thus, it is vital to identify each individual stakeholder which requires a lot of time. This can set the collaboration at a later date.

2. Even though the conservation efforts are scaled up to ecoregional scale and ecosystem still the challenges associated with collaborating the stakeholders are becoming more complex hence no cooperation is received and the target of the company might not be achieved.

3. The collaboration involves various stakeholders such as private sectors, industries, banks, local and municipal politicians and others. The stakeholders may fail to share a common language and in case of political tension, ethnic difference or economic difference this may create problems and impede the cooperation. This will withhold the company from achieving the set goals (Razanatahina,1999).

4. Interest, issues, and incentives an increase in conservative efforts causes inevitable issues, institutions and interest that needs to be addressed.

Solutions to undertake to overcome the challenges are;

1. Meetings and roundtable discussions bring together the opposing groups to discuss issues of shared interest. (Carpenter, 1994).

2. Mediation offered by professional third party can help stakeholders to resolve the issue.

3. The stakeholders should be trained to participate effectively as it promotes the operation among the members of such a coalition.

4. Raising awareness and education among the stakeholders improves their understanding of issues in question.

5. Joint fact finding enables the stakeholders to work together and investigate the facts and misunderstanding issues.

6. Joint initiatives address the major issues including those stakeholders who may not necessarily be in conflict.

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