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Management Behavior

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Question 1

As per this question, a society places a lot of emphasis on the leadership traits and the ability of leaders to positively influence their followers with the aim of improving the productivity. Thus, the role of leaders in any organization is very essential in determining the success or failure of an organization in the long run. Leadership refers the process of influencing other people towards the attainment of the goals and objectives of an organization. These goals are attainable since the staff is ready to work in association with the help of the leaders.

As for the case of marketing firm in San Diego, the process of changing the leadership would be of great relevance. This would help solve the existing problem of stagnant profits and help the firm generate more profits after increasing the number of customers reached through marketing. The firm would accelerate the profits, as a new leader is likely to influence the workers towards attaining all the goals of the organization. The leader will monitor and direct much of the campaign and efforts of the organization.

The new leader should possess all the leadership attributes to enable him facilitate proper leadership tactics among the staff of this organization. A social charismatic leader will act as the role model for other workers. The workers will act according to the standards set by the leader and hence attain the required profit level. In addition to this, the role played by the leader in the organization should lead to more unity and team work among the staff. This will be useful as the team work will help them clearly understand their strength and weaknesses. Thus, their unity will assist them in increasing the overall profits and boost the image of the firm.

As the newly appointed operation manager of the marketing firm, I would exercise all the leadership traits that I possess and help the firm attain more success. In the case of compensation of the staff, I would change it to ensure that an individual is compensated based on his efforts and not on the organizations success. This is essential because some staff may not be working to their best level to improve the organization profits. The best approach of compensation should be based on the individuals contribution. This would make them increase productivity at an individual level in order to attain a higher salary.

When it comes to the turnover in the operation staff, the leasers should implement major changes, since the actual changes are relevant to increasing the productivity of each individual. They should also interchange the staff in the operation department with time in order to help them realize their weaknesses and strengths. This will be useful as it will create more relevance of each individual in the long run. As a newly appointed operation manager, I should accelerate the growth of each individual in the long run.

In the case of a flat structure with inefficient people, I would work towards changing the teams. The people refer to each other as team members and seeing a lot of advantages in this. The team members should consist of people with the same education level and other important business attributes. This is quite essential in improving the contribution given by each individual. This is very essential as it improves the management of each team. This is also essential as each team will contribute to rise in profits since they can easily cooperate with each member. This will ensure equitable compensation, and, hence, motivation will be quite easy.

Question 2

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In this case, the main element of discussion is the issue of opposition that exists between John and the manager. This happened after John gave a better suggestion that was against the selfish desires of the manager. The manager felt that the people who had a lot of influence on him were using their powers in the wrong way. This made him bring up the issue that made people realize more effects at the end. The overall effects of other staff were evident since John used to present complains to the leaders. This changed once John changed his behavior. He used to be quite talkative and productive, but this changed a lot. He was not in a position of improving his productivity after this conflict took place. He could not cooperate with his fellow workers since manager killed his motivation when the conflict took place.

John was facing a lot opposition from the management thus was less productive. The main cause of the opposition was the existence of a leadership threat in the organization. Many leaders felt that John was a threat and would easily blow up if he continued with his efforts of improving the companys image. This was the most unfair act taken by the managers as it adversely affected the companys image. The managers should have helped John improve his efforts and increase the overall profits at the end. The leaders were so jealous at him and were willing to demotivate John, which they achieved successfully. They affected Johns position in the organization, and he could not be able to give more suggestions on how to increase its success.

This issue requires a very careful approach in order to make John more productive as he used to be. This is quite essential because people get assistance in increasing their duties with an aim of motivating each person. Negotiation should happen between John and the manager and help solve the existing conflict. Conflict resolutions are very essential since they restore the unity that existed between the parties. The overall duties and responsibilities of each person should be in equal request in order to dedicate equal efforts to the job. This will reduce the differences that exist between John and the manager.

Negotiations should actually take place in the organization in order to avoid future conflicts from taking place. The main aim of the negotiations is to understand the main cause of conflicts and take actions to resolve the differences. The leaders should undertake strict remedies to avoid future conflicts from taking place. The destiny of the organization greatly depends on its ability to mitigate effects that arise from any type of conflict. Every organization is bound to have some conflicts. The degree of the conflicts may differ depending on the organizations structure, but they definitely affect each one in the organization. This will motivate the people in the organization.

In this case, I would implement various actions that would favor the organization in order to increase the profits and success of the organization. My aim in this case would be to improve the average contributions of the people in the long run. Thus, I would ensure to restore John back to his original position where he was productive and talkative. This would be useful as the people in this organization depended on him to initiate important actions. This would happen through the use of negotiation.

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