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Motivation Plan

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Motivation Plan

Any contemporary organization is dependent on its employees and managers more than ever before, not to mention healthcare-related facilities. The reality shows that a modern medical office department cannot compete on the market of the healthcare services without the well-tuned work of its managers and personnel. Therefore, the question arises: How should employees and managers be motivated to make a medical office department to be a successful, solid mechanism that is able to achieve any goals?

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Some people have an opinion that all people are the same and thus conclude that the approaches to the management and motivation should be the same. Therefore, this assumption is not correct in its basis. It is very crucial to understand the psychology and backgrounds of each position on the career ladder in any organization; consequently, it will help to motivate individuals on these positions effectively. Managers are different from regular employees. They have different tasks, activities, and payroll. Thus, they have a different understanding of the current situation in a company. In other words, a healthcare professional such as a nurse perceives the situation in a medical office department under the angle that is different from the physicians point of view. It makes it impossible to apply equal approaches to the issue of motivating (Hassett, 2008; Karnas, 2007).

The Producer (or Ds). This type of behavior can be addressed to managers. These individuals should have many different skills to be able to perform their duties. Managerial work is about goal setting, control, correction, and evaluation of the results. Thus, the promotion for the manager is usually the most desired goal. It is easy to understand since any manager wants to develop and grow in professional and personal directions. Promotion is the recognition of intermediate success and the open path to the new achievements. This is very strong motivation for most of the managers, not to mention increased payments. As one can see, the difference with other types of behavior is substantial. Similar or equal approaches to the motivation of both categories of employees will not succeed with one of them. The best way of Dss motivation is setting new ambitious goals and achieving those (Karnas, 2007). The above-mentioned promotions and other material bonuses should be used as well. However, the major focus should be on the opportunity to develop and grow as a professional and personality. The Producers are great motivators themselves, in case they feel confident in what they do.

The Assessor (or Ci). This type of behavior is something in the middle between Ds and Sc (Hersh, 2006). The Assessors work well just like the Producers, but think and make decisions as the Specialists. Therefore, the approach to motivation should be appropriate. Cis should be motivated by the appraisal of their work in more extent than Dss, however, they might not be promoted as rapidly as the Producers might they do not need rush (Hassett, 2008). In fact, Cis are better communicators than Scs so their work in communicative environment should be praised by the superiors in front of colleagues and executives. A variety of encouraging words during the day should provide the Assessor with feeling of the right track everything goes fine and correct then for him or her (Karnas, 2007). Outlining excellent tasks completion and providing appropriate bonuses for such work should be enough to make the Assessor work in full for a long time.

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The Specialist (or Sc). In order to understand the difference with the previous behavioral types, it is necessary to understand the actual people. Moreover, the Specialist is usually a talented person that has skills and deep knowledge in the targeted area. It allows this individual to perform the actual duties on a high level. However, these people are usually rather introverted, since they communicate with the technical/ medical equipment with the various manipulations in order to solve different technical issues (Karnas, 2007). These people would rather be happy to have some new, advanced technical equipment in their department than receive promotion and perform managerial work (Hersh, 2006). The bottom line is that these people might not have strong communication skills but they must be very good in their area of work to be called professionals. Motivation of Sc is rather difficult using usual ways promotion, bonuses, appraisal, and other similar things. The Specialist should be motivated with the opportunity to work on better equipment and complete more complicated tasks (involving this equipment) (Karnas, 2007). In other words, Sc should be provided with courses of technical education and new instruments for work, in case of effective learning and performing at the current position. Thus, Sc will grow professionally, lacking, though, personal development as a communicator (Hassett, 2008).

The Go-Getter (or Sd). Such people as the Go-Getters are very important for any company or healthcare-related facility due to their unique ability to organize and manage different tasks. However, their managerial skills are limited they are excellent tactics but not strategists. The major focus in motivation for Sds should be a long-term plan for promotion. In other words, they should be aware of the positions and benefits they will (!) get in the nearest future but not today (Karnas, 2007). Another motivational approach is to provide Sds with an opportunity to manage something small and short-term nurses meetings, courses schedule, shifts schedule, and so on (Hassett, 2008). The Go-Getter is slow in decisions, not very diligent in making work excellently, and not that focused on details. Nevertheless, such person is able to link all these behavioral style so they could work together as efficiently as possible.

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