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Organization and the Environment

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Organization and the Environment

Here is the outline of the Organization and the Environment

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I. Topic: Organization and the Environment

II. Introduction

A. Attention getter: Company Name


III. Body

Guiding principles

Purpose of the code Core values

Training and education Definitions What employees it covers

How it will be implemented/communicated How it will be enforced and reported

Mission statement Other pertinent elements you feel necessary to have a comprehensive Code of Ethics

IV. References

Gracie holding is a multinational company that deals with clearing and forwarding at the port whereby the code of ethics for their employees is of utmost importance to the company. The company was started in the late eighties by Gregory who later named it Gracie after his late wife.

Guiding Principles

These are guiding principles that direct the Gracie holdings employees in their day to day activities. They include concentrating all energy on rendering their services to their customers both local and international. They also have to do their utmost best in all their duties, as well as be dedicated to excellence and continuous development. They also demonstrate honesty in all their affairs and create a harmonious working environment (Ladd, 2010). This encourages a continuous learning, which amounts to a better end results and encourages equal treatment among the employees.

Purpose of the Code

The code establishes a good working environment by enforcing and putting in effect the ethical and cultural guidelines. This helps each employee towards their commitment in achieving their goals. They also spell out up to standard rules and regulations that promote good and responsible behavior. Another purpose of the code is to explain to the employees in details the behaviors expected of them – both ethical and legal. In other words, it entails what they are required to do in decision making. This helps them in decision making in their day to day activities, which project future outcome and build their reputation (Flores, 2012).

Core Values

The employee should be loyal to the company and the customs. They should also accept their responsibility for their actions and those of their subordinates. This will help them in creating a good relationship between them and their colleagues. Respect is a two ways traffic, so the employee should respect those above them and also those below them. One should be ready to put the welfare of the company and that of other staff before his/her own interest. By so doing, discipline, self-control and teamwork will be enhanced. It also helps in upholding the faith of the employees towards the company. There is also the issue of integrity whereby the employee should do what is right morally as well as legally (Baum, 2013). This will build their confidence to do what is right with little or no supervision, thus, improve their trust towards the company.

Training and Education

The management should organize seminars and refresher courses for the employees. This will help in improving their skills, and thus their output will be improved. The management should also give employees a chance to advance their education by allowing them to attend classes in universities and colleges. This will help them specialize more in their area of interest.


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Codes of conduct are sets of rules or guidelines that help a company or organization to perform their duties. They outline the law that governs the organization or company. They also help in building both moral and legal ethics of the employees.

What Employees It Covers

An employees codes of conduct cover each and everybody in the company so that a company should run in a smooth way. Management should not prepare the code of conduct that exempts or favors other employees, and expect to achieve the companys goals .The chain of command should follow from bottom to top, and the other way round. Without those codes of conduct, orders issued by the manager might not be followed by the junior employees.

How It Will Be Implemented or Communicated

When laying down those codes of conduct, everyone should be involved (Samuels, 2011). Each member of the company should contribute to the discussion whereby those points that are agreed upon should be put in a draft copy to be transferred later to the final copy. This will make sure that each and every member of the company is comfortable with laid down rules and regulations. The discussion being free and open to all will give an opportunity to each and every member to contribute their ideas. Thus, the discussion will be acceptable to all at the end of the day. The senior members of the management should also lead by examples so that the junior should follow suit or, in other words, they should be a role model to the junior employees.

How It Will Be Enforced and Reported

The code of conduct should thoroughly and clearly be written so that each worker can understand his ethical obligations ((Ladd, 2010). It should also explained by presenting examples of how it should be followed. Furthermore, they should also discuss with all members the sanction to be imposed upon any member found by violating the laid down rules and regulations. After the code of ethics is discussed and agreed upon, it should be printed and posted on a notice board. This will act as a reminder to every employee when raising their grievances if their codes of ethics are violated. The management should conduct a hearing when any member violates the laid down code of conduct so that to ascertain the disciplinary action to be taken against the culprit.

Mission Statement

The mission statement is to provide a harmonious working environment where every employee is able to perform his or her duty. This will help in achieving the company goals, but more so, attain the most excellent results ((Flores, 2012).

Other Pertinent Elements You Feel Necessary to Have a Comprehensive Code Of Ethics

Other areas that require the comprehensive code of ethics includes community work. This is whereby members are supposed to have those ethics so as to render better services to the community.

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