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Element 6: Assessment Centre Exercise

1. Enterprises basic operating model at the branch level is home city rental located far from airports. Such locations represent a competitive advantage for the company because it can cover wider groups of customers. In particular, apart from travelers going to and from airports, Enterprise also serves people who need cars for work and leisure. Other competitive advantages of the company are fast expansion and extra services. For example, Enterprise offers picking up of customers. As for competitive disadvantages, Enterprise lacks international representation and personal touch with the companys managers.

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2. The main strategy of the company is providing excellent service to customers and satisfying the needs of employees. When Enterprise was a small regional company, it was easier to motivate employees to follow the companys strategy because most of them knew the owner of the Enterprise. However, the expansion of the business has led to development of the strategy. For instance, Enterprise started to study the complaints of the customers through questionnaires and then implement the results into the work of the company.

3. One of the requirements for this coursework is performing a presentation in front of the audience. Although this task presupposes group work, I had to prepare it alone because another member of the group did not visit classes for few weeks. I tried to contact my partner but she did not answer. This affected my emotional state during the presentation. As a result, I did not maintain eye contact with the audience and just read the slides.

4. My experience with presentation demonstrates that I need to review my attitude to the team work. In particular, I had to join another team at the beginning. It would make my case study more efficient. Apart from that, I have to improve my presentations skills. For example, I need to learn how to get the attention of the audience and keep it during all the presentation.

Element 7: Career Development/ Networking Event

1. I have selected the job fair that was organized by Barisan National (BN) Youth.

2. The reason for this choice was a big variety of companies. In particular, there were 350 companies from private, government and semi-government sectors. In addition, these companies managed to offer 40,000 jobs. Therefore, I had opportunity to apply for jobs that correspond to my abilities and skills.

3. Participants of job fair were:

No. Company Industry

1. Celcom Telecommunication

2. Malayan Banking Berhad Banking

3. Malaysia Airlines Airlines

4. Pizza Hut Fast Food

5. Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation Trading

6. Double Tree by Hilton Hotel

7. Public Mutual Investment

8. Prudential Insurance

9. KPJ Health Care Medical Centre

10. Department of Agriculture Malaysia Agriculture

4. I am planning to make a career as Administrative professional or Human Resource manager because I have suitable qualification and experience. In particular, I possess communication, planning, and writing skills as well as ability to manage time effectively. All of them allow me to say that my skills match the requirements of the job fair.

5. As for my chances to be employed, I think they are high. First, my position is in high demand today. Second, I have a 12-year experience of working as an Executive Secretary and Human Resource Assistant. Finally, I have a degree qualification in Business Management.

6. I still can improve my skills for bigger opportunities on the job market. First, I need to produce a stronger resume and get recommendations from an influential person. For example, I can ask my previous employer to confirm my performance. Second, I need to improve my interview skills. For that, I can gather information about the companies where I am going to have interviews. Third, I should connect with influential people through attending social and community events and participating in Linkedln social network and job search.

7. As for my results of visiting the job fair, I had an open interview with a specialist from the company where I would like to work. They promised me to call soon and invite for the next interview.

Element 8: Industry/Sector Analysis and Assessment of Employability.

1. I favor manufacturing industry, and Palms oil fats manufacturing industry in particular.

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2. The most famous Palm Oil fats manufacturing companies are IOI Loders, Premium Vegetable Oils Sdn Bhd, Cargill, Sime Darby, Mewah Group, ISF Intercontinental Specialty Fats (Chandran 2010).

3. The competition in this sector is high. Therefore, companies have to imply variety of approaches to stay competitive such as improving productivity, expanding end-user base for palm oils and exploring new marketing strategies. The world largest producer and exporter of palm oil is Malaysia. It has 50% share in the world palm oil production and 61% of export (Malaysian Palm Oil Board). Sime Darby, IOI Corporation, KL Kepong, Genting Plantations, United Plantations, Kylim Malaysia, UM Plantations, Hap Seng Plantations and Sarawak Oil Palms are the biggest competitors in Malaysia (Chandran 2010).

4. Palm oil industry is a highly regulated industry in Malaysia. Thus, it adheres to more than 15 laws and regulations, which include the Land Acquisition Act 1960, Environmental Quality Act 1974, Environmental Quality (Clean Air Regulations) 1978, Pesticides Act 1974 (Pesticides Registration Rules), Occupational Safety and Health Act (1977), and Protection of Wildlife Act 1972. Besides, the industry works in accordance with Hazard & Critical Control Points (HACCP) and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) requirements (Malaysian Palm Oil Council).

5. Most of Malaysian palm oil industry is hold by the private sector (60% of the total plantation area). Besides, the government and related smallholder companies control 25% of the market. Independent smallholders hold the rest of the industry. The differentiating feature of Malaysian private sector is that they cover many operations starting from production process on plantations to producing consumer goods (Italian Trade Agency 2012).

6. I am interested in work in this sector due to several reasons. First, I have been working in the company operating in the Palm oil industry for more than 6 years. Therefore, I have wide knowledge about this sector and can imply my knowledge in my next workplace. Second, this industry continues to develop, so I have more opportunities to find a good job.

7. Employment in this sector can be full time, part time, and on the contract basis. It depends on a position that persons holds. In particular, employees that work on plantations sometimes can work part-time for short time periods. As for office workers, they usually work full-time.

8. I completely match all job requirements. First, I am an experienced specialist with experience in the industry of more than 6 years. Second, my 12-year experience as an Executive secretary allowed me to learn the information and get skills of general human resources management.

9. Despite the experience of working in palm oil industry, I still can improve my skills in order to better match job requirements. In particular, I need to improve my presentation skills as working in Human Resources Management presupposes much work with people.

10. My experience and qualification allow me to enter a new middle-level position.

11. I am not planning to stay on the middle level for a long time. Furthermore, I am planning to improve my skills and expand my knowledge in Human Resources and become a Senior Manager in Human Resource Department.

12. The question about values and ethics is not simple. On one hand, there are many reports about child work and illegal employment of emigrants for plantations (Accenture). That certainly does not match my values and ethics. On the other hand, I have a successful experience of working in this sector as a secretary. In particular, I have earned a secure job, promotion and substantial bonuses for the excellent work.

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