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The Resolving of Conflict and Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace

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The existence of the enterprise on which the foundations of a kind and there was no partnership is based is not possible without the conflicts that arise from time to time. The current corporate culture tells about formed and accepted in those organization ways of resolving conflict situations. Conflict (translated from the Latin – “collision”) is almost inevitable among people, particularly those that spend a lot of time together. Its cause can often be mutually opposed, incompatible, needs, goals, attitudes, and values. Factors such as the presence of difficult people in the team can be the stimulator of the frequent occurrence of disputed situations. Each manager must take into account the state of relations between his subordinates, to monitor the causes and development of conflicts in the working process. Mike Myatt said that every successful leader should not be afraid of conflict, the embracing of it is his job.

Although the presence of conflict is normal for any organization, but their ignorance and impunity have significant negative sides. It is logical that the manager can not and will not respond to every working skirmish between staff, but if they are regular, such a method of making a neutral position may lead to a the working relationship’s deterioration. Also, employees can feel a presence of excessive freedom of conduct in the workplace that can turn it into place clarify the relationship. It can lead to a worsening efficiency, as the principal focus and strength will not be a concentration on the workflow. In addition, such disregard, especially in relation to people with a complex character, which are often the instigators of the conflict has a negative impact on the authority of the manager, the level of respect and the perception of him as a leader.

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Manual or service of Human Resources may neutralize any conflict at work with the help of specific speech techniques that not only extinguish the negative, but also lead to a fruitful cooperation. The first basic step to alleviate the conflict and the negative behavior of the employees in the workplace is the identification and search the main cause. They can be:

  • Psychological incompatibility of people who have to work with each other. For example, if one of the employees performing work together is choleric, and the second is melancholic, it is likely that among these people may have a conflict situation.
  • Improper employment duties. Every employee has a range of duties; however, there are situations where employees by the different tricks shift from their shoulders to the shoulders of other functions for which he is paid a salary. Nobody wants to do more work for the same money. Thus, conflict arises.
  • Interpersonal relationships in the team. For this reason, we can include the relationship between two persons and the prevailing psychological climate in the team. At the same time, it is the latter has the greatest influence on the development of the conflict. That is when the two employees arose personal hostility we can say with confidence that there will appear a conflict. However, the conflict may acquire a large scale if a negative attitude towards the employee will be supported by all or part of a team.
  • A lack of understanding of each other. Quite often conflicts arise from misunderstandings. Communicating with each other, we do not always listen to his companion, more often interrupted him, not giving the opportunity to express their thoughts. However, this manner of communication is unacceptable, interacting with people, you need to show respect for each other. Misunderstandings may also arise due to language barriers: communication professionals in different languages, both literally and figuratively. It so happens that an educated professor could not convey their message to the simple worker, as they have different culture of communication and verbal stock.

After the manager found out the cause of the conflict, he can choose the appropriate measures to address them. We can use the following steps for resolving the conflicts and transforming them into strong partnerships and provide fruitful results. First, the employer (head) by turns invites the conflicting parties to talk, during which tries to establish the causes of the collision, clarifies the facts and makes decisions about the conflict. Then head offers the opponents to express claims requirements to each other at a general meeting of all staff. The decision is taken to resolve the conflict on the basis of opinions of the participants of the meeting. If, despite the action taken, the conflict does not abate, the manager may resort to sanctions against opponents (on the comments to administrative sanctions).If the conflicting parties can not reach agreement, then action is taken to reduce communication between participants of this conflict. De Dreu supposed that problems just would not go away without taking appropriate measures.

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To mitigate conflict and the negative behavior of employees in the workplace, we can use a program that includes effective tips and recommendations.

  1. Make an appointment with another person to resolve disagreements in a normal environment, and abstracting from the working atmosphere.
  2. While solving the conflict situation, it is important to focus on the behavior and events rather than on personalities.
  3. An important aspect of the relationship is the attentive listening to the partner/opponent.
  4. It is necessary to identify specifically the points of agreement and disagreement.
  5. Determination of the priority areas of conflict will make it possible to identify the most significant aspects of the issue, in which the parties are interested.
  6. A useful step is to develop a plan of action for the work of every conflict.
  7. In keeping with this plan, you can not give in to emotions in the most incandescent and emergency situations.
  8. Upon receipt of a successful result, it is important to focus on getting the mutual benefit for both sides.

Also, we proposed to use not only direct methods but indirect. One way to make the atmosphere in the working team friendly, and increasing the efficiency is the using of the technique of team building. If we rally the team, make like-minded employees and instill a sense of mutual, team participates in the same process it is able to reduce the level of conflict in the workplace, in particular. To this end, the organization is working meetings, for example, outings, trips, organizing team competitions between departments / branches can contribute.

For effective management team leader must correctly assess the psychological atmosphere in the team, wisely choose the style of leadership and contribute to the strengthening of a favorable moral and psychological climate in the organization. To achieve this, it is important to notice in time background to conflicts in a timely manner to prevent them, wary of choosing the right communications channel for building a trusting relationship with their subordinates. The ability to notice the unmet needs of their employees for the successful application of incentive systems, the ability to get out of any situation leader help to resolve conflicts and control (keep within acceptable parameters) the behavior of the most difficult people. It is capable of such behavior head to rally the team and lead the organization of the most difficult situations.

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