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Strategy and Implementation

Saint Arnolds practises a broad differentiation strategy. The company produces different and unique products to fight competition from other brewing firms. It enables the company to get customers in a wide approach (Gamble and Thompson, 2013, p. 95).

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They brew a variety of beers. This strategy was implemented to make the firm all-round. The study of consumer behavior showed that demographics play crucial role in marketing. Therefore, the Company produces beers to suit everybody. For example, there are certain beers, which are preferred by the elderly, some are chosen mainly by the youth, while some are preferred by women. Saint Arnold Brewing Company ensured that no customer lamented lack of product variety (Gamble and Thompson, 2013, p. 100).

Saint Arnolds has constantly maintained its competitive advantage through innovation. The Company produces new brands of beers and it keeps the Brewing Company ahead in the market. Saint Arnolds beers are of reliable quality. Saint Arnold Brewing Company is a very hungry company. For instance, it develops and creates a variety of beers that prompt customers to come back. and the Company also continues to find means of adding values to their loyal customers (Gamble and Thompson, 2013, p. 101).

However, there are a couple of things that Saint Arnold Brewing Company plans to change in order to expand its profits. Considering that Saint Arnolds reaches a small audience because of the company size, expanding its facilities to produce more beers has been a goal. Buying more assets, increasing the number of workers and creating more new products would magnify the volume of output. To be honest, there is no company willing to retain its size forever. The expansion of assets and facilities is one of the strategies of any firm. The customers in Texas, Colorado and Louisiana are not sufficient. Therefore, the brewery has a long-term goal of opening a number of branches in other states to optimize profits. They want to grow into one of the biggest brewers in the world. It is a difficult task, but since the staff is dedicated to grow large, their objective could be achieved. They showed the world how helpful the aggression is.

Although it is a small company, Saint Arnold Brewing Company has a very competent staff. And it explains why they produce the world class beers. The Company would rather sell fewer beers, which satisfy customers than sell millions of bottles of poor quality beer. The beers are tested before they are circulated in the market. Safety of employees is a strategy, which most companies ignore. But Saint Arnold Brewing Company does not. Usually injuries at work pull the progress of a particular company back. These industrial accidents are accompanied by third party claims and unforgiving law suits. Therefore, the money and time that can be put into constructive business programs are spent in courts. Nobody can actually afford to imagine how devastated a company would be in it had lost all its assets and most of the staff due to a fire accident. Many firms have closed down because of such calamities. That is why Saint Arnold Brewing Company has made it the priority to ensure that all the workers and company assets are safe. In addition, having healthy workers free of injuries and sickness keeps the company going in miraculous ways. It is obviously the reason the company has survived competition (Gamble and Thompson, 2013, p. 101).

Saint Arnolds does deliver high quality and value to their customers. It offers customers a combination of tangible and intangible services and products. Its services are irresistible! The Company allows customers to hire its facilities when organizing parties and it makes the customers have the sense of belonging. With only $19.00 a customer can drink the unlimited number of bottles of beer, get a Saturday tasting and much more. Saint Arnolds also organizes trips for its valuable customers. Customer satisfaction is the Companys main objective. One thing that makes Saint Arnolds the peoples brewery is its element of surprises. The Company sells tasty foods that the visitors can purchase while tasting their beers. Saint Arnolds allows its guests to carry their own food, provides games services, chairs and books. It makes the customers absolutely happy. Saint Arnolds has proved to its competitors that company size and value of assets do not represent real salesmanship. A brewing company operating like a restaurant is a great aspect of business strategy.

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The craft beer meets various customers tastes and preferences. The beers have a wide range of alcohol concentration. The customers who want a low-alcohol beer will find it there and the ones who like hard-core beer will always get it. This company sometimes demands premium prices for their seasonal beers. An example is their ICON beers.

The managers deserve a standing ovation for their incredible work! They have innovated new marketing strategies aiming at surviving competition. They have positively influenced the employees by embracing the spirit of team work and dedication. Any worker who reveals some form of resistance or lack of co-operation immediately faces the sack. In fact, the management of the company encourages the employees to respect one another. It builds tremendous trust and chemistry among the employees.

Promotions and other forms of recognition are accorded to the successful workers and serve as an ultimate source of motivation. Managers understand the need to reward the workers for their excellent job done. The first thing an employee wants from his boss is trust. When the manager assigns a junior a piece of work enough to make him sweat for hours before getting a solution, it only makes the employee feel more appreciated and more confident. The struggle that the worker would have for some time before arriving at a solution offers him nothing less than professional fulfillment.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company had also a luring way of making its workers love their job. It was made possible by the managers. What the managers did was assigning their juniors work and let them do it their own way. Actually, it influences the employee to be sure of what he or she is doing. Management theorists believe, when an employee is entrusted by his or her employer, he or she does the job with unusual dedication and efforts to get the best results. Let us try to imagine a situation, when a manager is a control freak who does not want to listen to the opinions of other workers, especially the ones working under him. He becomes a boring manager whom everybody wants to stay away from. To be honest, it is not a healthy relationship at work. There are so many competing brewing companies in Texas that wish they could poach employees from Saint Arnolds in vain. It is a result of the commitment the workers have to their employers. In fact, Saint Arnolds is not a company, it is a family.

In the next five years, Saint Arnold Brewing Company will not be what it is today. It is certain it would have expanded to greater heights. The Company has strong ambitions to spread its wings to serve the bigger audience. There are many investors who would wish to buy shares at Saint Arnolds and therefore money would never be a problem. Texas is one of the most liberal states in America and the Company would like to take advantage of this factor to expand.

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