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Part I: What about Me?

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I am an extrovert and open to experience. This indicates my persistent to higher job personal performance. I am an ESFJ, a score that indicates good interpersonal skills and my ability to please other people. This is aligned with my strengths and weaknesses to interact with people. I am also a hard type-A, creative and intolerant to ambiguity (Thomas, 2009). This reveals my convictions and abilities to withstand problems. Moreover it helps to direct my efforts towards achieving a goal. It also assists me in performing complex tasks which require creativity. The things I appreciate are rewards that include good payment, flexible schedule, the possibility of vacation and warm working atmosphere. This illustrates my ability to reassess my goals and consider relevant decisions.

As for motivation insights I am confident in my abilities to succeed, as observed my strong efficacy skills. Personally, I am motivated by my jobs potential. This indicates my desire to grow and be satisfied in the workplace. My procrastination scores also reveal that I am in the habit of meeting the deadline. This also follows my attitudes to influence my personal abilities to succeed while coping with environmental demands and pressures. Besides, I am an evening person which means I am the most productive in the evening hours (Chu et al, 2013). Lastly, I am highly focused on personal planning and entrepreneurships. As a result, these are my characteristics in focus to fit to an organizational setting.

PART II: Working with Others?

My effective communication skills possess good listening skills. The score of 36 is high enough to show my listening skills. In regards to leadership styles there are more concerns for please. Thus it helps to accomplish people-orientated tasks in the society. The score indicates that I am a charismatic leader and the one having heroic and extraordinary leadership abilities. Concerning team and leadership skills good disciplinary has always attributed other people. I have realized the need to assess team development analyzing the behavior of other people. Moreover, I have high rate of match power, which indicates my ability to manipulate. I prefer expert and legitimate type of power using diverse networks of people. In addition I have good political skills. I manage my self-impression through supplication, intimidation, and self-promotion (Thomas, 2009). In handling conflicts, I prefer the styles of competing, collaborating and comprising. They are proved to be the most effective in solving conflicts in the workplace. My negotiating ability is training in handling different situations in the organizations.

PART III: Life in Organizations

I prefer a mechanistic design of organization structure. This indicates stable and bureaucratic organizations. I am also willing to delegate power to other people. My organizational styles are more focused on humanistic cultures. Being extremely committed to performance and productivity of organization, I do the tasks through trial and error process. . As a leader I am more focused and motivated to manage due to my interpersonal skills and strong political power. I also respond to crucial changes in organizations.


I have learned many things on my own experience which can be applied in the behavior at the workplace and interactions with others. This guides my own reflection and interrelations with co-workers, managers and employers in an improved approach. The personality tests reveal that I am an extroversion person who is able to handle sales and managerial positions in the organizations. This shows my ability to work with people, and interact without any problems. I also possess a high level of conscientiousness that indicates my ability to predict job or personal conflicts on my occupational groups (Thomas, 2009). Having a strong potential to work with different people in the workplace and focus on achieving excellent results, I am able to withstand pressure and challenges on tough positions. This brings a wealth of resilience on tasking jobs in the organizations (Dawes, 2012).

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My creativity and ability to meet new challenges assist the workplace in creating relevant approach. Creative person help the organizations to develop new strategies and methods. This transforms the organizational behavior in articulating its complex tasks. Being satisfied with your working environment it guarantees the organization employees loyalty, which in turn improves the performance and productivity of the whole team. I also enjoy working in a workplace with different people. Workplace diversity has proven a challenge in the organizations and thus, my positive attitude towards workplace diversity assist in reducing the negative reaction there. The organizational behavior should be directed by need for motivation. Motivation seeks to improve my efforts in the workplace. I am motivated by the existence of growth and needs. These needs include achievements, affiliation, autonomy and power (Chu et al, 2013). I have profound listening skills that make me capable enough to learn new things. Therefore, the Gospel and personal reflection helps to control my personal tasks which affect organizational behavior through my strong personalities to withstand pressure, good leadership skills, and effective listening skills.


As revealed from the Gospel and personal reflection article, I should consider their own weaknesses and strengths as it affects my personality. The ideas of the article seek to emphasize on the need for spiritual growth in embracing Jesus Christ ways. The Gospel teaches me many thing of personal standards that includes lust, hatred and lying. I should be a role model in the society on my own actions to develop and worthy and trusted leader in the society (Dawes, 2012). It also assists in creating close relationship with other colleagues in workplace creating healthy work relationships. The reflection focuses on Jesus Christ as a savior of the world. This makes the celebration of Christmas across the world a wonderful holiday. I need to emulate the form of Christ as a savior. Jesus was clean and honest. These should be relevant aspects in my focus as a leader and person.

As a person, I feel unsecure of many things. This is one of our weakness in living transformed lives. This also affects our personalities in building string partnerships and relationships with others. The article argues that the humanity should be dipped to the divine life of God in order to purify their ways and eternity. However, some people do not believe in Christian beliefs, 2 Corinthians 12: 7-10 provide significant points of reflections which should be applied in our lives. It states that people will be lifted by the abundance of the revelations. People should focus on the various reflections in their lives as it consists of their successes, personal and career development. Furthermore, the scriptures state that God is the source of our strength in our weaknesses. I should learn to accept their weakness in order to succeed in their lives.

My weaknesses are helpful for the growth and development of my personality towards success. It further states that I take enjoy by needs, persecutions, and distresses as if I am weak then I am strong. As a result, I must learn through my weaknesses as there, there is my strength. I should focus on my own self-assessment that guides on the various attributes in my personality (Chu et al, 2013). As an ESJF person, I am devoted to social work where am able to interact with people and help them solve their social issues. This makes me useful in this world. My interpersonal skills are evident based on the implications of the gospel and personal reflections. As a result, I should focus on understanding my weaknesses, as they act as my drive to success.

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