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Staffing organizations

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The company is looking forward to being as fair as possible and to give every qualified candidate a chance. We understand it and give a good working environment to the employees.

Employment Relationship

This relationship between an employer and an employee is very fundamental for success of the company to be attained. It should be accomplished by communication between the two parties, and this is done through policies and even regulations that will help give a guideline to the employee and also the companys leadership and this will majorly deal with the performance based actions and adverse actions. Guidance is also provided from legal relationships, and it includes alternative dispute resolutions, some reasonable accommodations and inclusion of employee coverage and even affirmative defenses in the appeal rights. I would establish good relationship from a legal perspective. This relationship established between an employee and an employer should be in accordance with the countrys Department of Labor and also basing on the Employment Standards Administration. It is important given that it tells the employees that the company follows strictly and complies with the laws and regulations that are stipulated in the Department of Labor. It is right of the employee to know that he/she is covered under the Fair Labor Standard Act and that the company complies with the laws and regulations stipulated by the Department of Labor.

Disparate Treatment

This is to be followed as required. No form of discrimination shall be allowed. It can be direct, given that the companys policy might be in such a way that workers of the certain age are not to be hired. It can also come in an inferred situation, where the situation plays a major role, and comes in combination of prohibited and permissible factors. The company shall belong to the group that does not practice any form of discrimination. All employments made should comply with the requirements that were stipulated during the advertisement hence qualification is important. When there is a vacancy and applications are made, the position should not stay open even after qualified candidates apply. This is discrimination, especially if the employer goes ahead and qualifications remain similar to the first application. In case it happens, the company faces the consequences and should show that the discrimination it practiced was of bona fide of occupational qualification, in this case a necessity for normal operation of the company. Upon rejection of an applicant, employers should never show that the form of discrimination was based on the business need. In this case, the applicant has a right to give evidence that shows that the employer gave false reasons for rejection, which are merely a pretext. There should be a comparison between men, women or even minorities in terms of their percentage in a given job priority in contrast to their availability in the given population of qualified candidates that happen to be interested in the position.

External Influences

The first external influence affecting companies is the government regulation. Introduction of the compliance standards affects the human resource and is required to stay within the law. The laws influence all the processes of the Human Resource Department that may include hiring, compensation, termination and even training. The best way is for the company to adhere to laws because failure to do so and an intensive layoff can land on the company that can shut it down.

Economic conditions also come in inform of the shape of the current economy. It can affect both the talent pool and the ability to hire anyone at all. To prepare for this, the company should prepare against any form of economic condition by knowing what is going on in the world around it and also create a plan for the stage that there will be an economic downturn.

Technological advancements are external influence in that the introduction of technologies in the HR department can start having ways to downsize and even have ways to save money. It may see some jobs that had been assigned to more than one person to narrow down and be done for one person.

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In terms of the workforce demographics, a situation comes when the older generation retires and there is the entrance of a new generation in the workforce. In this instance, the Human Resource Department has a mandatory to have ways of attracting the new set of candidates. It will see the department offering different types of compensation packages for the given generation. A conducive working environment should also be offered to the new generation.

Plan to avoid shortages and surpluses

There should be a labor demand specifically for the workers who happen to be in various categories. The job vacancies should be made more attractive by implementing some policies that make them deliver as required by the restaurant. Job applicants should be drawn from a source that should be precisely evaluated using the best evaluation methods listing both the advantages and disadvantages.

The forecast of HR Department is to make sure that there are enough personnel at any given time. The shortages should never be experienced, and in this case the company will employ temporary workers who are on standby to take up any vacancy, which is likely to be left vacant. There should also be internal movements like transfers, promotions and this will improve the output. Plans should also be under way for replacement of yet to retire employees. In case of too many employees, there should be downsizing. This is the planned elimination of a result of the large number of employees and this will improve the competitiveness of the organization.

Workforce Diversity

Employment of people from different backgrounds and nationalities will see this through because they are bound to work together and share common objectives. The company will employ fairly and offer equal opportunities. In terms of the decisions made to the personnel assignments or matters, family considerations are put into an account.

In terms of gender diversity, there will be an increased percentage of women recruitment. It will increase the companys flexibility, especially when it comes to accommodation of a larger range of personal situations.

In national diversity, the company should be able to attract people from different countries including the developing ones.

KSAOs, tasks and context

A store manager should consistently exceed the guests expectations. He/she should ensure that there is protection of the health, safety and wellbeing of the guests, managing the restaurant well and be a change agent in terms of reviewing the service delivery. The manager should have the ability to communicate unannounced dinner reports, manage sales and conversions, and foster the culture flexibility. He/she should also be able to develop direct and positive relationship with all the colleagues to ensure that the workplace is safe.

The coffee server should be familiar with different brands of coffee. He/she should be ready to work for long hours and work under minimal or no supervision. The coffee server should be able to work under pressure in busy days and have good listening skill.


The staff members are going to have the best working environment in the restaurant. Complaints and compliments will be taken seriously and feedback given on time in a situation needed. The service given to the esteemed customers is of a high standard and complies with the international standards that have been set.

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