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The Forgotten Group Member

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The Forgotten Group Member

1. Several stages of group development exist, according to the organizational behavior study. When the first stage is forming, the main goal is to organize the group and understand the responsibilities of each member. During this stage, Christine was elected as the Team Coordinator. The second stage is storming stage that signifies the conflict inside the team. In this stage, the group of Christine faced with various problems. One of the team members, Steve, is too strict and always wants agenda for meeting. Diane is not open-hearted, and hides many of her ideas, as she afraid of sharing her ideas in the public. The main problem member of the team is Mike, who is not self-managed, and misses many meetings. The next stage is norming, where the whole team became more organized and hardworking. Everybody except Mike had a feeling of participation and responsibility. During the performing stage all members of the team supposed to show what they have done, and everybody succeeded except Mike. He just brought some handwritten notes. The last stage is adjourning in which the team is ready to perform, but the team leader, Christine, is worrying about Mike, as he could bring many creative and relevant ideas for their project (Schermerhorn, 145-156).

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According to these stages, it is possible to make a conclusion that the team is on the storming stage as they still have many conflict situations.

2. It is evident that Mike is the main problem of the team. From the beginning of team work, he does not show his serious attitude towards the project. Sometimes he did not visit meetings and even did not try to explain the reason. In addition, he does not make any relevant suggestions to the project. When everybody got ready, he showed just handmade notes concerning the project. This is the primary problem. Another problem is that the team still had a lack of team collaboration, where Diana did not suggest as much ideas as possible, and Christine did not understand how to solve these problems. The issue concerning Mike is that in their team he viewed as a clown and team members did not take into account all his suggestions. During the lunch, he did not join the team, and during their meetings he did not feel like belonging to the project.

As a team leader, Christine should recognize all the aspects of the individual membership. The issue is that it is vital to understand and accept every member of the team. Each member of her team supposed to have a significant approach and attitude, as everyone has different points of view and ideas. In addition, the style of leadership depends on proposed situation.

3. In order to find the possible relevant solutions concerning the conflict inside the team, it is necessary to consider the core of the problem. One of the most relevant theories in this situation is relationship theory, which means that the leader focuses on the performance of the team in general but also wants to use the whole potential of each member. Moreover, this theory focuses on good relationships inside the group where every member helps each other.

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Every project or team has their own characteristics. For example, if the manager is well-educated and has more competence than other members of the team, he can choose more authoritarian style of managing. And vice versa, if the team is full of well-competent persons it is better to be more democratic with them. Sometimes it depends on work, in routine work it is better to manage more strictly and in opposite if the proposed work is more creative, it is better to give more freedom. Christine should find a significant approach for every member of the team. She recognizes that Mike is extremely creative person, who can bring the team many ideas that consequently will help in receiving a high grade. According to this, she had to give him more freedom, but showed him a serious attitude towards him. From this case, it is possible to notice that team members do not fully accept him, and in some cases treat them as a clown. For achieving the goal, Christine had to change her attitude towards Mike. Concerning other members of the team, she also should help Diane to become more open and communicative. For example, to ask her to be more initiative, or praise her as much as possible in order to make her more confident. Then, as every effective manager or leader, she should find the right way of motivation of those who work well. Janet always makes more than supposed to do and that is why it is vital to praise her. However, in some circumstances stop her, as she could make extra, not necessary job (Schermerhorn, 169-189).

According to given case, it is possible to conclude that despite the conflicts, Christine was an effective leader. First, because in the end the team achieved almost every purpose of the project, second because the team had positive development in their collaboration. They had problems only with Mike, but he also made some efforts for the project. However, Christie also had to recognize some possible solutions, and change her attitude for every member of the team. Moreover, she should become more attentive to the each member, and pay attention not only on goals, but personal relationships inside the team.

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