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Trends in Gang Violence

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Class XXXX, Section XXXX, Fall 2013

Trends in Gang Violence

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Emotions are the complex psychological and physiological characteristics of a persons state that are induced by the certain environmental factors. It is impossible to imagine the person without emotions as they depend directly on our characters, mood, temperament type, and the degree of motivation in some specific occasions. Our emotions are the integral part of our life as they provide the contrast between positive and negative so that the life is generally balanced. Moreover, cognitive emotions are based upon reasoning and thinking that tend is the unconditional and natural processes of each individual.

However, the instinctual emotions are mostly connected with reaction and perception of the reality. If they are uncontrolled, it means that there is the huge threat of danger and anger. Sometimes, our emotions can be the cause of different violence. If to talk only about anger, we consider and distinguish two groups of this emotion: anger as a normal state and the uncontrolled anger. If the bad and unpleasant occasion happens, the person can survive the different state, ranging from minor irritation to rage and hatred. As a rule, irritation leads to domestic violence and misunderstandings and hate that often result into wars and serious conflicts. On the more violent level, our emotions can provoke anger and cause the physical arousal. However, responding aggressively is in some cases even necessary. The constant anger outbursts are useful, because they prevent us from accumulation of anger inside, which can lead to the more serious stages of anger release. According to the psychologists views, the most dangerous are the emotions with anxiety disorders and repressed anger. If the person does not express the emotions directly when the incident happens, he is more likely to get angrier later each time after he recalls this incident. The results can be the worst.

A major problem in the streets of the United States of America is gang members. A member of a gang is called a gangster. Although gangs exist internationally, there is a greater level of study and knowledgeable information of gangs specifically in the United States.

Not only is the government of the USA worried about this issue, but also parents and kids are. As it is known, gang members cannot only be found in their areas, but they are also among children in school. In 2010, statistics showed that there has been more than a thousand of complaints at schools. Over seven thousand have been arrested for different types of violent behavior. The majority of the society which is over-flowing with gangsters is Hispanic. Forty-seven percent of Hispanic, which live in America, have had crime problems and can be considered as gangs.

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It is important to mention the groups of gang members. Street gangs are the most popular in America. Mainly, they are formed to protect each other against different gang members, just like prison gangs. Street gangs communicate with prison gangs in order to receive respect and stable protection from each other in their own ways. The motorcycle gang consists of criminals which use motorcycle clubs to commit crime.

The first gang members in San Francisco were The Hounds. At first, they were called the San Francisco Society of Regulators. The gang was made up of mostly criminals and war veterans, which were recently arrived immigrants from the countries like Spain and Mexico. The group Hounds was formed during the California Gold Rush, which was in 1849. They were sentenced up to ten years imprisonment although the Hounds were in contact with a political party called the Know Nothing, and they were able to get them out of prison faster.

The government of San Francisco has a big problem concerning children from twelve to eighteen. Today, in schools, pupils are being beaten up, stabbed to death, attacked, robbed, etc. These problems can start with a shoulder bump if to talk about a fight, but if it is an attack with robbery, then the gangster may just need money. This is threatening for everyone in California, especially in schools and public places, because it is not safe to let the children go to school without a supervisor.

Nevertheless, this is not the only trouble happening. San Francisco has some major gangsters which are wanted. They will go for anything in order to receive money and to avoid being sent to prison. There have been such situations when a gang member committed a crime for which he was sentenced for life. In great length, the gangster shot four women and tried to hide from the police. Statistics has shown that the majority of gangs commit a crime with firearms. It is also popular among criminal gangsters to use military weapons.

Today, gangs are embracing the new and advanced technology for their criminal operations. Street gangsters move from the street to the web. They can use prepaid cell phones, chatting rooms, different types of websites, gaming systems, etc. Many use the Internet in order to communicate with each other about their crimes or planned crimes. Gangsters even search the web for other gang members to join their group. Computer hacking is considered to be a gangster task. This way, they can easily commit theft or fraud.

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