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This paper is on the ideas of two philosophers, Lonergan and Augustine. These thinkers present different views on love as the dynamic structure, empirical, intellectual, rational and responsible levels of consciousness. Augustine suggests that the understanding of the Almighty is the best way to survive while Lonergan presents survival as a way the human has to go through to ensure that one continues to exist.

The differences that are brought out by the two philosophers show the variance in consciousness. Human beings are different in how they perceive all elements of life. To illustrate this diversity, Lonergan and Augustine present different themes for their confessions and stories. Augustines theme is: You have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless until they can find peace in you. From this theme, he implies that life comes from God, and we exist through the life God grants. Lonergans theme is: . . . the many levels of consciousness are just successive stages in the unfolding of a single thrust, the eros of the human spirit. He asserts that survival is achieved by man through having empirical knowledge of ones environment, using the five senses to acquire knowledge, which is then supported by scientific applications.

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Augustine holds on to the belief that intelligence is a gift from God, whereas Lonergan attributes it to the environment within which we live. Augustine described the relationship between man and God as dynamic and difficult to understand unless through understanding God first. He states that putting trust and commitment to the Lord increases a mans responsibility level. Lonergan relates life stages to an individual and the environment he relates to in the process of being aware of the surroundings and how it operates. He says that life stages are dynamic and successive. He argues that man has different levels in life to go through; hence, this grants him different levels of responsibilities.


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