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The west and the rest

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Today, international situation may be regarded as the one that is not perfect for the observation of the issue as the Western civilization is now facing one of the toughest periods of its development. There is strong pressure on China in the economic sphere, and in addition, Asian terrorism produces a variety of problems for the contemporary world. Moreover, one should be aware of a series of inner problems that harm Western countries . The global economic crisis brought up many questions that are necessary to be solved. Therefore, the dominance of the Western world is not at the edge. The study about the dominant Western civilization that became widespread after the Second World War has faced a series of serious critical approaches in the last decades. As a result, there appeared many new researches and new theories regarding this way of representing the world history and at the same time representing the contemporary political, economic, social, and cultural world map .

Although many scientists today regard the theory of the Western civilization dominance and the expansion of these countries to the other regions as a violation of local people, there can be also positive aspects of the Western expansion. In order to find the arguments to support the Western civilizations influence on the rest of the world, we can refer to history and see how the situation has been changing in both Western countries and the areas of their interest during those times . The term West is more an idea, or a concept, an image, a model of comparison and a standard of evaluation. It has been formed over the years, and now many countries that are geographically out of the Western region are considered to be Western because of the level of development of all spheres of life in those countries.

To understand the main reasons of the dominance of the West, we can research each characteristic that the Eastern world and all other regions lack. Those characteristics can seem as the strong side of the Western civilization, taking into account the key impact of the geographical position of the Western countries, climate, weather and temperature .

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First of all, the lack of competition can be seen as the weak side of more isolated regions. For instance, China that was one of the most developed countries the 16th century, but the lack of competition in the inside trade market, art and politics, as the empire had a monopolized economy, influenced all spheres of life inside the state. This was the main advantage of the Western European empires that lived in the climate of constant concurrence and therefore had more developed economy, more useful and effective products, machinery, armor and transport. Consequently, we can pass to the second issue science that was also regarded as a weak side of the colonized regions, especially referring to the Muslim countries of Asia and Africa . The ability to analyze, evaluate, study and change the existing technology also gave the push to the development of technologies and military sector. During the 16th and the 17th centuries, Europe faced a period of changes and new inventions in science, the development of philosophy, psychology, chemistry, which made the region countries more flexible and strong in comparison to the rest of the world. Although the Muslim region countries, especially the Ottoman Empire that one of the most powerful in the world at that time, had also developed a high level of knowledge in astronomy, mathematics and philosophy, they lacked the scientific innovations that resulted in the defeat of their expansion and finally enforced them to leave European countries and return to their previous borders. The property rights that refer to the strong system of laws that protected the rights of Western people and guaranteed the peaceful problem solving, were also a strong side of the Western civilization that, in fact, were a serious problem for the Muslim countries with their completed disorganization and chaos. In addition, the importance of the legislative system as the existing life order showed its effectiveness when Spanish people entered American territories. Another important issue that should be regarded as one of the keys to successful dominance and the level of the societys development is medicine. The development of medicine is closely connected to the level of development in all branches of science, and it determines longer living of the representatives of the civilization, their protection from the severe diseases and the general quality of life . The last point to mention is ethics. Although it can be considered as not important, the level of morality determines all the processes that take place within the society, kinds of the relations within a particular group of people, their life priorities and targets . That is also extremely important when talking about the development of politics, economics, science, culture and all the other aspects as they all depend on people. The level of development of a human being also refers to the moral values of the individual.

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