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Branding International Business IV

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International branding is a very important aspect of business development in the modern world. Few ventures have been created in the sector of international branding until very late in the twentieth century. For quite a remarkable period of time, IBM and Coca-cola have been dominating the sector of international branding. These, indeed, have been the few existing brands in the global market. It was in the hands of very large corporations like PepsiCo, Colgate-Palmolive, Shell, and Coca-cola. Recently other companies like Nike, Apple, Honda and Microsoft also became interested in the same field. Due to the laxity in the barriers to international trade, small and medium sized companies have ventured into this field. More businesses are thus engaging in the building of an international brand forefront (Alexander, 2011).

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In order to tackle the recent advancements in the same sector, it is very important to deal with the current brands in the global market. For paper construction purpose only, I will concentrate on the Honda Company. Honda has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The country has a very fast-growing economy in comparison with the other industrial giants of the world. In terms of economic supremacy, Japan clearly depends on its industries. This has been a thorn in the flesh for most industrialized countries like America, Britain and the entire European Community (Frank, 2003).

Current position of Honda in the Market

Honda has received a global recognition, because Japan depends mostly on the international markets for its products. This factor is aggravated by the fact that Japan has a very steady and competitive automobile market. Honda therefore, is not left behind in the pursuit of economic glory in the Automobile Manufacturing field both locally and in the global arena. Honda is a very reputable company that is enjoying almost pure marketing monopoly in the Japanese automobile market. It operates under the name Honda Motor Company (HMC) and is the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Moreover, it is the largest motor cycle producer in the entire world. This makes the company to be a big threat to some of the renowned automobile manufacturers in the world like Isuzu, Scania and so on.

Honda has a very large employment base in the whole country. It employs over 200,000 people from all over the world. It has manufacturing branches located in various countries across the globe. These branches are situated in Brazil, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Philippines, China, UK, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, India and Taiwan. Surprisingly, the company still trails behind the Toyota Motor Company (TMC), the market leader in the country. It operates in four main segments: Motorcycle Business, Automobile business, Financial Services, Power product and other smaller businesses.

Stages of Growth of a brand

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The best way for a company to expand is to diversify its market to other automobiles and machines and do not let itself be dependent on the motor cycles only. There is a number of growth stages for the development of an international brand. It is a very important tool for diagnosis in the field of international markets, because it transforms metrics into strategic framework for the improvement of the company in question (Ohnsman, 2011). The stages are described further down.


It is important to make the consumers to be aware of the product so they can easily label it as being familiar with. This can be achieved by including the name of the brand into the advertising campaigns. Honda promotes itself through the various advertisements across the world such as motor cross or other sports activities. Indeed, it is an amazing fact that somewhere in Africa deep inside the rural setting a child really knows that Honda is a motorcycle. Moreover, people in some regions actually believe that the actual word for motorcycle is Honda, not the English one we are used to employ. They do not understand that it is just a trademark. This increases the sales volume of a brand, because the majority will believe that this is the actual name of the product, not a brand name.


In addition to being recognized, the brand name should be easy to be memorized. This can be achieved by using the names that reflect some qualities of the product. The product should be mentioned in any setting in the society in accordance with the service package it is delivering. The more trust is earned, the more loyal customers will be. At the same time the product should meet the potential capability of the buyers. The company should use a scale ranging from poor to outstanding in order to gauge its market share capability. Therefore, the customers trust must be built on the same foundations (Taylor, 2009).


The brand should be very different from the other products in the market. This will help in meeting the standards set by the immediate competitors in the same market. In order for the product to have the competitive advantage, a clear distinction in the model must be visible from the outside; even if it means to be within the package of the same product. Constant communication is vital for the acceptance of the trademark. This will generally boost the brand equity under question.

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