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Fictional Character Zach Young

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The DSM-IV-TR of a Fictional Character Zach Young

The fictional character under analysis is from a television series Desperate Housewives and is known as Zach Young. Zach is a young boy who is troubled. He is a son of Paul Young and Mary Alice Young. He lives in Wisteria Lane, a peaceful street in American Fairview town in Eagle State. This is where Zach grew up. Mary Alice and Paul Young are not Zachs real parents. Zach was born in a hospital in Utah where Mary Alice worked. His mother, Deirde Taylor was a heroin addict and she gave him for adoption. Zachs real father is Mike Delfino. Zach was first named Dana Taylor by his real mother, later on adoption his name was changed to Zachary Young. Zach is unaware that Mary Alice and Paul Young are not his real parents. Zach has a grandfather, Noah Taylor. His grandfather is a wealthy man and he hires a detective to locate Zach. After reunion with Zach, grandfather leaves Zach his fortune on dying. Consequently, Zach becomes rich and moves into his grandfathers mansion.

Zach has few friends as he is not very confident and sociable. One of them is Julie Mayer who he is secretly in love with. His mother, Mary Alice, committed suicide while being blackmailed by one of her neighbors, Mother Humber. This makes Zach be more troubled and very sad. His father becomes strict with Zach and does not want him to speak to the neighbors. His father is afraid that Zach will tell them their big secret. His neighbors were asking questions about the sudden death of their mother, which to their dismay was a suicide.

As a young child, Zach is involved in a terrifying event. When his real mother comes to claim her son back, Mary Alice is not willing to give Zach up. When they are confronting each other, Zachs real mother passes away. After Zach wakes up and sees a dead body in their sitting room he becomes traumatized. The family buries the body in a pool. They have to keep this in secret, which becomes a real burden to Zach.

Zach is a troubled child and he is put in a mental hospital by his father to receive treatment. His friend, Julie Mayer, goes in to see Zach in the mental hospital. After sometime Zach runs away from that hospital and goes to live with Julie. They start dating but Julie breaks off when Zach starts acting weirdly. He holds Susan Mayer hostage. According to Zach, Susan made Julie fall apart with him. Zach disappears later to be found by Susan in a park. She gives him some money to go to Utah to stay with some of his relatives.

When Zach inherits his grandfathers fortune, his life completely changes. He becomes arrogant and disrespectful. He refuses to help his father, Paul, who had brought him up. His father is in jail for murder and needs a good lawyer. Zach refuses to get him a lawyer. He also leaves his home and moves to his grandfathers mansion. Later, Zach loses the entire fortune in gambling and drugs. He tries to kill Paul by shooting him, though Paul survives the hit. He is taken to the rehabilitation centre by his father to overcome treatment.

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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition text revision (DSM-IV-TR) covers all types of mental health disorders for both infants and grown ups (Cherry, 2012). To make a good and correct evaluation it should be kept in mind that DSM-IV-TR has five dimensions: axis I, axis II, axis III, axis IV, axis V (Anonymous, 2012).

Axis I elaborate on those symptoms that can lead to the impairment of a patient (Cherry, 2012). Zach is suffering from substance use disorder. Zach uses drugs and this affects him negatively. He tries to kill his own father by shooting him. Zach is taken to the rehabilitation center for the treatment. He also has an impulse control disorder, as he acts on impulse when he holds Susan hostage.

Axis II describes personality disorders and a persons intellectual ability (PsyWeb.com, 2012). It evaluates how a person relates with the world. Zach has a personality disorder. He has few friends and is not sociable. He becomes obsessed with his girlfriend and this leads to their breaking up. He lacks confident as a person. He spends most of his time at home and not with his friends, like a normal teenage would do. He also poses as a flower delivery boy to place a gun in Brees house, so that she can be blamed for the murder of his father.

Axis III describes medical conditions that influence axis I and II disorders. Zach also has a mental disorder. He is on medication and sometimes he is taken to a mental hospital for the treatment. Zach is on medication for some time and when the situation becomes worse he is taken to a hospital by his father.

Axis IV deals with what may have caused axis I and axis II disorders. The factors that have caused Zach to have these issues are the experiences he encountered as a child. He saw a dead body in their living room and he buried it with his parents. He had to keep this in secret and the feeling of guilt overwhelmed him. His real mother was a heroine addict and this may have brought about some of the further disorders. His adopted mother also committed suicide, leaving him with his father. When his grandfather left him his heritage, he became rich and could afford buying drugs. As a result, he started taking drugs and gambling.

Axis V is the Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF). The lowest codes indicate a poor level of functioning, while the highest code will indicate a good level of performance (MacArthur, 1992). A clients overall level of performance is rated. In accordance with GAF, Zach is rated 54. He has few friends. He is not able to make good use of the fortune he inherits from his grandfather as he looses it in gambling.

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