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Presentation Program

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November 25, 2012

Presentation Program

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The best way to make an impact and deliver the message at the same time is a usage of information. It is a presentation tool that is powerful enough to cater for all the intricacies associated with presentation and comprehensive enough to ensure that the message is deliver in a simplistic, cohesive, and realistic manner. Alshare & Hindi argue that presentation encompasses numerous fields and it all involves the passage of ideologies to the right target at the right time using the right tools (5).

Brief Introduction of the Scenario

The introduction of a new machine in our company has led to the need of taking a review onto the impact this machine will have on the lives of different people in the company. The employees of this company will have to be retrained on a number of issues regarding to how the new machine will impact their jobs, enhance productivity in the company, and increase revenues among others. There will be a need for explanation of why the old equipment was replaced with the new one. The questions that may arise include: was the machine old? Was it not working properly? Was it slow or unproductive? What are the reasons for the change of equipment?

Choice of the Presentation Program

To be able to do so, a presentation will need to be conducted. The choice of the presentation program to carry out this presentation will depend on a number of factors. For example, the strengths of the program over others, the reliability of the program, the simplicity in usage, and also the capacity of the program to be comprehensive enough to include all the proponents of the presentation. The ability to manipulate easily the presented data and arrange it in a cohesive manner is also one of the requirements, which should include this program.

The presentation program that fits above criterion is Microsoft Power Point presentation program. Bird states that Power Point sticks out as being the best between two competing programs, Plezi and Power point (1). After the analysis of the strengths and the weaknesses of the two presentation programs, Microsofts Power Point simplicity and ease of usage triumphs over the Plezi program. Plezi is an online based presentation tool that employs the usage of map layouts and zooming to allow data relative relationships present (Prezi website; Wicks, 3).

Power point, on the other hand, is a tool that is embedded into the Microsoft office package. It was designed for information presentations. The simplicity of using power point as opposed to Plezi makes this program to choose this tool for the presentation of the scenario as it shall be discussed in the ensuing paragraphs.

Application of Power Point to Present the Above Scenario

The first attraction of this program is that it is broken into a number of slides. Information is presented using these slides. In these slides, there are a number of sections where information could be written down. It has a header section where one could put the presentation topic: AUTOMATED PACKAGING MACHINE. There is also a subtopic portion where one will put the subtopic; NEW MODEL. The program offers an option to add a critical notes concerning the topic to allow users set additional information without clogging the main presentation space. For example, one could put an additional note describing this machine. The automated packaging machine is a new model that is designed to reduce workload and increase the productivity through increasing speed and lowering costs of production. This is shown here in the screenshot in Appendix I

Another slide can be created by using the option of slide creation in the navigation panel. This new slide now can be used to give additional notes for the answering on the questions as outlined in the scenario above. Subsequent slides are created in the same manner.

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The machine could be presented by having a number of benefits including low costs of maintenance, being fast, being durable compared to others on the market, reliable, and even efficient. The subsequent slides also go on to show the employees an advantage of having this machine in operation as opposed to the older machine. The old machine will be depicted as being outdated, slow, having high maintenance costs, inefficient, and even unreliable.

The reasons for the transition from the old model of the packaging machine will be given as the struggle to keep up with modern technology, expend production in the process, increase revenue through increased production and get rid of the inefficiencies that the old model had created in the company. These will be shown by the screen shots of the presentation put in Appendix II- IV below.

Microsoft Power Point offers to user the option of creating slides in a unique and customized way by allowing for the creation of the backgrounds that one wishes to have. This makes the presentation look interesting and even appealing. Other features include the option of having an automated slide shown with the click of a button.

Images, videos as well as audio can be placed into the presentation to give it a natural feel. The music can play in the background as the presentation continues. Another very important concept that has made Power Point the chosen presentation program for this company is that it is computer based program. This means that it does not necessarily require internet connection to operate. It works provided that the computer has been installed with the Microsoft office package.

The program has a feature of broadcasting to various presentation and sharing programs such as black board and social media such as Facebook, Twitter among others, if one has internet connection. Just like all the other packages in the Microsoft office suite, Power Point has the option to offer free automatic grammar checks, color changes in the document being edited and even inclusion of animations.


As have been stated earlier in this discussion, the choice of the program to use when doing a presentation matters impact a lot on this presentation and on its the targeted audience. A good presentation program should be able to capture all the information that needs to be presented while at the same time offers the presenter the flexibility and the freedom to juggle with the various bits of information this program has to handle.

Microsoft Power Point has proven to be one of the best programs that could be used for the data presentation. Its nature is described in the scenario above. Its simplicity of usage and comprehensiveness makes it stand out from other presentation programs. As a rule, presenters will always go for the program that offers less hassle, but gets the job done and the goals of the presentation accomplished.


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