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Working in the mental human service field requires a wide range of the appropriate skills and abilities. For some people, this kind of job could be a challenging one. That is why there are such individuals, who were born to be a mental human service workers, who will be caring and sympathizing ones. The mentioned people dedicate their lives to those, who need their love and support. Moreover, mental human service workers have unique personalities, which enable them to work and help people, making world much brighter and easier. In fact, everyday life provides us with various challenges, namely social, mental, and emotional. That is why not everyone is ready to live through all these problems. Different forms of mental, physical, sexual and alcohol abuse are the most familiar challenges that modern people suffer from. Thus, mental human service workers are considered to be the essential supporters, who help overcoming problems, and begin a new life. The mental human service worker should be definitely a highly qualified specialist, and what is more, he or she should have a great number of skills and abilities that will help to cope with problems. Let us have a look at the most vital skills that the mental human service worker should possess.

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The first and the most vital characteristic of the mental human service worker is an ability to listen. It is a fundamental issue that enables to make a contact with any client. Listening means to put aside all your personal thoughts, and simply listen. In some cases, this is the only way to help someone in difficult situations. Taking without listening is like snipping an electronic cord in half and hoping that somehow something will light up (Nichols, 2009). In fact, listening helps to open ones heart, and share all the feelings to someone, who is ready to listen without interruption.

Consequently, another essential characteristic is the knowing of limits of the particular person, and defining them in order to prevent a burnout. It makes sense that an emotionally weary individual would be less disposed to make the emotional investment required in dealing with clients as individuals, rather than as depersonalized cases (Drake & Yadama, 1996). If a human service worker defines for himself the boundaries of his/her client are, it will be possible for the worker to identify the method, which will enable to help the person, who needs support and help.

One more relevant issue that should be concerned is the ability to put aside some personal prejudices. While working with a person, one should forget about his or her imaginations of what is good and bad. The mental human service worker is a person, whose duty is to help rather than to judge. People asking for help hope to find a person, who will understand them, and whose advices will be fruitful and effective. Moreover, every human service worker should be a highly qualified specialist, and have a profound knowledge of psychology, pedagogy, and sociology. These scientific disciplines help to evaluate mental and emotional level of the client, as well as the main traits of his/her characters. In addition, competent psychological skills enable to establish the most effective method that will suit this or that client.

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The last but not the least characteristic that every skilful human service worker should possess, is the ability to do assessments. In order to work with people, a human service worker should evaluate individuals and their settings. In some cases, you may be a consultant, who works with various people, namely children or adults. A qualified worker may use such method as problem solving. The problem solving process will help to reach desirable goals. Furthermore, he or she should have a burning desire to make peoples lives better and more positive. The mental human service worker should have good speaking and writing skills, which enable them to persuade the client and explain the situation correctly.

Personally, I believe that all these characteristics are inherent for those people, who are born to be mental human service workers. It means that those, who initially have the ability to listen and help people in various sophisticated situations, definitely have all chances to become professional mental human service workers in future. In fact, a friend of mine had a desire to help all people in the world, from his early childhood. He thought over different ways how to make peoples lives easier. Moreover, his ability to persuade people was developing day by day. His verbal and written communication skills were on the highest level; thus, after graduating from the university, he has become a mental human service worker. Every day he helps a wide range of people to recover both mentally and physically. He helps people to overcome obstacles and hard periods in life, namely the death of the nearest and dearest, incurable diseases, alcohol and drug obsession. It should be noted that the desire to help people appears with the birth of an individual.

To sum up, a mental human service worker is a person, who is not only a highly qualified worker, but also a person, whose main aim is to help other people. All characteristics that this kind of worker possesses are virtues, which the worker is born with. Among the most essential ones are the ability to listen to an interlocutor, ability to evaluate the situation, and capability to put aside personal prejudice. The above-mentioned characteristics, alongside with profound knowledge of psychology, sociology and pedagogy, are the key features of a good mental human service worker.

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