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It is necessary to analyze personal life and experience from a sociological perspective. It may help to understand the social environment and improve social communication.

The family principles and traditions have influenced my personal cultural and social views in a number of ways. Life and career plans reflect the parents life and experience. These factors also affect the surrounding culture and class.

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In fact, life begins to make more sociological sense as ones personal age increases. The modern world offers a large variety of opportunities in relation to traveling, entertainment, enjoyment, work, communication, etc. My personal experience in my early years is of utmost importance as I became aware of the virtues my parents explained to me. The first sociological insights that I received and the basic principles that I learned were during my younger years. I always wanted to be in a broad sociological environment and communicate with people from different cultures.

Thus, I decided to become a sociologist in the future. It is personally observed that the need for education and my quest for knowledge have been greatly affected by the changing economic condition in the world. The new economic conditions of different countries have brought forth high demands of technological goods and services and a large number of career opportunities in some sectors. As a result, competition for the best and top positions is getting tough. A great variety of students of my age and the younger generation are seeking for sociological education in order to obtain better and well-paid jobs in the near future. In particular, learning sociology has been highly encouraged among students. Competition in the global economy and in reaching out to the global communities, sociological knowledge has been generally recognized. This has been the tendency that I have grown to, i.e. competition in relation to educational purposes and career opportunities.

Consequently, many parents, including mine, encourage their children to have as a priority sociological education, and they do not compromise at any cost. Presently, I am receiving the education that I am interested in. It is more of an exciting experience for me than a tedious one. Culture has helped me to live an independent life. I have communicated well with my friends at school and in my neighborhood. These skills help me under the present conditions.

Being independent and away from my family is a challenge for me. It is a challenge in relation to virtues, discipline, attitude, and principles in life. In fact, the entire sociological environment is different.

By being often alone previously, I have understood that the virtues I have received while I was growing up have been essential in my day to day life. Thus, I can say that my parents have raised me in a proper way, and I am now able to take care of myself and be a productive member of modern society, and that other people usually appreciate me for what I have understood and what I have become. I may characterize myself as a member of the middle class. However, I will try to improve my class positions in the future though it is not my main goal in life.

I realize that the values of hard work and persistence which my parents have taught me have helped in a number of ways. In particular, I am able to meet the existing challenges I am facing under the present conditions.

Aside from my college, I enjoy other social activities. These values are also influenced by my social community. In college, students are allowed to build their own relationships. I am going to be employed in the near future, and I want to analyze this kind of social environment. It may be considered as a part of societys way of training students in order to help them become responsible citizens.

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It seems that students are even given priority in relation to employment in certain positions. Thus, it is more of living a practical aspect of social reality. I am going to study, earn some money and acquire knowledge experience at the same time. It seems that it is also important to live in a way that society expects me to. However, my personal interests and preferences should be taken into account, as well.

It seems that both studying and working at the same time will be a kind of social evolution of my life, from being largely dependent on my parents particularly in relation to financial support. Now I begin to realize the value of education, career, and their social functions. Education and career closely relate to each other. I try to obtain modern education in order to be successful in my future career.

The way I understand different things now may have been influenced by my childhood experiences. I often communicated with my parents and other experienced relatives in order to see some difficult processes and social events from their perspective. It was important for me in all stages of my personal development.

One of the most significant lessons I have learned from my relatives is the attitude to being competitive. From the time I received my first awards, I understood that extra efforts always lead to the best results. I use this attitude in my daily life, as well.

Personal position in life is largely influenced by personal experiences. Disposition in life is also affected by the way one sees life. I may be competitive in the future as I try to comprehend and systematize my previous experience from a sociological point of view. It does not seem to be correct to take for granted the experience we get. Using sociological concepts, it is possible to see the real nature of people and analyze their virtues and skills.

I understand that the modern U.S. society is subject to the significant stratification as the richest 20% of American population receive almost 50% of national income. I feel this situation in my daily experience, as well.

As I analyze my college experience, because of my lack of public speaking skills, I understand that I am at a disadvantage in comparison with other students who were from upper-middle-class suburbs. I need to improve my communication skills in order to enjoy stronger competitive social advantages in the future.

I do not feel the discrimination in relation to myself; however, I know other people who were subject to discrimination. I think society should not tolerate any type of discrimination, especially in the 21st century. People should have equal opportunities for their social and professional development.

Thus, a sociological perspective may be of utmost importance in relation to understanding one’s life and the possible ways of its improvement. I see the sociological implications of different aspects of my life on a regular basis. I understand a large variety of factors affecting my personal performance and try to use them in order to reach socially acceptable results. The social environment is essential for all modern people, and it is necessary to determine the existing sociological trends in a correct way. Then it is possible to act in accordance with them and improve ones social status in the long run.

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