How to Create the Proper Style for an Argumentative Essay

The proper style for an argumentative essay is crucial for performing high quality writing and reaching positive result. Classical argumentative structure is represented by five main parts of paragraphs. They include Introduction with Thesis Statement, three paragraphs of the Main Body and Conclusion. This simple structure is designed specifically to make students present their thoughts clear and in a logical order. The other important elements of argumentative essays are transitional phrases, which serve as a bridge between the paragraphs. 

Five Expert Parts of an Argumentative Essay

Part 1: Introduction

Introduction is considered by many writers as one of the most essential parts of an essay. The deal is that it influences the decision of a reader whether to read the paper further or not. If you do not know how to start an argumentative essay, remember, it should be precise and present your argument in a clear manner. Do not forget, that five-paragraph essay does not allow you to waste words on general information. Get straight to the point! Introduction is usually ends up with a thesis statement. It is an effective claim in an argumentative essay and it should explain what you are going to argue about.

Part 2: Main Body

Classical argument in an argumentative essay is usually supported by three paragraphs, while each of them contains important elements of argument. One of such elements is a topic sentence. It is aimed at directing the reader and explaining what evidence will be discussed in a paragraph. Make sure all of your paragraphs are unified and serve a single aim of supporting the claim in a thesis statement. Do not forget that effective argument is based on reliable information taken from academic journals, peer reviewed sources, etc., otherwise it will not have any value for the public. Many writers tend to ignore counterarguments in their essays, which is a wrong tactic. You must show that you are aware of the opposing thoughts and have to be able to explain why they are not correct.

Step 3: Conclusion

Standard argument essay format requires a writer to provide the final part of an essay, which is Conclusion. If you are writing such essay for the first time, you can look for an argumentative essay template online. It will help you understand better how to start an argumentative paper, how to write an argumentative essay, and will help you learn a correct argumentative essay format.

Returning to the conclusion, it is necessary to remember that it does NOT require presentation of new information. The aim of conclusion is to represent how your paper supports your argument and why your viewpoint is credible and correct.

Transitional Phrases

The aim of transitional words and phrases is to unite all parts of your essay. They help avoid confusion between the information presented in each paragraph and make your writing smoother. Some of these phrases include “for example”, “similarly”, “on the contrary”, etc.

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