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All You Need to Know about Turabian Writing Style Template

Turabian style is a special formatting style that was exclusively developed by Kate Turabian for her students. The style is based on the fundamental rules of Chicago style since Kate Turabian was holding a secretary position of the University of Chicago. Mainly, students are required to use Turabian style for papers in history though they may be asked to format papers in other subject areas or research fields as well.

When it comes to the predecessor of Turabian style – Chicago style – it is used for scholarly books formatting. Turabian, however, has been reviewed and modified so that it could be used for research papers as well. Turabian style is a bit simplified as it omits some specific rules that are not as critical for research papers as they are for scholarly works (such as books). 

If you are looking for a high-quality Turabian format template, can provide it. As well as all types of writing assistance, we can help with formatting regardless of whether it is one of the more common styles or some unusual style. The Turabian formatting style is one of the more unusual styles but it is one we have considerable expertise in. Our professional writers will be happy not only to help you with citation but they will also ensure your paper is correctly formatted. The following is a short guide to the formatting process our writers will go through when working on your Turabian-style paper:

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Popular Turabian Citation Style – Basic Principles Explained!

Title or Cover Page

In a Turabian style paper, there are no specific instructions for formatting title pages. Hence, it is permissible to use a general style in such a case or you could ask your course supervisor or some other professional for guidance.

General Page Formatting

When formatting papers in Turabian, students are allowed to use two ways of citation:

  1. The parenthetical way of citation. This one is similar to MLA style, where students include the author’s name with the page number in parentheses. When following this style, you will have to provide a reference list at the end of the paper.
  2. Note style of citation. Here students will need to provide a full bibliography at the end of the research paper. Besides, endnotes and footnotes are required instead of in-text citations in parentheses. 

Essay or Paper Title

You should place your paper’s title (all capitalized) on the first page, in the center and near the top. Type this header in a 12-point font with no other type of formatting i.e. no bold font, underlining, quotation marks, or italics.

Page Numbers

In the Turabian style, the page number for the first text page of a paper should be strictly placed in the center bottom of the page. Page numbering needs to be put in the top right corner on all the following pages. Every page, with the exception of the title or cover page, should have a page number. Even the pages in tables of content require page numbers.

Usage of Footnotes and Endnotes

As you write an academic paper, especially a research paper, you will definitely want and need to refer to some outside sources to support your claims and arguments with expert opinion. Therefore, as you quote or cite some materials, you should always indicate where you took those ideas from. If the information is not common knowledge or generally known facts, you need to indicate where you got to know it.

Footnotes and endnotes are also used for detailed commentaries or further explanations or interpretations of facts that may be confusing or not known to your target audience. As such, if you provide some specific terms or some information that is definitely not a part of common knowledge, you need to explain these facts in footnotes or endnotes in order not to confuse the readers and make the idea/ message that you convey as clear as possible.

How to critique an article

How to Insert Footnotes

  1. Double-check if your cursor stands in the exact place where you want to insert a number that will forward your reader to the note you want to place.
  2. As a rule, when you use text processor software, you need to click the “Reference” tab in order to be able to insert the endnote or footnote.
  3. You should select either a footnote or an endnote depending on your own choice or requirement. When you click on the either option, you will be forwarded to the number at the bottom of the page where you will be able to insert the needed information (explanation, comment or interpretation).
  4. As you finish writing your footnote or endnote text, place the cursor in the main body of the paper and move on with typing.

Numbering of each footnote is automatically done in the majority of text processors. As such, do not worry about indentations, spacing, and fonts. 


Even though, when using the Kate Turabian writing style, you may have already provided endnotes and/or footnotes, you will still need to create an end-of-paper bibliography. This section should list every reference mentioned throughout your entire paper. Entries should be listed alphabetically and each one should be indented by a half-inch where the number of lines exceeds one in number.

Difference between Turabian and MLA

The most striking feature is the usage of footnotes and endnotes in papers formatted in Turabian. So, if you are required to provide a paper in Turabian style, your professor will most probably expect you to provide footnotes and endnotes instead of ordinary in-text citations in author-date style. 

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