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Useful Tips on Expository Paragraphs Writing

Effective Methods to Write Expository Paragraphs

When writing an expository essay, the writer is required to investigate the idea, expand it, assess the evidence and make a concise and clear argument around the discussed idea. Expository paragraph be in a form the cause and effect analysis, comparison and contrast, or analysis or explanation of the process or definition. Every paragraph should reflect the objective and include writer’s argument so that the reader could understand it easily. Check out example expository paragraph online. 

Expository Paragraph Structure

There are different types of expository writing. Prior to writing expository papers, you need to learn and comprehend the very structure of expository essay. First of all, every expository paper needs to have clear thesis statement provided in the first paragraph. Logical and smooth transitions have to be used as well. They are required between introduction and conclusion. Evidential support should be provided in the body paragraphs. It can be statistical, factual, logical or even in a form of an anecdote. In the end, a strong and logical conclusion should be provided.

Explaining or Informing

In case your task is to inform your readers of something, provide an explanation of some process in your expository passage, you should mention the topic in your introduction paragraph and after that put all the body paragraphs together. They should be provided in a logical and chronological order, especially when you explain a certain process. One of the methods of writing essays that have to explain something is using topic sentences. They are considered to be so called expository in a sentence steps. Topic sentences play a role of small thesis statements for every paragraph. When you need to provide an explanation, topic sentences serve as a guide for the readers and help them understand the main ideas and arguments.

Evaluating or Analyzing

First of all you should find out what is an expository paragraph and how to write an expository paragraph. Analysis is considered a special type of explanatory writing. It helps to understand the significance of the discussed issue. Some expositor paragraphs have to contain more analysis and less explanation. That is why it is important to comprehend the writer’s aim in order to create correct body paragraphs that easily communicate writer’s argument to the potential readers.  In case your task is to write a comparison paper, you can either include each item of comparison in your paragraphs or mix those items in the body paragraphs. When you need to write a cause-and-effect analysis essay, it is better to begin from the introduction paragraph where you clearly identify the cause and effect that should be analyzed in your paper. If your main objective is to write about issue and its solution, you need to determine the issue on the early stages of writing so that the offered solution would make sense. You have to present your solution in a thesis statement as well. You may find online examples of expository paragraphs.

Topic Sentences, which Serve as a Guide

There are different expository paragraph topics. The objective of topic sentences is to inform the readers what the body paragraph will be about. Topic sentence is required for each body paragraph. It helps to develop the main argument of the whole paper. Topic sentences help your readers to comprehend the paper starting from introduction and ending with the conclusion. Do not forget to include a one-sentence statement in each paragraph. You may find expository paragraph examples for high school on the Internet and see the structure of the paper.


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