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Free Trade Agreement

In the phase of the changing economic trends and markets, countries have resulted to embrace a free trade area to promote its resources. Turkey is located between Europe, Asia, and Greece, but is not a part of the European Union. This means that Turkish people cannot enter any European country without a visa. This is a challenge to its relations with other countries within the European Union. Talks have been carried out to bring the country under the EU agreement of making a visa-free travel for Turkey in all the EU countries. However, due to trust issues between the two parties the agreement was delayed for two years. The article by the daily news draws attention to a ray of hope for the conclusion of the matter, which started in 2011. According to the Daily News review, the talks were fruitful and the two countries had expectations to sign the readmission agreement on December 16 in 2013. This means that they will resume talks to spearhead the implementation of the visa agreement. Brussels has agreed to assist Turkey in managing and returning the illegal Turkish immigrants who entered Europe and ensure that each country guards its responsibilities as stipulated in the agreement. Turkey has agreed to sign the charter and this is expected to commence EU discussions with Turkey on the way forward.

The agreement between EU and Turkey on the visa deal will allow Turkish citizens to travel to any European Union member country without having to apply for a visa. This move seeks to promote free trade in the region. This is because free trade is promoted by a situation where the goods do not have tariffs and quotas imposed on them and the travelers have no restriction in their movements across the borders. The movement of people will facilitate the movement of the goods across the borders. Turkey’s economic activities are booming; it is ranked as fifteenth in the world among the countries with a strong GDP record in 2011. This therefore means that it is a competitor to Europe as well as the world. The country is flourishing with trade goods and services such as oil manufacturing, chemical industries, textile, tourism, automobile, iron and steel mining, electronic and machine industry. These activities are resource generating and for a long time the country had restrictions of its trading policies. Thus, the agreement on allowing Turkey to travel in the EU will have an implication in the market trends and this may lead to great income for Turkey.

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Several people, however, have a different attitude towards the implication of the move. Some term it as a decision that could conflict the economic status of the country, bearing in mind that in the past it had restricted foreigners from investing. In this scenario, the foreigners include other European countries. The president, on the other hand, seeks to assure his citizens that they have carefully analyzed this move and are confident that it will yield returns to the country. The cost of acquiring visas by the Turkish will be reduced as well as the time taken to accomplish visa application. According to Reuters, the process required scrutiny as Turkey is a region known for illegal entry into Europe and, therefore, the EU had to ensure that with the revised visa policies, Turkey would be able to meet their end of the bargain. The country also had been anticipating joining the European Union since 2005 but due to political matters, the issue is still at its early stages. In addition, the resistance from Germany and France in relation to the request of Turkey has also been a challenge for the country.

This article addresses the policy changes on the free travelling visa for the Turkish across the European Union borders. This is an initial step to the development of the free trade agreement. This is attributed to the step taken by the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who has not attended any meeting with the EU representatives and is currently set to attend the meeting in Brussels. Indeed, this will foster good relations that will build a block of trade and facilitate economic growth of the EU member countries. Security wise, Turkey has shown it is willing to protect the members of the EU by controlling the illegal immigrants. In signing the agreement, it has proved that Turkey is not only interested in gaining benefits, but it is also focused on making things right by accepting its illegal immigrants. The relations fostered by the agreement will enhance the trust among the EU member countries and eventually, trading activities with Turkey will be embraced without any fear. Turkey is also set to change some of its policies to embrace the new move and create a friendly environment for its citizens and those of the EU nations. The article reviewed hopes for the success of the Turkish government and the EU deal, and the possibility to establish a free trade area in the future.

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